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Flyer 6 - Fusing Specials

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Fusing Specials

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Remember: 10 piece minimum to ship 8x12 or 12x12 sheets of glass, although 20 pieces will fill the box!
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Note: Photos below are color samples. Actual sheets will vary in color.  Colors will differ depending on printer ink or screen settings.

12x12 System 96 Fusers' Reserve
OGT Glass
Med Blue/Light Blue OpalArt
$ 13.79


OGT Glass
Lemongrass/White OpalArt
$ 16.69


OGT Fusers Reserve Glass
Copper Red OpalArt
$ 23.95


OGT Riptide Glass
Pale Blue/Navy Blue
$ 16.95
OGT Glass
Red Opal/White OpalArt
$ 23.95
OGT Glass
Peacock/Vanilla Cream OpalArt
$ 18.95
OGT Glass
Grape/Blue Aventurine OpalArt
"Phantom Galaxy"
$ 18.95


OGT Glass
Orange on Red Transparent OpalArt


  OGT Glass
Pond Aventurine on Clear Spirit


OGT Glass
Orange/Ivory/Green Aventurine
on Clear Spirit



These 12x12s are COE 96 fusible!
Oceanside sent us crates of pre-cut 12x12s of fusible glass!  They call it FR glass, but it is not Fusers' Reserve.
FR glass is Oceanside's version of Spectrum's T-Glass.  It might have a roller mark or a small flaw that typically fuses out.
Quantities are limited!
If a glass is no longer available, we will remove it from your order unless you put in the Special Instructions that you would like to be called for substitutes.
OGT glass
Palest Amber Transparent
OGT glass
Pale Amber Transparent
OGT glass
Pale Purple Transparent
OGT glass
Light Green Transparent
OGT glass
Light Purple Transparent
OGT glass
Pale Gray Transparent
OGT glass
Solar Bronze Transparent
OGT glass
Light Grape Transparent
OGT glass
Vanilla Cream Opal
OGT glass
Terra Cotta Opal
OGT glass
Pewter Opal
OGT Glass
White Opal 2mm Glass
OGT Glass
2mm Black Opal Glass
OGT Glass
Crystal Clear Glass
OGT Glass
Clear 5mm
OGT Glass
Black/White OpalArt
New Ceramic Molds!
Creative Paradise Mold
Large Bee Mold
Mold: 9.5" x 7"
Casting: 8.5" Wingspan, 6" Body

Temp Out
Creative Paradise Mold
Tornado Slump Mold
9" x 9 x 4.5"D
Diag 12.75"
Slump Depth 2.75"

# C-GM276    $ 79.00  $ 63.20
Creative Paradise Frit Mold
Faceted Flake Ornament
Mold size: 6.75" x 6"
Casting size: 4.75" x 4.5"

# C-LF251    $ 32.00  $ 25.60
Creative Paradise Frit Mold
Snowman Flakes Ornament
Mold size: 5.75" x 4.75"
Casting size: 4.75" x 3.75"

# C-LF249    $ 32.00  $ 25.60
Creative Paradise Frit Mold
Crystal Flake Ornament
Mold size: 5.75" x 4.5"
Casting size: 4.75" x 3.52"

# C-LF250    $ 32.00  $ 25.60
Creative Paradise Frit Mold
Round Crystal Ornament
Mold size: 5" x 4.5"
Casting size: 4" x 3.5"

# C-LF247    $ 32.00  $ 25.60
Creative Paradise Frit Mold
Crystal Teardrop Ornament
Mold size: 6.25" x 3.25"
Casting size: 5.25" x 2"

# C-LF248    $ 32.00  $ 25.60
Creative Paradise Textured Molds
Haunted House Texture Mold
12" x 12" Mold
10" dia.

# C-DT46    $ 49.00  $ 39.20
Creative Paradise Frit Mold
Radiant Slump Mold
8.5" x 2"

# C-GM259    $ 42.00  $ 33.60
Creative Paradise Frit Mold
Radiant Mushroom Hump Mold
5.5" x 2.25"

# C-GM255    $ 23.00  $ 18.40
Creative Paradise Textured Molds
Horse Dish Mold
Mold: 5.5" x 3.5"
# C-GM273    $ 27.00  $ 21.60
Creative Paradise Mold
Horse Texture Mold
Mold: 7" x 7"
# C-GX23    $ 24.00  $ 19.20
Creative Paradise Molds
Large Hi-Lo Bowl Mold
10.5" x 4"

# C-GM263    $ 75.00  $ 60.00
Creative Paradise Mold
Medium Hi-Lo Bowl Mold
8.5" x 4"

# C-GM274    $ 62.00  $ 49.60
Creative Paradise Mold
Small Hi-Lo Bowl Mold
6.75" x 3"

# C-GM275    $ 45.00  $ 36.00
Creative Paradise Mold
Small Snowman Mold
Mold: 9" x 7"
Castings: 6.75" L

# C-LF236    $ 47.00  $ 37.60

See our full line of Fusible Ceramic Molds

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Wardell B220 Mold
Wardell B220 WavEdge Mold Bundle

The B220 WavEdge Mold Bundle enables glass fusers to slump a platter that is 9" square x 2" high, with a square cookie style foot, in a three-step process (23 x 5 cm).   This is a mold where the result is the bowl's shiny side is face up.

This WavEdge mold bundle includes the following:

S220 WavEdge Slump Mold
C110 Square Foot Casting Mold to cast the foot disk.
4 page Instructional Booklet

# B220    $ 165.95  $ 160.95

Wardell B220 Mold ExampleWardell B220 Mold Example

 Wardell S220 WavEdge Mold Only 

If you want to just get the WavEdge Mold without the foot casting, you can get the S220.  A foot will still form at the bottom of the plate, but it will create an indent at the base of the plate. 

# S220    $ 139.95  $ 134.95
Wardell S220 Mold

 Wardell D410 RippleSide MoldWardell RippleSide Mold - An Anything in Stained Glass Exclusive!

The Wardell RippleSide Mold enables glass fusers to drape a platter that is 9 1/4" square x 1.5" high.   Since this mold is a draping mold, the face of the platter is face down on the mold so it will have a matte effect.  This mold is a one-time run and is exclusively available at Anything in Stained Glass.  When they are sold out, they are gone.  Get yours today!  Mold size is 9 5/8" square and 1 1/4" high.

# D410    $ 68.95

Wardell Rippleside Mold ExampleWardell Rippleside Mold ExampleWardell Rippleside Mold Example

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