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Foil and Foiling Tools


edco copper foil

EDCO copper foil is made with dead soft copper so it adheres nicely around curves and sticks nicely to your glass. This will give your finished work smooth edges and make it stronger. 


Each roll contains 36 yards (108 feet)

Copper Backed Foil  1.25 mil

 5/32" Copper Backed Copper Foil  
# 5/32C    $ 6.00
 3/16" Copper Backed Copper Foil   
# 3/16C    $ 6.80
 7/32" Copper Backed Copper Foil   
Temp Out from Manufacturer
 1/4"   Copper Backed Copper Foil   
# 1/4C    $ 9.30
 5/16" Copper Backed Copper Foil  
# 5/16C    $ 11.45
 3/8"   Copper Backed Copper Foil  
# 3/8C    $ 13.65
 1/2"   Copper Backed Copper Foil  
# 1/2C    $ 17.25

Black Backed Foil  - 1.25 mil

Edco tells us that foil will be back in production soon and to us in late October

 5/32" Black Backed Copper Foil  
# 5/32B    $ 6.90
 3/16" Black Backed Copper Foil  
Temp Out from Manufacturer
 7/32" Black Backed Copper Foil
Temp Out from Manufacturer
 1/4"   Black Backed Copper Foil  
Temp Out from Manufacturer
 3/8"   Black Backed Copper Foil  
# 3/8B    $ 15.95

Silver Backed Foil  - 1.25 mil
Silver is only on the backside


 5/32"  Silver Backed Copper Foil  
# 5/32S    $ 6.90
 3/16"  Silver Backed Copper Foil  
# 3/16S    $ 8.35
 7/32"  Silver Backed Copper Foil
Temp Out from Manufacturer
 1/4"    Silver Backed Copper Foil  
# 1/4S    $ 10.80

1.25 mil. 12" x 12" copper foil sheet with adhesive back.

Copper Backed
# 5094    $ 5.49
Black Backed
Temp Out
Silver Backed
# 5096    $ 5.59

Cascade Copper Re-StripCascade Copper Reinforcing Strip
Cascade Re-Strip
Reinforce your copper foiled projects. Flexible pure copper Re-Strip is placed between foiled glass pieces to form a rigid unnoticeable joint. Can be bent to a sharp angle. Approximates the thickness of glass and is 10 mil. thick. Rolls are 25 feet long and 100 feet long.

25 ft roll
# 2336    $ 6.95
100 ft roll
# 2337    $ 25.95

Cascade Brass Reinforcing Strip

Comes in Brass too!
  This is a better version to use if you are making COVID masks since brass is harder to bend.  It will hold the V shape better.

100 ft roll
# 2338    $ 25.95  $ 16.95

Foiling Tools


Creators CrimperCreators Crimper
This easy to use foil crimper uses a dual spring-loaded crimper to fold down the sides of your foil on various sizes of glass. Once the foil is crimped, use the opposite end of the tool to burnish the foil flat.  Has a comfortable foam handle for easy gripping.

# 1563    $ 24.95


Creators Foiler
The Handy Foiler speeds up the foiling process by keeping the foil centered on the glass. An even, perfect application without bubbles or creases.  Available in three sizes to apply 3/16", 7/32", and 1/4" foil.  Has a comfortable foam handle for easy gripping and a roller for easy application. 
3/16" Foiler
# 1560    $ 29.95

7/32" Foiler
# 1561    $ 29.95

1/4" Foiler
# 1562    $ 29.95


Kwik Crimp

This durable plastic crimper makes burnishing task a breeze.

After foiling the piece of glass, slightly push down the foil on all sides and 'crunch' the corners. Then slide the piece of foiled glass through the Kwik-Crimp fingers. With one swipe, the foil is strongly adhered to the sides of the glass and the foil is ready for soldering.
# 455-52    $ 8.59


foil dispenser

A convenient way to store seven sizes of copper foil plus scissors, burnishers, exacto knife, and other foiling aids.

# 1515    $ 15.95


plastic fid

 Durable plastic stick used for pressing down copper foil to your glass.

Temp Out


Lathekin Fid

A handy plastic tool to aid in opening lead came and the back end can press down foil on your glass.

# TL-55L    $ 1.79



foil pattern shears

Pattern shears are the secret to creating perfectly fitting glass pieces! These shears will cut away a strip of paper that is the same thickness as the strip of foil you will use to create your project. Cut back on the need for excessive grinding!

# 6596    $ 9.59

with Edge Smoother Handle

foil burnisher

Burnishing the foil on the front and back of the glass pieces is desirable for a smooth track for the solder to adhere to. It is not necessary to burnish with such energy as to attempt to form a molecular bond between the copper foil and glass. Simply smoothing out the wrinkles will suffice.

# 1447    $ 5.69



nugget foiler

Foil nuggets and jewels fast! Just roll your jewel or nugget over copper foil that lays the groove, burnish as usual, and you're done. Uses up to 1/4" foil.

# 8494    $ 4.95

Foiling Machines


The Diegel Foiler Model 500 is a dual reel foiler which has reels that adjust to all popular sizes. The machine is supplied with rollers for 3/16", 7/32" and 1/4" foil. Though this machine does not crimp as it wraps, it does have an adjustable guide pin that allows you to decide whether you want the foil centered or set more to the front or back. You will find this feature is very important when you attempt to foil textured glass.  Easy to master - you'll be foiling in no time.

Diegel Foiler

Diegel Foiler

# 500    $ 52.95  $ 45.95
5/32" Replacement Roller Guides
# 455-0    $ 7.29
3/16" Replacement Roller Guides
# 455-1    $ 7.29
7/32" Replacement Roller Guides
# 455-2    $ 7.29
1/4" Replacement Roller Guides
# 455-3    $ 7.29
3/8" Replacement Roller Guides
# 455-4    $ 7.29
5/16" Replacement Roller Guides
# 455-5    $ 7.29
1/2" Replacement Roller Guides
# 455-6    $ 7.29
Replacement Foil Wheels (3-Pack)
Temp Out

Table Foiler

Table FoilerTake the fuss and frustration out of foiling!  This portable tool dispenses, applies, and crimps foil in one smooth process.  Unlike hand-held models, the Table Foiler creates a flat, sturdy work surface that adds precision and control for even intricate foiling projects.  Just guide the glass into the roller and go!  Works with many glass sizes, irregular patterns, various thicknesses, nuggets, jewels & bevels. Comes with 3 wheel sizes (3/16, 7/32, 1/4)

# 300    $ 60.95

Replacement Wheels (3-pack)

# 300-W    $ 18.95