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Books Miscellaneous

The Dance Of Life
The Dance Of Life
by Jody and Jon Sheppard

Dancers try to express meaning through the patterns of dance. Although a dance disappears when it is finished, some performances are so memorable that the dancer and the interpretation is never forgotten. The patterns try to capture these moments in 19 evocative glass panels. Crafters will have fun recreating the ballet, the waltz, the cha cha, a pas de deux or scenes from a dance class, as well as many other historical and contemporary dance styles from around the globe.

# 3940    $ 11.95

Tribal Art Book
Tribal Art Book
by Sylvester Thompson

A collection of 18 African and Native American designs for stained glass. Included are panels featuring Nefertiti, a Pharoah, a Nile God, an Egyptian Priest, several tribal masks and much more. Inspiration for the patterns come from trips across the U.S., Africa and Asia. These designs tie in with today's popular multicultural heritage decorating theme. The colorful projects are appropriate for beginning to intermediate level crafters. Full-size patterns, instructions, glass color suggestions and full color photos are included for each project.

# 3021    $ 11.95

Venise Carnival
Venise Carnival
by Jean Beaulieu

14 patterns that illustrate the beauty of the Carnival of Venice. Patterns depict the eccentric and mysterious masked characters found at the festival. Designs include the Joker, Peter and the Moon, Pierrot, Siren for a night, Arlequin, Comedia del Arte, and more. Each pattern is shown in full color and color suggestions are included. Designs can be used in panels and free-form projects.

# 1069    $ 13.29

Vintage Pin-Ups
Vintage Pin-Ups
by Jennell Hogue

Retro and vintage themes are really hot this year. So why not add that to the world of stained glass. Contains 10 patterns reminiscent of the good ol' days. Inside you will find, Betty, Jayne, Marilyn, Betty Page, and others. Jayne comes in tile format to make a full size panel. Other patterns can be easily scanned and resized to tile format

# 7687    $ 10.49

Zodiac Stained Glass
Zodiac Stained Glass Pattern Book
by Anna Croyle

Inspired by astrology's sun signs, these original designs offer stained glass artists a treasury of imaginative patterns. In addition to several different patterns for each of the twelve individual signs, this collection includes a variety of designs that spotlight the entire wheel of the zodiac.

# 36874    $ 12.95

Uncommon Stained Glass
Uncommon Stained Glass
by Peter McGrain

Uncommon Stained Glass explores the art work of Peter McGrain in complete chronological order. It traces his artistic development from his earliest efforts as a self-taught hobbyist to his most recent professional accomplishments. The reader gains insight into not only his unique work, but also his personal life and the path he has followed toward realizing his dream of becoming an artist.

# 785143    $ 29.95