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Do You Qualify for a Wholesale Account?

Below is our requirements for becoming a Wholesale account at Anything in Stained Glass.  If you meet these requirements,
please send in the information requested and we will setup the account.  Any questions, please call us at 1-800-462-1209.

Not everyone in the stained glass community can qualify to buy wholesale. In order to buy wholesale from the big guys,
they require you have a store front or a yellow page ad along with a business checking account for your stained glass related business. They also usually require a minimum on the amount purchased or a minimum dollar amount per year to keep your wholesale status.

After much thought and pondering, we at Anything in Stained Glass have decided to make a commitment to the stained glass Professional Crafter. We now offer special pricing without the hassle of unreasonable qualifying wholesaler requirements. However, in order to distinguish the Professional Crafter from the stained glass hobbyist, we have to setup requirements that any Professional Crafter should be able to provide.

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Please download the Wholesale application form and either fax it to 800-231-5422, email to or mail it to our address at the top of this page.

Here is a breakdown of the information needed:
1. Copy of your State Tax Number Certificate or your Sales Tax Reuse Document for your business. This is a required document if you want to be tax exempt.  This is not your EIN Number.  We need something that shows you registered your business in the state that you operate within.

2. Invoice/receipt showing the name of your business, the address, and phone number. (i.e. What you would give your customers when they buy from you.)

3. Proof of sales to a retail outlet for re-sale, participation in an organized craftshow, homeshow, co-ops or whatever you make products for. Something that would make you a "Professional Crafter" as opposed to a stained glass hobbyist who makes stained glass for personal reasons.  We need something that shows you sell to the public in some organized fashion and not just at your job to co-workers.  You would need a store-front, or website, or an acceptance letter to a craft show.

We do not accept wholesale applications from re-sellers.  If you have a website that sells everything from baby clothes to car parts, you are not the wholesale customer that we are able to support.  Your needs are well beyond what we are able to supply.

As you can see, our requirements are quite simple, but not so relaxed as to let allow anyone that does stained glass our special pricing. Once we have your information on file, we can then send you your Customer Order ID. You may order 24 Hours a day on our website and your invoice will be revised to our wholesale prices when we process the order.

Thanks again for you interest and we look forward to serving you with all of your stained glass and supply needs.