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Shipping Policy:

We don't have a standard shipping policy per se, but we do have a shipping promise.  We promise to charge you only what it costs us to ship your order.  Also, we promise to smartly pack the order so that it is not only safe during shipping, but will cost you the least amount of money possible. If UPS is the cheapest, we will use them. If the Post Office costs less, we will use them.  You can request a certain service if you prefer such as 2nd Day Air.

We are not here to make a profit on shipping your order.  Some companies like to charge based upon the amount of money that is spent.  That system does not work too well when you buy a $30.00 grinder bit which is not very heavy and can fit into a small package.  Sometimes they unnecessarily use multiple boxes which costs more. Our shipping cost is based upon the shipping company's weight chart and oversized packages chart plus any glass box charges that may apply for shipping glass.  So in order to save you money, we will creatively pack your order in the least amount of right sized boxes that it will safely fit into without sacrificing the safety of its contents.

So basically, it all depends on what you buy, where you live, and how you might prefer the order to be shipped.  If requested, we can give you an estimate prior to charging your credit card.  When you place the order over the internet, put "Please provide with shipping costs before processing" in the Special Instruction section of the checkout and we will call or email you with the shipping before we proceed.

Other policies we will follow based on customer requests:

  • Use the USPS when shipping to Alaska and Hawaii since it will most likely be the cheapest and quickest way.

  • Use the USPS to ship to APO addresses.

  • Use the USPS Global Priority Mailer when shipping books and patterns to overseas customers.  It is by far the cheapest way to send flat materials overseas.

  • When you supply us with your email address in your order, UPS will send the tracking number via email when your order is shipped.

To inquire about accurate shipping rates for an order, please call us at 1-800-462-1209.

Ordering Information:

Method of Payment: For your convenience, we accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.  Please supply your complete charge number, security code (3 digits on the back of the card), expiration date, name, address, and phone number of the card holder.  We also accept checks and money orders sent in with your order.  Keep in mind that certain items must be packed in a box of their own, such as 6ft. oak, zinc, etc.  Ordering these items along with other supplies may create more than one shipping box. 

Backorders: If an item you ordered is temporarily out of stock, and is expected in within a reasonable time, we will hold your order for that item.  This way your order will be shipped to you complete.  If the item is out of stock, and will be in stock soon, we will backorder that item.  If the item will be out of stock for some time, we will have you re-order that item at a later date.  If you prefer no backorders or prefer us not to hold your order, please indicate this on the order.

Tips on Estimating Shipping:

To estimate the weight of your order use the guide lines below: Use 1 to 3 pounds for Box & Packing. The larger the order the larger the box, plus more packing! If the order has both glass and large supplies, such as lamp bases, the order will be shipped in two cartons to avoid breakage. Shipping weight is figured on each box.

Weight Examples:

8x12 glass sheets weigh approximately 1.5 lbs.
12x12 glass sheets weigh approximately 2 lbs.
12x24 glass sheets weigh approximately 4 lbs.
24x24 glass sheets weigh approximately 8 lbs.
Grinder 2 or Gryphette approximately 8 lbs.
Zephyr Ring Saw approximately 18 lbs.
Grinder 1 or Studio approximately 12 lbs.
Deluxe Beginners Kit approximately 34 lbs.
Intermediate Beginners Kit approximately  9 lbs.
Basic Beginners Kit approximately  5 lbs.

Glass Box Charges Examples:
These charges are not shipping charges.  They are for the extra packing material that we pack into glass boxes that allow the glass to ship safely.  Only packages that contain glass will get a Glass Box Charge.

Small Box Charge: $ 6.00

Holds up to 30 pieces 8"x12" or up to 20 pieces 12"x12" or a reasonable combination of the two (2) sheet sizes. Once loaded, this box typically weighs from 20 to 40 lbs. Keep in mind this box has a 10 pc minimum, 20 pc maximum for glass of these sizes.
Medium Box Charge: $ 10.00

Holds up to 10 pieces 12"x15", 12"x14", 12"x24" or any combination of those sheet sizes.
(UPS charges a minimum 30 lb. dimensional weight, even if the box weighs less, so ordering at least 8 pieces is most economical)  Once loaded, this box typically weighs from 30 to 36 lbs.
Keep in mind this box has a 5 pc minimum, 10 pc maximum for glass of these sizes.

Large Box Charge: $ 12.00

Holds up to 10 pieces 15"x24", 16"x20", 16"x24", 18"x20", 20"x24" or any combination of the three (3) sheet sizes.
(UPS charges a minimum 34 lb. dimensional weight, even if the box weighs less, so ordering at least 6 or 7 pieces of glass to fill the box is most economical).   Once loaded, this box typically weighs from 48 to 52 lbs. Keep in mind there is a 5 pc minimum, 10 pc maximum for glass of these sizes.
Xtra Large Box Charge: $ 20.00

This box is designed to ship 24x24 glass only.  We CANNOT ship smaller pieces (i.e. 16" x 24", 18" x 24", 15"x12") with larger sheets of glass. The smaller sheets will break the larger pieces during shipment. Mixed sized orders will be shipped in separate boxes and boxing charges will be applied accordingly. Keep in mind this box has a 5 pc minimum, 7 pc maximum for glass of these sizes.

Zinc/Brass/Oak Framing Charges Examples:

All Framing, Brass, Zinc and Rebar come in 6 foot lengths.
At your request, we can cut them in half to save you shipping costs.

3' Cutting & Boxing Charge : $ 4.00

For 3' brass channel / zinc / re-bar or oak framing cut in half.
UPS only changes what this box actually weighs.  No additional handling charge.

6' Boxing Charge : $ 6.00

For 6' brass / zinc / copper / re-bar / lead came / or oak framing.
We affix a wooden board to the outside of the 75"x5"x5" box for safe and sturdy carrying by UPS.  UPS charges an additional $12.00 oversize handling fee, a $4.00 surcharge, then the cost of the weight of the box.
So if you prefer two 3 ft. lengths instead of one 6 ft. length, we can cut your oak framing/zinc/brass in order to fit into the 3 ft. box above and save shipping costs.


Do not continue unpacking if order package shows evidence of damage.  Take a picture of the damaged box first.  As you unpack the box, please take pictures of damaged items also. Please save the carton/box and all packing materials until the claim is resolved. Notify us of the damage with a list of the damaged items and any pictures.  Please scale down the picture sizes as emails with large attachments might not get delivered. Please do not return any merchandise to us without first contacting us.


When your package arrives, please open it and verify that all of the items are present before discarding any packing materials.  Many times small items might be wrapped in paper packing and will look like packing material.  Some items might be enclosed in cardboard for protection.  Missing items reports must be made within a reasonable amount of time from when the package is delivered.  If you have discarded the the packing materials without checking that each item is present, we will not be able to replace the item(s).


Please keep track of when your package is scheduled to arrive.  If UPS says that a package was delivered and you do not see the package where they said they put it, please either open an Investigation online with UPS or call us immediately.  Most packages can be found easily within 24 hrs of their delivery date.  If you have USPS package that is stuck in transit or not delivered where they said it was, please call your local post office and provide the tracking number.  That is the quickest and most efficient way to resolve the problem.  The best we can do is call the USPS 800 number and hope that they relay the message to the local post office.


Keeping your information private is very important to us.  Your email will never be used for anything but for sending you a tracking email.  If you signed up for our emails, you will only get our emails.  We do not sell or give away our email list.  Our site has the highest encryption I could buy which you can verify by looking at the green lock to the left of the URL on the top of the page.  The green lock icon will vary from browser to browser, but it should be something green.  Green represents the highest security.  Our site does store cookies on your computer, but only to show that you logged in and for items you have put in your shopping cart.  The shopping cart cookie will delete itself once your cart is cleared or if 7 days pass with no changes to the cart.


Any claims against packages or merchandise MUST be made within 72 hours of customer's receiving their order, and any returns MUST be made within 30 days from date of purchase.  Please do not discard any packing or boxing materials until you have verified all of your ordered items are present.  If you throw out anything before we can help you find an item that might have been mistaken for packing material, we cannot help you locate it.  If you were not the person who received the package or initially opened the package, please consult that person before calling us.

If for some reason you receive an item you feel is wrong, please call us immediately. Your order is handled and checked four different times before it is sent out to you! This helps us keep mistakes to a minimum, but they sometimes do happen! If a mistake was made, we will correct the issue right away.

For a standard return, items returned for reasons other than defects or our error; all associated shipping fees will be the responsibility of the buyer, and we require that the merchandise be shipped and received back to us in the same condition as when we mailed it to you. The purchase price of the merchandise minus a 15% restocking fee will be refunded in the manner in which it was originally given.

No returns on: Cut Glass, Books, Patterns, Bevels, Lead Came, any Used Merchandise/Tools, or Items packed at the factory for safe shipping, such as kilns and cases of zinc/came/brass/copper. Please contact us for more information on returns. If you feel there is something wrong with your order, or our website, please let us know, so we can fix it.

Please contact us regarding any issues or concerns you may have. We can work together to make sure that you are always happy with your purchase. We value input from our customers... let us know what you think!