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Uroboros COE 96 Frit

Uroboros System 96 Frit

Uroboros frits are made from crushed, screened and cleaned 96 COE tested compatible sheet glass from Spectrum and Uroboros System 96 glass. Frits are packaged in clear wide mouth plastic 8.5 oz. bottles and 4 lb jugs.  A 4 pound jug equals about 7.5 of the 8.5 oz jars.

Available in the following grits:

   .005" - .01"
   .13mm - .25mm
   .01" - .03"
   .25mm - .75mm
.03" - .1" 
.75mm - 2.5mm
.1" - .3" 
2.5mm - 7.6mm
  8.5 oz 4 lb jar
F1-00-96  Clear Powder Frit
# F1-00-96    $ 7.69
# F1-00-96-4    $ 37.59
F2-00-96  Clear Fine Frit
# F2-00-96    $ 6.29
Temp Out
F3-00-96  Clear Medium Frit Temp Out Temp Out
F5-00-96  Clear Coarse Frit
# F5-00-96    $ 6.29
F7-00-96  Clear Mosaic Frit
# F7-00-96    $ 6.29
F1-01-96  Water Clear Powder Frit
# F1-01-96    $ 8.39
F2-01-96  Water Clear Fine Frit
# F2-01-96    $ 7.29
F3-01-96  Water Clear Medium Frit
# F3-01-96    $ 7.29
F5-01-96  Water Clear Coarse Frit
# F5-01-96    $ 7.29
F7-01-96  Water Clear Mosaic Frit
# F7-01-96    $ 7.29
F1-003-96  Red Reactive Transparent Powder Frit
# F1-003-96    $ 8.39
F2-003-96  Red Reactive Transparent Fine Frit
# F2-003-96    $ 7.29
F3-003-96  Red Reactive Transparent Medium Frit
# F3-003-96    $ 7.29
F5-003-96  Red Reactive Transparent Coarse Frit
# F5-003-96    $ 7.29
F7-003-96  Red Reactive Transparent Mosaic Frit
# F7-003-96    $ 7.29
Uroboros Urobium Pink Frit F1-015-96  Urobium Pink Transparent Powder Frit Temp Out  
F2-015-96  Urobium Pink Transparent Fine Frit Temp Out  
F3-015-96  Urobium Pink Transparent Medium Frit Temp Out  
F5-015-96  Urobium Pink Transparent Coarse Frit Temp Out  
F7-015-96  Urobium Pink Transparent Mosaic Frit
# F7-015-96    $ 22.79
Uroboros Urobium Pink Opal Frit F1-0150-96  Urobium Pink Opal Powder Frit
# F1-0150-96    $ 16.69
F2-0150-96  Urobium Pink Opal Fine Frit
# F2-0150-96    $ 10.79
F3-0150-96  Urobium Pink Opal Medium Frit  
F5-0150-96  Urobium Pink Opal Coarse Frit Temp Out  
Uroboros Orchid Opal Frit
F1-0155-96  Orchid Opal Powder Frit Temp Out  
F2-0155-96  Orchid Opal Fine Frit  
F3-0155-96  Orchid Opal Medium Frit Temp Out  
F5-0155-96  Orchid Opal Coarse Frit Temp Out  
Uroboros Red Reactive Opal Frit F1-045-96  Red Reactive Opal Powder Frit
# F1-045-96    $ 8.39
F2-045-96  Red Reactive Opal Fine Frit
# F2-045-96    $ 7.29
F3-045-96  Red Reactive Opal Medium Frit
# F3-045-96    $ 7.29
F5-045-96  Red Reactive Opal Coarse Frit
# F5-045-96    $ 7.29
Uroboros Cloud Opal Frit F1-070-96  Cloud Opal Powder Frit
# F1-070-96    $ 8.39
# F1-070-96-4    $ 45.00
F2-070-96  Cloud Opal Fine Frit
# F2-070-96    $ 7.29
# F2-070-96-4    $ 35.49
F3-070-96  Cloud Opal Medium Frit
# F3-070-96    $ 7.29
F5-070-96  Cloud Opal Coarse Frit
# F5-070-96    $ 7.29
Uroboros Paynes Gray Frit F1-078-96  Payne's Gray Opal Powder Frit  
F2-078-96  Payne's Gray Opal Fine Frit  
F3-078-96  Payne's Gray Opal Medium Frit  
F5-078-96  Payne's Gray Opal Coarse Frit  
F7-078-96  Payne's Gray OPal Mosaic Frit  
F1-079-96  Chambray Opal Powder Frit  
F2-079-96  Chambray Opal Fine Frit  
F3-079-96  Chambray Opal Medium Frit  
F5-079-96  Chambray Opal Coarse Frit  
F7-079-96  Chambray Opal Mosaic Frit  
F1-56-96  Black Opal Powder Frit
# F1-56-96    $ 11.69
F2-56-96  Black Opal Fine Frit
# F2-56-96    $ 9.89
F3-56-96  Black Opal Medium Frit
# F3-56-96    $ 9.89
F5-56-96  Black Opal Coarse Frit
# F5-56-96    $ 9.89
F7-56-96  Black Opal Mosaic Frit
# F7-56-96    $ 9.89
F1-103-96  Turns Pink Transparent Powder Frit Temp Out  
F2-103-96  Turns Pink Transparent Fine Frit Temp Out  
F3-103-96  Turns Pink Transparent Medium Frit
# F3-103-96    $ 23.29
F5-103-96  Turns Pink Transparent Coarse Frit
# F5-103-96    $ 23.29
F7-103-96  Turns Pink Transparent Mosaic Frit
# F7-103-96    $ 23.29
F1-200-96  White Opal Powder Frit
# F1-200-96    $ 8.39
# F1-200-96-4    $ 45.00
F2-200-96  White Opal Fine Frit
# F2-200-96    $ 7.29
# F2-200-96-4    $ 35.49
F3-200-96  White Opal Medium Frit
# F3-200-96    $ 7.29
F5-200-96  White Opal Coarse Frit
# F5-200-96    $ 7.29
Uroboros Crystal Opal Frit F1-209-96  Crystal Opal Powder Frit
# F1-209-96    $ 8.39
F2-209-96  Crystal Opal Fine Frit
# F2-209-96    $ 7.29
F3-209-96  Crystal Opal Medium Frit
# F3-209-96    $ 7.29
F5-209-96  Crystal Opal Coarse Frit
# F5-209-96    $ 7.29
Uroboros Pale Amber Frit F1-1102-96  Pale Amber Powder Frit
# F1-1102-96    $ 8.39
F2-1102-96  Pale Amber Fine Frit
# F2-1102-96    $ 7.29
F3-1102-96  Pale Amber Medium Frit
# F3-1102-96    $ 7.29
F5-1102-96  Pale Amber Coarse Frit
# F5-1102-96    $ 7.29
F1-1108-96  Medium Amber Powder Frit
# F1-1108-96    $ 8.39
F2-1108-96  Medium Amber Fine Frit
# F2-1108-96    $ 7.29
F3-1108-96  Medium Amber Medium Frit
# F3-1108-96    $ 7.29
F5-1108-96  Medium Amber Coarse Frit
# F5-1108-96    $ 7.29
F7-1108-96  Medium Amber Mosaic Frit
# F7-1108-96    $ 7.29
F1-111-96  Dark Amber Powder Frit  
F2-111-96  Dark Amber Fine Frit  
F3-111-96  Dark Amber Medium Frit  
F5-111-96  Dark Amber Coarse Frit  
F7-111-96  Dark Amber Mosaic Frit  
F1-121-96  Light Green Powder Frit
# F1-121-96    $ 8.39
F2-121-96  Light Green Fine Frit Temp Out  
F3-121-96  Light Green Medium Frit Temp Out  
F5-121-96  Light Green Coarse Frit
# F5-121-96    $ 7.29
F7-121-96  Light Green Mosaic Frit
# F7-121-96    $ 7.29
F1-125-96  Dark Green Powder Frit Temp Out  
F2-125-96  Dark Green Fine Frit Temp Out  
F3-125-96  Dark Green Medium Frit Temp Out  
F5-125-96  Dark Green Coarse Frit
# F5-125-96    $ 7.29
Aventurine Frit F1-128-96  Aventurine Green Powder Frit
# F1-128-96    $ 8.49
F2-128-96  Aventurine Green Fine Frit
# F2-128-96    $ 7.39
F3-128-96  Aventurine Green Medium Frit
# F3-128-96    $ 7.39
F5-128-96  Aventurine Green Coarse Frit
# F5-128-96    $ 7.39
F7-128-96  Aventurine Green Mosaic Frit
# F7-128-96    $ 7.39
F1-1308-96  Pale Blue Powder Frit  
F2-1308-96  Pale Blue Fine Frit
# F2-1308-96    $ 7.29
F3-1308-96  Pale Blue Medium Frit  
F5-1308-96  Pale Blue Coarse Frit  
F1-132-96  Light Blue Powder Frit  
F2-132-96  Light Blue Fine Frit  
F3-132-96  Light Blue Medium Frit  
F5-132-96  Light Blue Coarse Frit  
F1-136-96  Dark Blue Powder Frit
# F1-136-96    $ 8.39
F2-136-96  Dark Blue Fine Frit
# F2-136-96    $ 7.29
# F2-136-96-4    $ 36.99
F3-136-96  Dark Blue Medium Frit
# F3-136-96    $ 7.29
F5-136-96  Dark Blue Coarse Frit
# F5-136-96    $ 7.29
F7-136-96  Dark Blue Mosaic Frit
# F7-136-96    $ 7.29
F1-138-96  Aventurine Blue Powder Frit Temp Out  
F2-138-96  Aventurine Blue Fine Frit Temp Out  
F3-138-96  Aventurine Blue Medium Frit Temp Out  
F5-138-96  Aventurine Blue Coarse Frit
# F5-138-96    $ 7.39
Uroboros Light Purple Frit F1-142-96  Light Purple Powder Frit  
F2-142-96  Light Purple Fine Frit  
F3-142-96  Light Purple Medium Frit  
F5-142-96  Light Purple Coarse Frit  
F1-151-96  Cherry Red Powder Frit
# F1-151-96    $ 16.69
F2-151-96  Cherry Red Fine Frit Temp Out  
F3-151-96  Cherry Red Medium Frit Temp Out  
F5-151-96  Cherry Red Coarse Frit Temp Out  
F1-161-96  Yellow Powder Frit
# F1-161-96-4    $ 64.99
F2-161-96  Yellow Fine Frit
# F2-161-96-4    $ 36.99
F3-161-96  Yellow Medium Frit  
F5-161-96  Yellow Coarse Frit  
F1-171-96  Orange Powder Frit
# F1-171-96    $ 16.69
F2-171-96  Orange Fine Frit
# F2-171-96    $ 10.29
F3-171-96  Orange Medium Frit Temp Out  
F5-171-96  Orange Coarse Frit
# F5-171-96    $ 10.29
F7-171-96  Orange Mosaic Frit
# F7-171-96    $ 10.29
Uroboros Pale Purple Frit F1-1408-96  Pale Purple Powder Frit  
F2-1408-96  Pale Purple Fine Frit  
F3-1408-96  Pale Purple Medium Frit  
F5-1408-96  Pale Purple Coarse Frit  
F1-1702-96  Tangerine Powder Frit  
F2-1702-96  Tangerine Fine Frit Temp Out  
F3-1702-96  Tangerine Medium Frit
# F3-1702-96    $ 10.29
F5-1702-96  Tangerine Coarse Frit
# F5-1702-96    $ 10.29
F1-1808-96  Pale Gray Powder Frit  
F2-1808-96  Pale Gray Fine Frit  
F3-1808-96  Pale Gray Medium Frit
# F3-1808-96    $ 7.29
F5-1808-96  Pale Gray Coarse Frit  
F1-2101-96  Ivory Opal Powder Frit Temp Out  
F2-2101-96  Ivory Opal Fine Frit  
F3-2101-96  Ivory Opal Medium Frit Temp Out  
F5-2101-96  Ivory Opal Coarse Frit  

Uroboros Vanilla Cream Frit
F1-2103-96  Vanilla Cream Reactive Opal Powder Frit
# F1-2103-96    $ 8.39
F2-2103-96  Vanilla Cream Reactive Opal Fine Frit
# F2-2103-96    $ 7.29
F3-2103-96  Vanilla Cream Reactive Opal Medium Frit
# F3-2103-96    $ 7.29
F5-2103-96  Vanilla Cream Reactive Opal Coarse Frit
# F5-2103-96    $ 7.29
Uroboros Almond Frit F1-2107-96  Almond Opal Powder Frit
# F1-2107-96    $ 8.39
F2-2107-96  Almond Opal Fine Frit  
F3-2107-96  Almond Opal Medium Frit  
F5-2107-96  Almond Opal Coarse Frit  
Uroboros Chestnut Brown Frit F1-2114-96  Chestnut Brown Opal Powder Frit Temp Out
F2-2114-96  Chestnut Brown Opal Fine Frit  
F3-2114-96  Chestnut Brown Opal Medium Frit  
F5-2114-96  Chestnut Brown Opal Coarse Frit  
F1-2116-96  Chocolate Opal Powder Frit
# F1-2116-96    $ 11.69
F2-2116-96  Chocolate Opal Fine Frit
# F2-2116-96    $ 9.89
# F2-2116-96-4    $ 36.99
F3-2116-96  Chocolate Opal Medium Frit
# F3-2116-96    $ 9.89
F5-2116-96  Chocolate Opal Coarse Frit
# F5-2116-96    $ 9.89
F7-2116-96  Chocolate Opal Mosaic Frit
# F7-2116-96    $ 9.89
Uroboros Terra Cotta Frit F1-2152-96  Terra Cotta Opal Powder Frit Temp Out  
F2-2152-96  Terra Cotta Opal Fine Frit Temp Out  
F3-2152-96  Terra Cotta Opal Medium Frit
# F3-2152-96    $ 9.89
F5-2152-96  Terra Cotta Opal Coarse Frit
# F5-2152-96    $ 9.89
Uroboros Stone Frit F1-2181-96  Stone Opal Powder Frit
# F1-2181-96    $ 8.39
F2-2181-96  Stone Opal Fine Frit
# F2-2181-96    $ 7.29
F3-2181-96  Stone Opal Medium Frit Temp Out  
F5-2181-96  Stone Opal Coarse Frit
# F5-2181-96    $ 7.29
Uroboros Dark Green Frit F1-2206-96  Dark Green Opal Powder Frit Temp Out  
F2-2206-96  Dark Green Opal Fine Frit Temp Out  
F3-2206-96  Dark Green Opal Medium Frit Temp Out  
F5-2206-96  Dark Green Opal Coarse Frit
# F5-2206-96    $ 7.29
F7-2206-96  Dark Green Opal Mosaic Frit
# F7-2206-96    $ 7.29
Uroboros Pastel Green Opal Frit F1-2222-96  Pastel Green Opal Powder Frit
# F1-2222-96    $ 11.69
F2-2222-96  Pastel Green Opal Fine Frit  
F3-2222-96  Pastel Green Opal Medium Frit
# F3-2222-96    $ 7.95
F5-2222-96  Pastel Green Opal Coarse Frit
# F5-2222-96    $ 7.95
Uroboros Turquoise Green Opal Frit F1-2232-96  Turquoise Green Opal Powder Frit Temp Out
# F1-2232-96-4    $ 46.49
F2-2232-96  Turquoise Green Opal Fine Frit  
F3-2232-96  Turquoise Green Opal Medium Frit  
F5-2232-96  Turquoise Green Opal Coarse Frit  
F1-2234-96  Peacock Green Opal Powder Frit Temp Out  
F2-2234-96  Peacock Green Opal Fine Frit Temp Out  
F3-2234-96  Peacock Green Opal Medium Frit Temp Out  
F5-2234-96  Peacock Green Opal Coarse Frit Temp Out  
F1-2262-96  Lemongrass Opal Powder Frit Temp Out  
F2-2262-96  Lemongrass Opal Fine Frit Temp Out  
F3-2262-96  Lemongrass Opal Medium Frit Temp Out  
F5-2262-96  Lemongrass Opal Coarse Frit Temp Out  
F1-2264-96  Amazon Green Opal Powder Frit Temp Out
F2-2264-96  Amazon Green Opal Fine Frit Temp Out  
F3-2264-96  Amazon Green Opal Medium Frit Temp Out  
F5-2264-96  Amazon Green Opal Coarse Frit
# F5-2264-96    $ 7.29
F7-2264-96  Amazon Green Opal Mosaic Frit  
F1-2282-96  Celadon Opal Powder Frit
# F1-2282-96    $ 8.39
F2-2282-96  Celadon Opal Fine Frit
# F2-2282-96    $ 7.29
F3-2282-96  Celadon Opal Medium Frit
# F3-2282-96    $ 7.29
F5-2282-96  Celadon Opal Coarse Frit
# F5-2282-96    $ 7.29
F7-2282-96  Celadon Opal Mosaic Frit
# F7-2282-96    $ 7.29
Uroboros Hydrangea Frit F1-2301-96  Hydrangea Opal Powder Frit
F2-2301-96  Hydrangea Opal Fine Frit  
F3-2301-96  Hydrangea Opal Medium Frit  
F5-2301-96  Hydrangea Opal Coarse Frit  
Uroboros Medium Blue Opal Frit F1-2302-96  Medium Blue Opal Powder Frit
# F1-2302-96-4    $ 46.49
F2-2302-96  Medium Blue Opal Fine Frit
# F2-2302-96-4    $ 36.99
F3-2302-96  Medium Blue Opal Medium Frit  
F5-2302-96  Medium Blue Opal Coarse Frit  
Uroboros Cobalt Blue Opal Frit F1-2306-96  Cobalt Blue Opal Powder Frit Temp Out  
F2-2306-96  Cobalt Blue Opal Fine Frit Temp Out  
F3-2306-96  Cobalt Blue Opal Medium Frit Temp Out  
F5-2306-96  Cobalt Blue Opal Coarse Frit Temp Out  
Uroboros Turquoise Blue Frit F1-2334-96  Turquoise Blue Opal Powder Frit Temp Out  
F2-2334-96  Turquoise Blue Opal Fine Frit Temp Out  
F3-2334-96  Turquoise Blue Opal Medium Frit  
F5-2334-96  Turquoise Blue Opal Coarse Frit  
Uroboros Mariner Blue Frit F1-2335-96  Mariner Blue Opal Powder Frit  
F2-2335-96  Mariner Blue Opal Fine Frit
# F2-2335-96    $ 7.29
F3-2335-96  Mariner Blue Opal Medium Frit Temp Out  
F5-2335-96  Mariner Blue Opal Coarse Frit
# F5-2335-96    $ 7.29
Uroboros Alpine Blue Frit F1-2382-96  Alpine Blue Opal Powder Frit  
F2-2382-96  Alpine Blue Opal Fine Frit
# F2-2382-96    $ 7.29
F3-2382-96  Alpine Blue Opal Medium Frit
# F3-2382-96    $ 7.29
F5-2382-96  Alpine Blue Opal Coarse Frit
# F5-2382-96    $ 7.29
Uroboros Mauve Frit F1-2402-96  Mauve Opal Powder Frit  
F2-2402-96  Mauve Opal Fine Frit  
F3-2402-96  Mauve Opal Medium Frit  
F5-2402-96  Mauve Opal Coarse Frit  
Uroboros Lilac Opal Frit F1-2404-96  Lilac Opal Powder Frit Temp Out  
F2-2404-96  Lilac Opal Fine Frit Temp Out  
F3-2404-96  Lilac Opal Medium Frit Temp Out  
F5-2404-96  Lilac Opal Coarse Frit Temp Out  
Uroboros Red Frit F1-2502-96  Red Opal Powder Frit Temp Out
F2-2502-96  Red Opal Fine Frit Temp Out
F3-2502-96  Red Opal Medium Frit Temp Out  
F5-2502-96  Red Opal Coarse Frit Temp Out  
F1-2602-96  Yellow Opal Powder Frit Temp Out  
F2-2602-96  Yellow Opal Fine Frit Temp Out  
F3-2602-96  Yellow Opal Medium Frit Temp Out  
F5-2602-96  Yellow Opal Coarse Frit Temp Out  
F1-2672-96  Sunflower Opal Powder Frit Temp Out  
F2-2672-96  Sunflower Opal Fine Frit Temp Out  
F3-2672-96  Sunflower Opal Medium Frit Temp Out  
F5-2672-96  Sunflower Opal Coarse Frit Temp Out  
F1-2702-96  Orange Opal Powder Frit Temp Out  
F2-2702-96  Orange Opal Fine Frit Temp Out  
F3-2702-96  Orange Opal Medium Frit Temp Out  
F5-2702-96  Orange Opal Coarse Frit Temp Out  
F7-2702-96  Orange Opal Mosaic Frit
# F7-2702-96    $ 9.89
F1-2711-96  Persimmon Opal Powder Frit Temp Out
F2-2711-96  Persimmon Opal Fine Frit
F3-2711-96  Persimmon Opal Medium Frit Temp Out  
F5-2711-96  Persimmon Opal Coarse Frit
# F5-2711-96    $ 9.89
F1-2802-96  Pewter Opal Powder Frit
# F1-2802-96    $ 8.39
F2-2802-96  Pewter Opal Fine Frit
# F2-2802-96    $ 7.29
F3-2802-96  Pewter Opal Medium Frit  
F5-2802-96  Pewter Opal Coarse Frit
# F5-2802-96    $ 7.29
F7-2802-96  Pewter Opal Mosaic Frit
# F7-2802-96    $ 7.29
Uroboros Charcoal Frit F1-2806-96  Charcoal Opal Powder Frit Temp Out  
F2-2806-96  Charcoal Opal Fine Frit
# F2-2806-96    $ 7.29
F3-2806-96  Charcoal Opal Medium Frit Temp Out  
F5-2806-96  Charcoal Opal Coarse Frit
# F5-2806-96    $ 7.29
F7-2806-96  Charcoal Opal Mosaic Frit
# F7-2806-96    $ 7.29
F1-2911-96  Champagne Opal Powder Frit  
F2-2911-96  Champagne Opal Fine Frit
# F2-2911-96    $ 7.29
F3-2911-96  Champagne Opal Medium Frit
# F3-2911-96    $ 7.29
F5-2911-96  Champagne Opal Coarse Frit
# F5-2911-96    $ 7.29
F1-355-96  Marigold Opal Powder Frit Temp Out  
F2-355-96  Marigold Opal Fine Frit Temp Out  
F3-355-96  Marigold Opal Medium Frit Temp Out  
F5-355-96  Marigold Opal Coarse Frit Temp Out  
Uroboros Sapphire Blue Frit
F1-404-96  Sapphire Blue Powder Frit
# F1-404-96    $ 8.39
F2-404-96  Sapphire Blue Fine Frit
# F2-404-96    $ 7.52
F3-404-96  Sapphire Blue Medium Frit
# F3-404-96    $ 7.52
F5-404-96  Sapphire Blue Coarse Frit
# F5-404-96    $ 7.52
Uroboros Riviera Blue Frit F1-421-96  Riviera Blue Powder Frit  
F2-421-96  Riviera Blue Fine Frit Temp Out  
F3-421-96  Riviera Blue Medium Frit
# F3-421-96    $ 7.29
F5-421-96  Riviera Blue Coarse Frit
# F5-421-96    $ 7.29
F1-424-96  Cobalt Blue Powder Frit
F2-424-96  Cobalt Blue Fine Frit
# F2-424-96    $ 7.29
F3-424-96  Cobalt Blue Medium Frit
# F3-424-96    $ 7.29
F5-424-96  Cobalt Blue Coarse Frit  
Uroboros Plum Opal Frit F1-520-96  Plum Opal Powder Frit Temp Out
F2-520-96  Plum Opal Fine Frit Temp Out
# F2-520-96-4    $ 51.79
F3-520-96  Plum Opal Medium Frit Temp Out  
F5-520-96  Plum Opal Coarse Frit Temp Out  
Uroboros Bronze Frit F1-5181-96  Bronze Powder Frit
# F1-5181-96    $ 8.39
F2-5181-96  Bronze Fine Frit
# F2-5181-96    $ 7.29
F3-5181-96  Bronze Medium Frit
# F3-5181-96    $ 7.29
F5-5181-96  Bronze Coarse Frit
# F5-5181-96    $ 7.29
Uroboros Teal Green Frit F1-5232-96  Teal Green Powder Frit
# F1-5232-96    $ 8.39
F2-5232-96  Teal Green Fine Frit
# F2-5232-96    $ 7.29
F3-5232-96  Teal Green Medium Frit  
F5-5232-96  Teal Green Coarse Frit
# F5-5232-96    $ 7.29
Uroboros Hunter Green Frit F1-5238-96  Hunter Green Powder Frit Temp Out  
F2-5238-96  Hunter Green Fine Frit Temp Out  
F3-5238-96  Hunter Green Medium Frit Temp Out  
F5-5238-96  Hunter Green Coarse Frit
# F5-5238-96    $ 7.29
F1-5262-96  Moss Green Powder Frit Temp Out  
F2-5262-96  Moss Green Fine Frit Temp Out  
F3-5262-96  Moss Green Medium Frit Temp Out  
F5-5262-96  Moss Green Coarse Frit Temp Out  
F7-5262-96  Moss Green Mosaic Frit
# F7-5262-96    $ 7.29
Uroboros Sea Green Frit F1-5281-96  Sea Green Powder Frit Temp Out  
F2-5281-96  Sea Green Fine Frit  
F3-5281-96  Sea Green Medium Frit
# F3-5281-96    $ 7.29
F5-5281-96  Sea Green Coarse Frit Temp Out  
Uroboros Olive Green Frit
F1-5284-96  Olive Green Powder Frit
# F1-5284-96    $ 8.39
F2-5284-96  Olive Green Fine Frit
# F2-5284-96    $ 7.29
F3-5284-96  Olive Green Medium Frit
# F3-5284-96    $ 7.29
F5-5284-96  Olive Green Coarse Frit
# F5-5284-96    $ 7.29
Uroboros Sky Blue Frit F1-5331-96  Sky Blue Powder Frit
# F1-5331-96    $ 8.39
F2-5331-96  Sky Blue Fine Frit
# F2-5331-96    $ 7.29
F3-5331-96  Sky Blue Medium Frit
# F3-5331-96    $ 7.29
F5-5331-96  Sky Blue Coarse Frit
# F5-5331-96    $ 7.29
F1-5332-96  Blue Topaz Powder Frit  
F2-5332-96  Blue Topaz Fine Frit  
F3-5332-96  Blue Topaz Medium Frit  
F5-5332-96  Blue Topaz Coarse Frit Temp Out  
F1-5333-96  Deep Aqua Powder Frit
# F1-5333-96    $ 8.39
F2-5333-96  Deep Aqua Fine Frit Temp Out  
F3-5333-96  Deep Aqua Medium Frit Temp Out  
F5-5333-96  Deep Aqua Coarse Frit Temp Out  
F7-5333-96  Deep Aqua Mosaic Frit
# F7-5333-96    $ 7.29
Uroboros Violet Frit F1-5342-96  Violet Powder Frit
# F1-5342-96    $ 8.39
F2-5342-96  Violet Fine Frit  
F3-5342-96  Violet Medium Frit
# F3-5342-96    $ 7.29
F5-5342-96  Violet Coarse Frit
# F5-5342-96    $ 7.29
F1-5432-96  Grape Powder Frit Temp Out  
F2-5432-96  Grape Fine Frit Temp Out  
F3-5432-96  Grape Medium Frit Temp Out  
F5-5432-96  Grape Coarse Frit
# F5-5432-96    $ 7.29
F7-5432-96  Grape Mosaic Frit
# F7-5432-96    $ 7.29
F1-568-96  Aventurine Black Opal Powder Frit
# F1-568-96    $ 8.49
F2-568-96  Aventurine Black Opal Fine Frit
# F2-568-96    $ 7.39
F3-568-96  Aventurine Black Opal Medium Frit
# F3-568-96    $ 7.39
F5-568-96  Aventurine Black Opal Coarse Frit
# F5-568-96    $ 7.39
F7-568-96  Aventurine Black Opal Mosaic Frit
# F7-568-96    $ 7.39
F1-5711-96  Rust Powder Frit
# F1-5711-96    $ 16.69
F2-5711-96  Rust Fine Frit Temp Out  
F3-5711-96  Rust Medium Frit Temp Out  
F5-5711-96  Rust Coarse Frit  
Uroboros Pink Champagne Frit F1-5911-96  Pink Champagne Powder Frit
# F1-5911-96    $ 8.39
F2-5911-96  Pink Champagne Fine Frit
# F2-5911-96    $ 7.29
F3-5911-96  Pink Champagne Medium Frit
# F3-5911-96    $ 7.29
F5-5911-96  Pink Champagne Coarse Frit
# F5-5911-96    $ 7.29
Uroboros Flame Frit F1-602-96  Flame Opal Powder Frit Temp Out  
F2-602-96  Flame Opal Fine Frit Temp Out  
F3-602-96  Flame Opal Medium Frit Temp Out  
F5-602-96  Flame Opal Coarse Frit Temp Out  
F1-611-96  Light Cherry Powder Frit  
F2-611-96  Light Cherry Fine Frit Temp Out
F3-611-96  Light Cherry Medium Frit Temp Out  
F5-611-96  Light Cherry Coarse Frit  
F1-612-96  Grenadine Powder Frit Temp Out  
F2-612-96  Grenadine Fine Frit Temp Out  
F3-612-96  Grenadine Medium Frit Temp Out  
F5-612-96  Grenadine Coarse Frit
# F5-612-96    $ 9.89
F1-615-96  Lipstick Red Powder Frit Temp Out  
F2-615-96  Lipstick Red Fine Frit Temp Out  
F3-615-96  Lipstick Red Medium Frit Temp Out  
F5-615-96  Lipstick Red Coarse Frit Temp Out  
F7-615-96  Lipstick Red Mosaic Frit
# F7-615-96    $ 7.52
F1-618-96  Black Cherry Opal Powder Frit
# F1-618-96    $ 11.69
F2-618-96  Black Cherry Opal Fine Frit
# F2-618-96    $ 9.89
F3-618-96  Black Cherry Opal Medium Frit
# F3-618-96    $ 9.89
F5-618-96  Black Cherry Opal Coarse Frit
# F5-618-96    $ 9.89
F7-618-96  Black Cherry Opal Mosaic Frit
# F7-618-96    $ 9.89
F1-707-96  Citron Powder Fine Frit    
F2-707-96  Citron Fine Frit
# F2-707-96    $ 9.89
F3-707-96  Citron Medium Frit
# F3-707-96    $ 9.89
F5-707-96  Citron Medium Frit  
F1-726-96  Apple Jade Opal Powder Frit Temp Out
F2-726-96  Apple Jade Opal Fine Frit
F3-726-96  Apple Jade Opal Medium Frit  
F5-726-96  Apple Jade Opal Coarse Frit  
F7-726-96  Apple Jade Opal Mosaic Frit  
Uroboos Lime Green Frit F1-7312-96  Lime Green Powder Frit
# F1-7312-96    $ 11.96
Uroboos Fern Green Opal Frit F1-755-96  Fern Green Opal Powder Frit Temp Out  
F2-755-96  Fern Green Opal Fine Frit Temp Out  
F3-755-96  Fern Green Opal Medium Frit Temp Out  
F5-755-96  Fern Green Opal Coarse Frit  
Uroboros Ming Green Frit F1-774-96  Ming Green Powder Frit
# F1-774-96    $ 11.69
F2-774-96  Ming Green Fine Frit  
F3-774-96  Ming Green Medium Frit  
F5-774-96  Ming Green Coarse Frit Temp Out  
Uroboros Olive Green Opal Frit F1-782-96  Olive Green Opal Powder Frit Temp Out  
F2-782-96  Olive Green Opal Fine Frit Temp Out  
F3-782-96  Olive Green Opal Medium Frit
# F3-782-96    $ 9.89
F5-782-96  Olive Green Opal Coarse Frit Temp Out  
Uroboros Straw Frit F1-906-96  Straw Powder Frit
# F1-906-96    $ 8.39
F2-906-96  Straw Fine Frit
# F2-906-96    $ 7.29
F3-906-96  Straw Medium Frit
# F3-906-96    $ 7.29
F5-906-96  Straw Coarse Frit
# F5-906-96    $ 7.29
Uroborosí Iridescent Frit are the same color as their non-iridized counterparts, but they possess a rainbow coating on them that make them shine brilliantly when fused. Only available in larger grits.  When using iridized frits, be sure that the rainbow side is pointing the direction you want. Also try to avoid using iridized frit on top of iridized glass.  Iridized glass will not fuse to iridized glass.
F3-00-96-IR  Clear Iridescent Medium Frit
# F3-00-96-IR    $ 7.52
F5-00-96-IR  Clear Iridescent Coarse Frit
# F5-00-96-IR    $ 7.52
F7-00-96-IR  Clear Iridescent Mosaic Frit
# F7-00-96-IR    $ 7.52
F3-00-96-MIR  Clear Metallic Iridescent Medium Frit Temp Out
F5-00-96-MIR  Clear Metallic Iridescent Coarse Frit Temp Out
F7-00-96-MIR  Clear Metallic Iridescent Mosaic Frit
# F7-00-96-MIR    $ 7.52
F3-015-96-IR  Urobium Pink Transparent Iridescent Medium Frit
# F3-015-96-IR    $ 22.99
F5-015-96-IR  Urobium Pink Transparent Iridescent Coarse Frit
# F5-015-96-IR    $ 22.99
F7-015-96-IR  Urobium Pink Transparent Iridescent Mosaic Frit
# F7-015-96-IR    $ 22.99
F3-56-96-IR  Black Medium Opal Iridescent Frit
# F3-56-96-IR    $ 10.89
F5-56-96-IR  Black Coarse Opal Iridescent Frit
# F5-56-96-IR    $ 10.89
F7-56-96-IR  Black Mosaic Opal Iridescent Frit
# F7-56-96-IR    $ 10.89
F3-402-96-IR  Aqua Blue Iridescent Medium Frit
# F3-402-96-IR    $ 7.79
F5-402-96-IR  Aqua Blue Iridescent Coarse Frit Temp Out
F7-402-96-IR  Aqua Blue Iridescent Mosaic Frit
# F7-402-96-IR    $ 7.79
F3-476-96-IR  Neon Orchid Iridescent Medium Frit
# F3-476-96-IR    $ 24.17
F5-476-96-IR  Neon Orchid Iridescent Coarse Frit
# F5-476-96-IR    $ 24.17
F7-476-96-IR  Neon Orchid Iridescent Mosaic Frit
# F7-476-96-IR    $ 24.17
F3-707-96-IR  Citron Iridescent Medium Frit
# F3-707-96-IR    $ 10.89
F5-707-96-IR  Citron Iridescent Coarse Frit Temp Out
F7-707-96-IR  Citron Iridescent Mosaic Frit
# F7-707-96-IR    $ 10.89
F3-774-96-IR  Ming Green Iridescent Medium Frit
# F3-774-96-IR    $ 10.89
F5-774-96-IR  Ming Green Iridescent Coarse Frit
# F5-774-96-IR    $ 10.89
F7-774-96-IR  Ming Green Iridescent Mosaic Frit
# F7-774-96-IR    $ 10.89
F3-906-96-IR  Straw Iridescent Medium Frit
# F3-906-96-IR    $ 7.79
F5-906-96-IR  Straw Iridescent Coarse Frit
# F5-906-96-IR    $ 7.79
F7-906-96-IR  Straw Iridescent Mosaic Frit
# F7-906-96-IR    $ 7.79
Uroborosí unique Dual Tone Frit is made from mixed color source glass so wide gradations of color are seen on each grain. In the coarser sizes, this allows for enhanced complexity and naturalistic, less pixilated, coloration in your frit work. The finer sizes can result in unique colors from the blending effect, colors you wonít find anywhere else.
F1-2700-96  Dual Tone Orange Opal/Clear Powder Frit
# F1-2700-96    $ 11.69
F2-2700-96  Dual Tone Orange Opal/Clear Fine Frit
# F2-2700-96    $ 9.89
F3-2700-96  Dual Tone Orange Opal/Clear Medium Frit
# F3-2700-96    $ 9.89
F5-2700-96  Dual Tone Orange Opal/Clear Coarse Frit
# F5-2700-96    $ 9.89
F7-2700-96  Dual Tone Orange Opal/Clear Mosaic Frit
# F7-2700-96    $ 9.89
F1-2705-96  Dual Tone Orange Opal/White Powder Frit
# F1-2705-96    $ 11.69
F2-2705-96  Dual Tone Orange Opal/White Fine Frit
# F2-2705-96    $ 9.89
F3-2705-96  Dual Tone Orange Opal/White Medium Frit
# F3-2705-96    $ 9.89
F5-2705-96  Dual Tone Orange Opal/White Coarse Frit
# F5-2705-96    $ 9.89
F7-2705-96  Dual Tone Orange Opal/White Mosaic Frit
# F7-2705-96    $ 9.89
F1-29-96  Dual Tone Cherry Blossom Powder Frit
# F1-29-96    $ 11.29
F2-29-96  Dual Tone Cherry Blossom Fine Frit
# F2-29-96    $ 9.89
F3-29-96  Dual Tone Cherry Blossom Medium Frit Temp Out
F5-29-96  Dual Tone Cherry Blossom Coarse Frit Temp Out
F7-29-96  Dual Tone Cherry Blossom Mosaic Frit
# F7-29-96    $ 9.89
F1-4240-96  Dual Tone Cobalt Blue/Clear Powder Frit
# F1-4240-96    $ 8.39
F2-4240-96  Dual Tone Cobalt Blue/Clear Fine Frit
# F2-4240-96    $ 7.29
F3-4240-96  Dual Tone Cobalt Blue/Clear Medium Frit
# F3-4240-96    $ 7.29
F5-4240-96  Dual Tone Cobalt Blue/Clear Coarse Frit
# F5-4240-96    $ 7.29
F7-4240-96  Dual Tone Cobalt Blue/Clear Mosaic Frit
# F7-4240-96    $ 7.29
F1-4245-96  Dual Tone Cobalt Blue/White Powder Frit
# F1-4245-96    $ 8.39
F2-4245-96  Dual Tone Cobalt Blue/White Fine Frit
# F2-4245-96    $ 7.29
F3-4245-96  Dual Tone Cobalt Blue/White Medium Frit
# F3-4245-96    $ 7.29
F5-4245-96  Dual Tone Cobalt Blue/White Coarse Frit Temp Out
F7-4245-96  Dual Tone Cobalt Blue/White Mosaic Frit
# F7-4245-96    $ 7.29
F1-5000-96  Dual Tone Chocolate/Clear Powder Frit
# F1-5000-96    $ 11.69
F2-5000-96  Dual Tone Chocolate/Clear Fine Frit
# F2-5000-96    $ 9.89
F3-5000-96  Dual Tone Chocolate/Clear Medium Frit
# F3-5000-96    $ 9.89
F5-5000-96  Dual Tone Chocolate/Clear Coarse Frit
# F5-5000-96    $ 9.89
F7-5000-96  Dual Tone Chocolate/Clear Mosaic Frit
# F7-5000-96    $ 9.89
F1-5005-96  Dual Tone Chocolate/White Powder Frit Temp Out
F2-5005-96  Dual Tone Chocolate/White Fine Frit
# F2-5005-96    $ 9.89
F3-5005-96  Dual Tone Chocolate/White Medium Frit
# F3-5005-96    $ 9.89
F5-5005-96  Dual Tone Chocolate/White Coarse Frit
# F5-5005-96    $ 9.89
F7-5005-96  Dual Tone Chocolate/White Mosaic Frit
# F7-5005-96    $ 9.89
F1-5600-96  Dual Tone Black/Clear Powder Frit
# F1-5600-96    $ 11.69
F2-5600-96  Dual Tone Black/Clear Fine Frit
# F2-5600-96    $ 9.89
F3-5600-96  Dual Tone Black/Clear Medium Frit
# F3-5600-96    $ 9.89
F5-5600-96  Dual Tone Black/Clear Coarse Frit
# F5-5600-96    $ 9.89
F7-5600-96  Dual Tone Black/Clear Mosaic Frit
# F7-5600-96    $ 9.89
F1-5605-96  Dual Tone Black/White Powder Frit
# F1-5605-96    $ 11.69
F2-5605-96  Dual Tone Black/White Fine Frit
# F2-5605-96    $ 9.89
F3-5605-96  Dual Tone Black/White Medium Frit
# F3-5605-96    $ 9.89
F5-5605-96  Dual Tone Black/White Coarse Frit
# F5-5605-96    $ 9.89
F7-5605-96  Dual Tone Black/White Mosaic Frit
# F7-5605-96    $ 9.89
F1-6120-96  Dual Tone Grenadine Red/Clear Powder Frit
# F1-6120-96    $ 11.69
F2-6120-96  Dual Tone Grenadine Red/Clear Fine Frit
# F2-6120-96    $ 9.89
F3-6120-96  Dual Tone Grenadine Red/Clear Medium Frit
# F3-6120-96    $ 9.89
F5-6120-96  Dual Tone Grenadine Red/Clear Coarse Frit
# F5-6120-96    $ 9.89
F7-6120-96  Dual Tone Grenadine Red/Clear Mosaic Frit
# F7-6120-96    $ 9.89
F1-6125-96  Dual Tone Grenadine Red/White Powder Frit
# F1-6125-96    $ 11.69
F2-6125-96  Dual Tone Grenadine Red/White Fine Frit
# F2-6125-96    $ 9.89
F3-6125-96  Dual Tone Grenadine Red/White Medium Frit
# F3-6125-96    $ 9.89
F5-6125-96  Dual Tone Grenadine Red/White Coarse Frit
# F5-6125-96    $ 9.89
F7-6125-96  Dual Tone Grenadine Red/White Mosaic Frit
# F7-6125-96    $ 9.89
F1-7550-96  Dual Tone Fern Green/Clear Powder Frit
# F1-7550-96    $ 11.69
F2-7550-96  Dual Tone Fern Green/Clear Fine Frit
# F2-7550-96    $ 9.89
F3-7550-96  Dual Tone Fern Green/Clear Medium Frit
# F3-7550-96    $ 9.89
F5-7550-96  Dual Tone Fern Green/Clear Coarse Frit
# F5-7550-96    $ 9.89
F7-7550-96  Dual Tone Fern Green/Clear Mosaic Frit
# F7-7550-96    $ 9.89
F1-7555-96  Dual Tone Fern Green/White Powder Frit
# F1-7555-96    $ 11.69
F2-7555-96  Dual Tone Fern Green/White Fine Frit
# F2-7555-96    $ 9.89
F3-7555-96  Dual Tone Fern Green/White Medium Frit
# F3-7555-96    $ 9.89
F5-7555-96  Dual Tone Fern Green/White Coarse Frit
# F5-7555-96    $ 9.89
F7-7555-96  Dual Tone Fern Green/White Mosaic Frit
# F7-7555-96    $ 9.89