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Flyer 6 - Fusing Specials


Fusing Specials

Remember: 10 piece minimum to ship 8x12 or 12x12 sheets of glass, although 20 pieces will fill the box!
Click the price to Buy!

Note: Photos below are color samples. Actual sheets will vary in color.  Colors will differ depending on printer ink or screen settings.

Special Limited Run Frit from the 2018 Vegas Glass Show!
Unlike what you did in Vegas, which is on the internet forever, this stuff will be gone soon!
F3-1009-96  Vegas Night Medium Frit
# F3-1009-96    $ 9.89  $ 4.95
F5-1009-96  Vegas Night Coarse Frit
# F5-1009-96    $ 9.89  $ 4.95
# F5-1009-96-4    $ 39.00  $ 25.95
F7-1009-96  Vegas Night Mosaic Frit
# F7-1009-96    $ 9.89  $ 4.95
# F7-1009-96-4    $ 39.00  $ 25.95

   Click picture for larger view (above)

12x12 System 96 Fusers' Reserve

Seagreen Wispy
$ 14.79

Med Blue/White OpalArt
$ 13.79

Dark Blue/White/Yellow
$ 13.79

Hydrangea OpalArt
$ 14.79

Gray Wispy
$ 13.79

Peacock/Vanilla OpalArt
$ 14.79

Amazon Green OpalArt
$ 14.79

Red/Yellow/Orange OpalArt
$ 16.29
System 96 Glass

Pale Gray Transparent

Bronze Transparent
$ 10.59

Mauve Opal Glass 2mm 6x12
$ 4.39
12x12 System 96 T-Glass

Pale Blue Transparent T-Glass
$ 8.79

Pale Purple Transparent T-Glass
$ 8.79

Light Purple Transparent T-Glass
$ 9.29

Pale Gray Transparent T-Glass
$ 8.79

Hunter Green Transparent T-Glass
$ 9.29

Lt Olive Green Transparent T-Glass
$ 9.29

Olive Green Transparent T-Glass
$ 8.79

Deep Aqua Transparent T-Glass
$ 9.29

Lt Steel Blue Transparent T-Glass
$ 8.79

Aventurine Green T-Glass
$ 15.29

Aventurine Black T-Glass
$ 18.59

Med Blue Opal T-Glass
$ 9.59

Mariner Blue Opal T-Glass
$ 8.49

Alpine Blue Opal T-Glass
$ 8.49

Pewter Opal T-Glass
$ 9.99

Rootbeer Streaky Uncat
$ 12.95

Orange Opal T-Glass
$ 16.29

Peacock Green Opal T-Glass
$ 12.79

Uroboros 96 Black Gold/Silver Irid

Youghiogheny 96 Gold Ticket Glass Pack
10 pc. 10"x12"

Youghiogheny's 96 COE glass has gain lots of popularity over the past few years.  Back when they introduced it, they had this Golden Ticket glass pack created to give everyone a chance to try it!  In commemoration of the 20 new Y96 colors they created, the Golden Ticket pack is back!

Included in this pack is a random selection of 10 10x12 pcs hand picked by Youghiogheny themselves.  No two packs are alike and can contain any of the colors from their Y96 line - including their new iridized colors!  1 out of 10 packs will contain a Golden Ticket to win another FREE pack of Y96 glass.
 .  No Box charge for this glass pack.

# Y96-GOLD     $ 139.95   $ 99.95


Wardell B310 Drop Mold
B310 Circle-Square Drop-Thru Mold Bundle

This innovative Drop-Thru Mold Forming System enables fusers to create a contemporary, drop-thru, footed vase in a kiln that is remarkably similar to vessels made using traditional glass blowing techniques. Start with a 2 layer circle design that Drops-Thru a square hole in the ring mold then the glass drop is automatically aligned to hit and fuse to the center of a pre-cast glass foot disk.

This mold system consists of 3 ceramic components:

The C100 Foot Casting Mold, used to create a 2 7/8" (7.3 cm) diameter x 1/4" (64 mm) thick cast glass foot disk using our ‘Scrap Casting’ technique.

The DT310 CircleSquare Drop-Thru Ring to shape the vase and guide the drop onto the cast foot disk.

The DT300 Tripod Base to support the Drop-Thru Ring while holding and centering the cast foot disk.

The mold is 7 3/4" (19.7 cm) wide by 4 3/4" (12 cm) high and can be used in most medium-sized kilns with a firing chamber that is at least 10" (25.5 cm) in diameter (or square) and 5 1/2" (14 cm) high. Four page instructional book included.
Wardell B310 Drop Thru Mold
Learn more about the B310 Bundle
Wardell B310 Drop Mold

Height Adjustable: Turn the ring 1/3 of a revolution to re-position it at 3 different levels to create 3 distinct Drop-Thru vase heights.

• Highest Position - Creates a vase 5" (13 cm) High
• Middle Position - Creates a vase 4 3/8" (11 cm) High
• Lowest Position - Creates a vase 3 3/4" (9.5 cm) High

Watch the video on how to use this innovative Mold System!

DT310 Circle-Square Drop-Thru Ring Only

If you already have the B300 Fluted Circle Drop-Thru Vase then all you need to get is the Circle-Square Drop-Thru Ring (the topmost part). You can buy it separately and use it with the B300 Base and C100 Foot Casting Mold!
# DT310    $ 59.95  $ 51.95
Wardell DT310 Drop Thru Mold
Wardell Joy Of Fusing Book Bundle

The Joy of Fusing book is a second level set of projects that all fusers should aspire to reach.  Once you have perfected your techniques, this book will show you how to use them to create masterpieces of fused glass!  You get the Joy Of Fusing instruction book, a project companion book for the Joy of Fusing that provides patterns and in depth details for the project in the book, and a Log Book to record everything about your firings so you don't repeat mistakes!  All this bundled together at a 15% off savings!  A great gift for that fuser who is ready to move to the next level!

# 985610-B    $ 43.17  $ 36.69
New Ceramic Molds!

Star Casting Mold
9.5" x 9.5" Outside Dim
7.25" x 7.25" Inside Dim
# M-7032    $ 19.29

Feather Casting Mold
10" x 3"

# M-7033    $ 19.29

Santa Casting Mold
7" x 1.5"

# C-LF178    $ 37.95  $ 30.40

Frost Fairy Casting Mold
8.25" x 4.75"

# C-LF176    $ 37.95  $ 30.40

Large Dome Paperweight
5.5" x 3"

# C-GM250    $ 46.95  $ 37.60

Pumpkin Bowl Mold
11.5" x 11.25" x 2"D

# M-2714    $ 30.49

Multi Pyramid Casting Tile Mold
6.5" x 6.5"


6" Texture Tile Mold
5.5" x 5.5"


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