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What's New!


Introducing MiracleMesh - a great new fusing product!  It is a high-grade stainless steel mesh that can be bent, twisted, folded, and creased to create custom molds with virtually unlimited potential!  After firing, MiracleMesh retains the shape that you created - unless you want to change it!  Then just bend, twist, fold, and crease until you have a new shape you want to use in your kiln!

Click here to learn more about MiracleMesh

Amerway Gel Flux
The great thing about Gel flux is that it is truly odorless, does not spit at you, does not smoke and is easy to clean up. Gel flux works with copper foil, lead came, zinc, copper and brass. Works with traditional and lead free solder, and produces a smooth, shiny surface. 8 oz. size.

# A-2021    $ 8.95  $ 7.95


CREATOR'S Flash Break

An easy way to run your score when you are cutting glass!  But wait - there's more!  You can insert a cutting head and it is also a pistol-style glass cutter.  Act now and you will also get a speed ball which helps run the score.  But that's not all!  There is a built-in magnet to use with the included docking station so you can have your Flash Break readily available at all times.  The magnet is also great for retrieving your speed ball from the waffle grid.  There are two versions of the Flash Break.  One comes with a cutting head and one without.

Learn more about the new Creator's Flash Break!

Creator's Flash Break   Creator's Flash Break  Creator's Flash Break  Creator's Flash Break  Creator's Flash Break

Techniglass - THE Grinder 2

Techniglass Grinder 2

THE Grinder 2 - Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the studio.
Learn more about the new THE Grinder 2!

Clarity Palorscope Clarity Lighted Pyramid Parlorscope

The Lighted Parlorscope Kit is the first of Clarity's C.L.A.S.S. (Clarity Limited Artist Signature Series) collaboration. The kit contains:

  • 3 pieces of Front Surface Mirror
  • 1 brass ball
  • 1 brass plate
  • 1 axle pack
  • 1 package of Twinkle lights
  • Instructions for assembly

Click here to learn more about the Lighted Pyramid Parlorscope!


Breda Mosaic Cutters   Breda Mosaic Cutters
Discover the ease and comfort of the Breda Glass Nippers. The Breda is made for glass artists looking for a light weight, comfortable tool for nipping glass for mosaics. It's made from aluminum with high quality carbide blades. It multiplies your force by a 5 times while keeping your wrist at a safer angle to help avoid repetitive stress injuries. The Breda also has an numbering index on the blades so you know how many times you have rotated them! The Breda is also fully reversible for both right and left handed use.

Click here to learn more about the Breda Nipppers

Pipers Pattern Paper Piper's Pattern Paper Pipers Pattern Paper

Adhesive pattern paper that allows you to cut your pieces to the pattern with ease!

  • Adhesive pattern paper provides much greater accuracy in cutting glass because the thickness of the paper gives you a slightly raised edge to score against.
  • Leaving the paper on while you grind will speed the process even more because you will know exactly how find to grind down.
  • Unlike using a marker, the paper won't rinse away while you grind.
  • No tape or glue or spray adhesive mess to deal with. No “fitting” - you get a PERFECT fit, every time!!

  • Click here to learn more about Piper's Pattern Paper!

    SilkeMat Fiber Fusing Sheets

    SilkeMat is a NON-CARCINOGENIC refractory fiber blanket that can be cut, molded, rigidized and formed for use in a kiln to slump glass. It can be used with and without rigidizing. Although a high-grade boron nitride separator like ZYP could be used for art glass firings, it is not necessary. There is no “shot” in this product and most firings are clean, leaving only the texture of the fiber on the glass. SilkeMat is a Non-Carcinogenic material that can be cut and handled with minimal concern.

       Click here to learn more about SilkeMat!


    Techniglass MO-RE Boron Nitride Mold Release MO-RE Boron Nitride Mold Release

    The premier boron nitride mold release made especially for the fusing glass enthusiast and professional.

    Radically Different
    Glass is the most difficult application to release, that’s why Techniglass has formulated MO-RE specifically for the art glass industry. With a non-flammable solvent base, MO-RE produces an effortless release for a wide array of molds.

    Reduced Prep Time
    Application and cleanup are simple compared to brush-on primers; MO-RE sprays on quick and evenly with self-leveling capabilities. No exposed mold or mold sticking to glass piece.

    Flawless Release
    Eliminate post-fire work with MO-RE’s unique composition, allowing glass to move freely during the firing process. When boron nitride release spray is applied evenly, each mold will release clean with no spiked edges or film left on glass. No need to grind off rough edges!

    Reduce Cost per Application
    MO-RE can be used sparingly, due to its self-leveling component one will never need to worry of an uneven surface or bare mold. Only a light coating is necessary – by reducing the amount applied to each mold, less mold release is used during the application process.

    Sold in 12 oz and 8 oz cans.  Note: This item cannot be shipped via USPS!

    8 oz Can
    # 7890    $ 27.95
    12 oz Can
    # 7891    $ 37.95

    Glass Patterns Quarterly

    Glass Patterns Quarterly Fall 2021

    116 pages of the newest books, tools and products, with projects for every skill level! Includes a 16 page pull-out pattern section. This is the only magazine exclusively devoted to the Stained Glass hobbyist and craftsperson.

    # GPQ37-3    $ 5.95

    For issue content, see our stock of back issue GPQs!

    Pizzas made by Jessica Jones. Click to enlarge.

    Finley Fusible Handy Hanger

    Tired of making your own hangers to put into your fused pieces?  Made from high-temp nickel-chromium metal and able to withstand 2000 degree heat, these hangers will secure your pieces with confidence.  The unique shape will help them to stay put between the fused glass pieces.  They will not lose shape or color during firing and can withstand multiple firings. 8 hangers per bag.  Mini Ellie is 1/2" across.

    # FHH-8    $ 18.95

    # EHH-8    $ 18.95

    Mini Ellie
    # MEHH-8    $ 14.29


    Have you ever struggled to make sure your circular piece is a true circle, or your oval is the exact dimensions you wanted?  Layout Frames will ensure you never have to struggle to maintain the outside shape again!  Attach the Layout Frame to a surface (ex. drywall) using push pins, build your project within the frame and it will hold it together through soldering.  Each Layout Frame shape is precision-cut from durable material to make sure your projects turn out exactly the way you want them to every time. Comes in circular, octagon and oval.

    Click any of the pictures to go to the Layout Frame page

    layout frame layout frame layout frame layout frame

    HAKKO SOLDERING IRON MATsoldering iron mat

    Keep your soldering area clean and tidy with Hakko's new soldering iron mat.  It is a 16x24 rollable mat that is resistant to burns and solder blobs wipe off easily!  You no longer need to look at a scorched, solder speckled table top anymore!
    # SC-1003    $ 23.95

    Wardell Footed Molds

    The Binasphere - 2 molds in 1!

    Spherical-shaped Bowl

    Flat Serving Platter

    B235 Starfire Bundle

    B300 Fluted Circle Drop-Thru Bundle

    Visit our Wardell Fusing Molds page
    to learn more about Wardell Fusing Molds!

    B310 Circle-Square Drop-Thru Bundle

    Wardell B310 Drop Mold

    Wardell B310 Drop Thru Mold

    Creator's Bottle Neck Cutter

    NEW amazing way to cut the neck of bottles from the makers of Cutter's Mate!


    Makes awesome guitar neck slides!

    Introducing a high-tech, durable bottle neck cutter that is simple to use and can smoothly cut around the neck of round bottles from Creator's Stained Glass.  Constructed from a polycarbonate plastic with a carbide cutting wheel.  Simply set the holding plug in the bottle opening, adjust the height of the cutting wheel by turning the wheel, hold the sides of the cutter firmly and then simply spin the bottle while applying pressure.  It's that easy! 6.5" high, 3" wide at base, and 1.5" deep.  Adjustable from .5" to 4.5"" in height.  Comes with a carbide cutting head.

    # 3177    $ 49.95  $ 43.95

    Uroboros Uncat Sheet Glass!

    Uncat is short for Uncategorized. These are non-standard mixes, experimental, or just unique colors created either deliberately or by happenstance during the production process. They result when there are leftover components from a standard run or when they are experimenting with new colors. These are some of Uroboros' most spectacular glass sheets, and they are all one-of-a-kind. Many artists look forward to a new shipment of Uncats arriving since they can really broaden their palette.

    Go to the Uroboros Uncat Page!

    Go to the Uroboros Uncat System 96 Page!

    Go to the Uroboros Uncat FX 90 Page!


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