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What's New!

ZYP Boron Nitride Mold Release ZYP Boron Nitride Mold Release

The artist helper formerly known as MR-97.
ZYP works wonderfully as a ceramic mold release. It's easy to use - shake vigorously and use the trigger to spray on your slumping or casting mold at room temperature. The easy spray-on formula provides a slick coating to produce a flawlessly smooth and easily released project.  This water-based paint will take longer to dry than solvent-based paint. This glass release is a non-hazardous, non-flammable product, thus allowing much lower shipping/handling costs. Just like the aerosol, this new easy-to-use trigger sprayer allows application of boron nitride paint onto most any non-glazed (i.e., bisque) surface, substrate or mold.  It is not recommended for stainless steel as the sprayer might give an uneven application.

12-ounce bottle will prime about 20 medium sized molds. You may need to touch up the areas where the glass touches the mold after 4 or 5 firings.  Be sure to periodically brush off previous applications with a nylon brush to prevent build up.

Sold in 12 oz bottles.  Note: This item can be shipped via USPS!


# ZYP-W    $ 24.95

Glass Patterns Quarterly Winter 2017

116 pages of the newest books, tools and products, with projects for every skill level! Includes a 16 page pull-out pattern section. This is the only magazine exclusively devoted to the Stained Glass hobbyist and craftsperson.

# GPQ33-4    $ 5.95

For issue content, see our stock of back issue GPQs!


Have you ever struggled to make sure your circular piece is a true circle, or your oval is the exact dimensions you wanted?  Layout Frames will ensure you never have to struggle to maintain the outside shape again!  Attach the Layout Frame to a surface (ex. drywall) using push pins, build your project within the frame and it will hold it together through soldering.  Each Layout Frame shape is precision-cut from durable material to make sure your projects turn out exactly the way you want them to every time. Comes in circular, octagon and oval.

Click any of the pictures to go to the Layout Frame page

layout frame layout frame layout frame layout frame

HAKKO SOLDERING IRON MATsoldering iron mat

Keep your soldering area clean and tidy with Hakko's new soldering iron mat.  It is a 16x24 rollable mat that is resistant to burns and solder blobs wipe off easily!  You no longer need to look at a scorched, solder speckled table top anymore!
# SC-1003    $ 23.95

Wardell Footed Molds

The Binasphere - 2 molds in 1!

Spherical-shaped Bowl

Flat Serving Platter

B235 Starfire Bundle

B300 Fluted Circle Drop-Thru Bundle

Visit our Wardell Fusing Molds page
to learn more about Wardell Fusing Molds!

B310 Circle-Square Drop-Thru Bundle

Wardell B310 Drop Mold

Wardell B310 Drop Thru Mold

Glassline Basic Paint Kit


Glassline Fusible Paint Kits

Easily Add Intricate Designs to Glass! Glassline pens are a lining and shading material for glass. They are easy to use and can be applied between multiple layers of glass or on the top surface for a complex dimensional look. Glassline pens can also be thinned with water or sprayed to achieve subtle shading variations. Glassline is compatible with both COE 90 and System 96 glass. For best results, tack fuse paint onto individual sheets of glass before stacking your full fuse.  Glassline pens are lead free and food safe.

Click here to see all of the kits



DTI Easy Cut Lead CutterCuts lead came at perfect 30, 45, 60, and 90 angles quickly and efficiently with minimal waste. Uses inexpensive standard single-edge razor blades. 1 Year manufacturer warranty - excludes blades.

# 6591    $ 52.95
Studio Pro Tool Caddy

Hard plastic tool caddy with multiple sized storage compartments for a variety of hand tools. Foil storage compartments with tear blade; holds 4 rolls of foil upright to reduce tangled spools. Large deep compartment for solder and flux with detachable flux brush and holder for mess-free storage. Heavy copper plated iron coiled cage prevents hot soldering iron from touching the work surface and protects hands and nearby objects. Convenient sponge and sponge-well allows for quick and easy cleaning of soldering iron tip during use. Handles on both sides of caddy makes for easy transportation.

# 6592    $ 24.95

Cuts precise circles from 3/8" to 5" diameter. Comes with 3-wheel cutting head for long life. Excellent for cutting lots of sun-catchers, holiday ornaments and medallions. Small and easy to store - even in small workshops.  Designed for right or left handed use. Replacement cutting wheels available.

# 6589    $ 53.95

Creator's Bottle Neck Cutter

NEW amazing way to cut the neck of bottles from the makers of Cutter's Mate!


Makes awesome guitar neck slides!

Introducing a high-tech, durable bottle neck cutter that is simple to use and can smoothly cut around the neck of round bottles from Creator's Stained Glass.  Constructed from a polycarbonate plastic with a carbide cutting wheel.  Simply set the holding plug in the bottle opening, adjust the height of the cutting wheel by turning the wheel, hold the sides of the cutter firmly and then simply spin the bottle while applying pressure.  It's that easy! 6.5" high, 3" wide at base, and 1.5" deep.  Adjustable from .5" to 4.5"" in height.  Comes with a carbide cutting head.

# 3177    $ 49.95

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Whimsical Critters BookGuide to Mosaics BookKiln Formed Glass Beyond Basics

Uroboros Uncat Sheet Glass!

Uncat is short for Uncategorized. These are non-standard mixes, experimental, or just unique colors created either deliberately or by happenstance during the production process. They result when there are leftover components from a standard run or when they are experimenting with new colors. These are some of Uroboros' most spectacular glass sheets, and they are all one-of-a-kind. Many artists look forward to a new shipment of Uncats arriving since they can really broaden their palette.

Go to the Uroboros Uncat Page!

Go to the Uroboros Uncat System 96 Page!

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Creator's Bottle Cutter

Bottle Leveler

Love to make bottle art, but haven't found the right bottle cutter?  The makers of Cutter's Mate have the answer.  Introducing a high-tech, durable botPalm Protectortle cutter that is simple to use and makes exact cuts around the bottle.  Constructed from a polycarbonate plastic, durable stainless steel slide bars, enclosed ball bearing rollers (to keep out glass slivers), and is the only bottle cutter with a carbide cutting wheel.  Simply set the cutting wheel to exact spot on the attached ruler, tighten the wheel to hold the cutter in place, then simply spin the bottle on the rollers while applying pressure.  It's that easy!
As a special bonus, also included is a Palm Protector that allows the bottle to spin easily while keeping your hands safe while cutting (see picture on the right).
12" long, 6" high, and 5" wide.   Instructions

Creator's Bottle Cutter     Reg. $120.95
# 3180    $ 99.95
 Replacement Cutting Head   Reg. $18.95
# 3162    $ 18.95  $ 12.95
 Bottle Score O Rings ( 1 pair )
# 3184    $ 6.95
Cutter Plus Replacement Head Bundle
# 3180-1    $ 109.90
 Bottle Leveler  - Levels out odd shaped bottles
# 3183    $ 27.95

See the Creator's Bottle Cutter in Action!



The Hakko FX-601 is the next generation of adjustable temp-controlled soldering irons from Hakko. This small, lightweight iron will outperform the most popular 100W soldering irons on the market today. Ideal for all your stained glass applications, from small decorative projects to windows.

  • Ceramic heating element for longer service life than normal conventional nichrome-iron (NiCr) element.
  • Adjustable electronic temperature control, no rheostat needed..
  • 10 temperature settings between 464°-1004°.
  • Alloy-coated iron tips ensure long-lasting protection from corrosion.
  • Super Fast thermal recovery. Faster than the 556SE and 5x faster than a 456
  • Extremely Lightweight, well-balanced with a slender, ergonomic handle.
  • An excellent iron for large stained glass panels and lead came.
  • Energy efficient 63 watts
  • Extra long, 3-wire 6 foot power cord.
  • UL/CSA Approved
  • T19-D5 standard tip (~3/16")
Hakko FX-601 Soldering Iron
# 601-02    $ 84.95  $ 69.95

Replacement Chisel Tip for 601 5mm (~3/16")
# T19-D5    $ 14.95

Replacement Chisel Tip for 601 2.4mm
# T19-D24    $ 14.95

Replacement Chisel Tip for 601 6.5mm (1/4")
# T19-D65    $ 14.95


Breathe easy with the Hakko FA-400 bench top smoke absorber. The FA-400 removes soldering smoke and fumes quickly, safely and efficiently. The unit can be used in a vertical (standing up) position or low-profile position (laying down.) When used in the low-profile (laying down) position, efficiency and air flow is increased by approximately 2.6 times.

  • Unit is made of non-sloughing static dissipative conductive material and operates quietly
  • Standard activated carbon filter absorbs up to 80% of the odors from the air and is easy to replace
  • Can be used vertically (upright) or horizontally/low profile (laying down)
  • ESD-safe by design

NOTE:: An optional special high efficiency filter removes up to 90% of airborne particles the exhaust air is actually cleaner than the room air!

# FA-400-04    $ 74.95