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Kiln Accessories

It takes a lot of trial and error to get fusing down to a science.  Don't burn yourself up over it!
The products listed on this page will help to make your firing times execute smoothly.

ZYP Boron Nitride Mold Release ZYP Boron Nitride Mold Release

The product formerly known as MR-97.
ZYP works wonderfully as a ceramic or stainless steel mold release. It's easy to use, simply spray this aerosol on your slumping or casting mold at room temperature (wear a dust mask and spray outside only for safety). Easy spray-on formula provides a uniform slick coating to produce a flawlessly smooth and easily released project.

13-ounce container will prime about 20 medium sized molds. You may need to touch up the areas where the glass touches the mold after 4 or 5 firings.  Be sure to periodically brush off previous applications with a nylon brush to prevent build up.

Sold in 13 oz canisters.  Note: This item cannot be shipped via air.

# ZYP    $ 47.95  $ 42.95
Techniglass MO-RE Boron Nitride Mold Release MO-RE Boron Nitride Mold Release

The premier boron nitride mold release made especially for the fusing glass enthusiast and professional.

Radically Different
Glass is the most difficult application to release, thats why Techniglass has formulated MO-RE specifically for the art glass industry. With a non-flammable solvent base, MO-RE produces an effortless release for a wide array of molds.

Reduced Prep Time
Application and cleanup are simple compared to brush-on primers; MO-RE sprays on quick and evenly with self-leveling capabilities. No exposed mold or mold sticking to glass piece.

Flawless Release
Eliminate post-fire work with MO-REs unique composition, allowing glass to move freely during the firing process. When boron nitride release spray is applied evenly, each mold will release clean with no spiked edges or film left on glass. No need to grind off rough edges!

Reduce Cost per Application
MO-RE can be used sparingly, due to its self-leveling component one will never need to worry of an uneven surface or bare mold. Only a light coating is necessary by reducing the amount applied to each mold, less mold release is used during the application process.

Sold in 12 oz and 8 oz cans.  Note: This item can only be shipped via ground.

8 oz Can
# 7890    $ 30.95
12 oz Can
# 7891    $ 39.95
Techniglass Papyros Shelf Paper

Papyros Kiln Shelf Paper

Single 20.5"x20.5" Sheet

# 6901    $ 3.95

10 Pack 20.5"x20.5" Sheets
# 6901-10    $ 35.75

Pre-cut 50 pack of 4.5"x6" sheets
(These are the old formula!)
# 6901-PC4    $ 9.95

1 Craft Roll - 20.5" wide, 82 ft long
in a handy box dispenser.
Covers 75 13in shelves
(56% better 13in shelf yield over using sheets)

# 6901-R    $ 140.00

# 6901-S    $ 112.00

Circle Sheets - 13" round
# 6901-C    $ 5.25
Papyros Kiln Shelf Paper is a ceramic-based paper specially formulated for glass fusing. When placed between the kiln shelf and the underside of a glass project, Papyros prevents the glass from sticking to the shelf during firing. Papyros is available in 20.5"x20.5" sheets or in a space-saving 20.5" wide, 82 foot long Craft Roll that comes packaged in a handy dispensing box.  Cut only what you need! Techniglass Papyros Shelf Paper
Because of its sturdy composition, Papyros provides excellent glass/kiln shelf separation on the first use, and it is possible, under certain circumstances, be re-used in subsequent firings, as well.  How long post-fired Papyros retains its integrity depends on the type of glass used on the project underside (Opal vs. Transparent), the nature of the project (volume/construction), as well as the final fusing temperature (degree of glass movement in the kiln).  Clean up is simple via a studio spatula or using your favorite HEPA shop vacuum. Techniglass Papyros Shelf Paper

Bullseye Thin Fire Paper

Bullseye THINFIRE Shelf Paper

This heat-resistant, light weight ceramic impregnated paper, provides excellent separation between kin shelf and glass in kiln firing applications up to 1600°F. Paper is .008" thick. Thinfire has numerous benefits when compared to more conventional ceramic fiber material. Compared to conventional kiln washes, Thinfire reduces shelf preparation time and improves surface release quality. A single layer of paper will prevent molten glass from sticking to your shelf at full fuse.  Sheets are 20" x 20".

Temp Out

fiber paper
1/8" Soft Fiber Shelf Paper

Can be fired multiple times.  Cotton-like kiln fiber paper. Use in conjunction with fiber mold hardeners.  Max temp rating - 2300° F
Can be molded around an object. 
Sheets are 24" x 20" x 1/8".
Let us know if we can cut it for shipping.

Temp Out

fiber paper

1/16" Soft Fiber Shelf Paper

Can be fired multiple times.  Cotton-like kiln fiber paper. Use in conjunction with fiber mold hardeners.  Max temp rating - 2300° F
Can be molded around an object. 
Sheets are 24" x 24" x 1/16".
Let us know if we can cut it for shipping.

Temp Out

Fusing Wire  Fusing Wire

High Temperature Wire

General purpose wire that remains strong in the extreme heat of kiln firings and withstands high temperature for long periods. Great for stems in flowers, ornament hangers, fused glass jewelry and more. A roll contains 10 ft. of wire.

17 gauge (10' x .045" Dia)
# 9-4855    $ 7.49

17 gauge spool (150' x .045" Dia)
# 48553    $ 59.95

24 gauge (10' x .020" Dia)
# 9-4856    $ 4.45

24 gauge spool (150' x .020" Dia)
# 48563    $ 43.20

fused pizza  fused pizza
Pizzas made by Jessica Jones. Click to enlarge.

Fusible Handy Hanger

Tired of making your own hangers to put into your fused pieces?  Made from high-temp nickel-chromium metal and able to withstand 2000° heat, these hangers will secure your pieces with confidence.  These unique shapes will help them to stay put between the fused glass pieces.  They will not lose shape or color during firing and can withstand multiple firings. 16 hangers per bag.  Mini Ellie is 1/2" across.

Finley Handy Hanger
# FHH-8    $ 18.95
Ellie Handy Hanger
# EHH-8    $ 18.95
mini Ellie Handy Hanger
Mini Ellie
# MEHH-8    $ 14.29

Kiln Wash

HI-FIRE Shelf Primer
Kiln Wash - 24oz

A special formulation of alumina and low-fluxing clays developed to withstand the high kiln temperatures required for raking. Contains a pink dye which burns off when firing. An excellent smooth finish between the glass and kiln shelf. 24 oz tub.

# 48321    $ 20.49

Fireworks Kiln Wash

Fireworks Kiln Wash

High temp wash prevents glass from sticking to shelf and stainless steel molds. Easy mixing instructions included.

1 lb Tub
# 5730    $ 3.85

Haik Brush

Haik Brush

Lays down a smooth coating of glass separator or primer on kiln shelves or molds. A must for all your coating needs.

# 9-4541    $ 7.89


Clear Coat Overglaze

One of the best and safest overglaze. It does not contain any lead or glass powders, only a natural fluxing agent that produces a durable glossy shine on the surface of your fired glass. Completely safe to use on food bearing surfaces. Ideal for use on clear window glass, as well as colored glass like Spectrum and Bullseye, Uroboros and others. To apply, just brush or spray a light coat onto the top surface of the glass being fused. Has a working range of 1350°F to 1550°F.  8 or 32 oz. bottle.

8oz bottle
# 97807    $ 9.95

32 oz bottle
# 97808    $ 24.95
Clarity Devitrification Solution

Clarity Devitrification Solution

 Apply to fusing projects before firing to prevent devitrification on the glass surface. Fire to minimum 1350F.  Contains no toxic or harmful chemicals.  8 oz.

# 3404-8    $ 9.50

Fusing Solution

fusing solution This duel purpose product is one of the most popular fusing items ever. It is both an amazing gel glue (like hair spray on steroids) and a powerful overglaze that prevents devitrification! Fuse Master Fusing Solution is a clean burning gel that bonds frit, powders, enamels and paints before you get it to the kiln and prevents devitrification during firing. It is ideal for all art glass, window glass, slumping bottles and just about any kiln application.  8 oz. bottle.

# 97801    $ 9.95

Bullseye Glastac Glue GLASTAC Glue

Glue for glass kilnforming. Holds pieces in place prior to firing. Slow drying allows readjustments as you work. Organic colorant lets you see where you've applied it on clear and translucent glass. (burns out cleanly when fired) 4 oz. Applicator Bottle.

# 49510    $ 10.29

Bullseye Glastac GelGLASTAC Gel

Glue for glass kilnforming. Holds its applied shape and make calligraphic powder lines easier. The gel is thicker and has a much more tackier feel than Glastac Glue. Holds pieces in place prior to firing. Slow drying allows readjustments as you work. Organic colorant lets you see where you've applied it on clear and translucent glass. (burns out cleanly when fired) 4 oz. Applicator Bottle.

Temp Out

Liquid Stringer MediumLiquid Stringer

Liquid Stringer Medium is a gel that can be mixed with powdered frits or enamels so they can be applied with a squeeze bottle (sold separately). Anything you can draw or write can now be done on fused glass: words, faces, shapes, and patterns to name a few. Liquid Stringer burns clean when fired and your tools can be cleaned with water. 8 oz. bottle.

# 97803    $ 9.95
Easy Sifter

This fine mesh sifter is perfect for applying Enamels or glass powder frits. Made out of high quality stainless steel. 3" across.
# 97810    $ 6.95

Water Friendly Mediumwater friendly medium

Mix to any consistency for painting needs. Ideal binder for sifting and brushing techniques. Add water and a couple of drops of this concentrate to powders and give enamels a smooth, creamy consistency. When fired, medium burns away cleanly without blistering or crazing colors. Cleans easily. 4 oz. or 32 oz bottle.

4oz bottle

# 97802    $ 7.95

32 oz bottle
# 97802-32    $ 30.95

Frit Sifter

Frit Sifter

Now you can make your own frit and sort it into the various sizes!  Simply take your crushed glass and pour it into the stacked stainless steel cups and the different sized screens do all the work (with a little help from gravity).  There are 4 sifting cups and each is 3.75" tall.  The screens are 4.5" in diameter with the following mesh sizes:
< 0.2mm
> 2.7mm

# FS4C    $ 39.95

Frit Maker

Frit Maker

Turn scrap glass into frit with ease! Just place the same COE compatible glass into the Frit Maker, insert the upper plunger into the tube and start pounding! You can create as much or as little frit as you want, in any size you want. With its rugged design, this frit maker is designed for a long life and heavy use. Use with the Frit Sifter (above) and sift your frit into different sizes ranging from powder to coarse. 

# FM    $ 39.95


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