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Fusing Colors For Earth Paint

Colors For Earth Fusible Paint

 Enamel fusible paints to turn your fusible glass into a canvas of art!

G-Series Fusible Paint

The G Series from Colors for Earth are lead-free glossy glass colors in a powder formula in one ounce jars.  Mixed with the GM300 Glass Color Medium, it will insure an opaque glossy finish.  Mix to a white glue or heavy cream consistency for opaque coverage. Two colors can be mixed together to achieve another color. They do not have to be capped to have a glossy finish. When the colors are thinned they can be brushed, sponged, sprayed/airbrushed, stippled or applied with a airpen, writer bottle or used with a stencil.  When thinned with GM300 Glass Medium, it retains the color.  When thinned with water, it will dilute the color.  The colors can be used dry and sifted or sprinkled over the glass for different techniques. Colors can be silk screened too!  Firing is from 1376 to 1550 in a glass kiln, depending on the type of glass you are using. Colors For Earth colors hold their color to a much higher temperature when used on ceramic or porcelain bisque.

Colors For Earth Black Paint
Cobalt Black - G301
Temp Out
Colors For Earth White Paint
Glacier White - G302

# G302    $ 7.38
Colors For Earth Vellum Gray Paint
Vellum Gray - G303

# G303    $ 7.38
Colors For Earth Gray Paint
Graphite Gray - G304

# G304    $ 7.38
Colors For Earth Ivory Paint
Ivory - G307
# G307    $ 7.38
Colors For Earth Vermillion Paint
Vermillion - G310
# G310    $ 7.38
Colors For Earth Coral Paint
Coral - G314
# G314    $ 7.38
Colors For Earth Pumpkin Paint
Pumpkin - G318
# G318    $ 7.38
Colors For Earth Lemon Paint
Lemon Peel - G322
# G322    $ 7.38

Colors For Earth Yellow Paint
Yellow Ochre - G324
# G324    $ 7.38

Colors For Earth Cabernet Paint
Blush Cabernet - G330
# G330    $ 7.38

Colors For Earth Cranberry Paint
Deep Cranberry - G332
# G332    $ 7.38

Colors For Earth Pink Paint
Rosewater Pink - G333
# G333    $ 7.38

Colors For Earth Tea Rose Paint
Tea Rose - G334
# G334    $ 7.38

Colors For Earth Purple Paint
Purple Sage - G336
# G336    $ 7.38

Colors For Earth Violet Paint
Bright Violet - G337
# G337    $ 7.38

Colors For Earth Pink Paint
Orchid Bloom - G338
# G338    $ 7.38

Colors For Earth Grape Paint
Grape - G339
# G339    $ 7.38

Colors For Earth Blue Paint
Cobalt Blue - G340
# G340    $ 7.38

Colors For Earth Blue Paint
Sapphire Blue - G343
# G343    $ 7.38

Glass Medium

Glass Medium
Used to mix the dry glass powders/enamels to a liquid state for application on glass. It is a water based binder.

2 oz. Bottle
# GM300-2    $ 3.98

8 oz. Bottle
# GM300-8    $ 14.75

Palette Knife

Palette Knife
Use to mix up glass enamels.

# CFE-TOOL    $ 6.98

Taklon Liner Brush

Paintnig brush
Used to apply the paint. Especially useful for outling.

# CFE-455-0    $ 6.30