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Flyer 6 - Fusing Specials

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Fusing Specials

watering flowers

Remember: 10 piece minimum to ship 8x12 or 12x12 sheets of glass, although 20 pieces will fill the box!
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Note: Photos below are color samples. Actual sheets will vary in color.  Colors will differ depending on printer ink or screen settings.

12x12 System 96 Fusers' Reserve
OGT Glass
Seagreen Wispy
$ 14.79
OGT Glass
Med Blue/Light Blue OpalArt
$ 13.79


OGT Glass
Lemongrass/White OpalArt
$ 16.69


OGT Glass
Clear/Dark Blue OpalArt
$ 16.95


OGT Fusers Reserve Glass
Copper Red OpalArt
$ 23.95


OGT Purple Haze Glass
Purple/White OpalArt
"Purple Haze"
$ 16.95


OGT Glass
Gray/White OpalArt
$ 14.95


OGT Polar Vortex Glass
Aventurine Blue/Blue Opal OpalArt
"Polar Vortex"
$ 23.95


Not FR or T-Glass, just a really good deal on 12x12 Premium Fusing Glass!
  OGT Glass
Black Satin Metallic Glass
A Limited Run Glass!
It's like Black Irid, but silver/gold - not rainbow
These 12x12s are COE 96 fusible!
Oceanside sent us crates of pre-cut 12x12s of fusible glass!  They call it FR glass, but it is not Fusers' Reserve.
FR glass is Oceanside's version of Spectrum's T-Glass.  It might have a roller mark or a small flaw that typically fuses out.
Quantities are limited!
If a glass is no longer available, we will remove it from your order unless you put in the Special Instructions that you would like to be called for substitutes.
OGT glass
Light Purple Transparent
OGT glass
Light Purple Transparent
OGT glass
Ruby Red Transparent
OGT glass
Deep Aqua Transparent
OGT glass
Rust Transparent
OGT glass
Crystal White Opal
OGT glass
Terra Cotta Opal
OGT glass
Dark Green Opal
OGT glass
Emerald Green Opal
OGT glass
Charcoal Opal
OGT glass
Champagne Opal
OGT glass
Marigold Opal
OGT glass
Flame Opal
OGT glass
Light Cherry Red Transparent
OGT Glass
White Opal 2mm Glass
OGT Glass
Crystal Clear Glass
OGT Glass
Aventurine Black
$ 18.59
OGT glass
Aventurine Green Opal
OGT Glass
Black Satin Metallic Glass
OGT Glass
2mm Black Opal Glass
  OGT spirit glass
Vienna Spirit
OGT cinder spirit glass
Cinder Spirit
Charcoal Gray on White
New Ceramic Molds!
Creative Paradise Frit Mold
Radiant Slump Mold
8.5" x 2"

# C-GM259    $ 42.00  $ 33.60
Creative Paradise Frit Mold
Radiant Mushroom Hump Mold
5.5" x 2.25"

# C-GM255    $ 23.00  $ 18.40
Creative Paradise Mold
Two Coneflowers Mold
Mold: 9.25" x 5"
Flowers: 3.75" & 3" dia

# C-LF244    $ 39.00  $ 31.20
Creative Paradise Mold
12 Heart Casting Mold
Mold: 9.25" x 9.25"
Hearts: 2" x 1.25"

# C-LF241    $ 45.00  $ 36.00
Creative Paradise Mold
8 Paws Casting Mold
Mold: 10" x 8"
Paws: 1.5" x 1.25"

# C-LF245    $ 40.00  $ 32.00
Creative Paradise Textured Molds
Horse Dish Mold
Mold: 5.5" x 3.5"
# C-GM273    $ 27.00  $ 21.60
Creative Paradise Mold
Horse Texture Mold
Mold: 7" x 7"
# C-GX23    $ 24.00  $ 19.20
Creative Paradise Molds
Large Hi-Lo Bowl Mold
10.5" x 4"

# C-GM263    $ 75.00  $ 60.00
Creative Paradise Mold
Medium Hi-Lo Bowl Mold
8.5" x 4"

# C-GM274    $ 62.00  $ 49.60
Creative Paradise Mold
Small Hi-Lo Bowl Mold
6.75" x 3"

# C-GM275    $ 45.00  $ 36.00
Firelite Mold
9 Heart Casting Mold
Mold: 9" x 8.25"
Hearts: 2.25"

# M-7055    $ 36.29
Creative Paradise Molds
Two Sm Sunflowers Mold
Mold: 10" x 6"
Flowers: 3.25" & 2.75" dia

# C-LF243    $ 42.00  $ 33.60
Creative Paradise Textured Molds
Dreamcatcher Texture Mold
11" dia.

# C-DT45    $ 50.00  $ 40.00
Creative Paradise Mold
Large Feather Trio Mold
Mold: 9.5" x 7.5"
Feathers: 7.5", 6", 5.5"
# C-LF228    $ 46.00  $ 36.80
Creative Paradise Mold
Small Snowman Mold
Mold: 9" x 7"
Castings: 6.75" L

# C-LF236    $ 47.00  $ 37.60
Creative Paradise Mold
Large Snowman Mold
Mold: 11" x 7.5"
Castings: 9.5" L

# C-LF237    $ 70.00  $ 56.00

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Wardell B310 Drop Mold
B310 Circle-Square Drop-Thru Mold Bundle

This innovative Drop-Thru Mold Forming System enables fusers to create a contemporary, drop-thru, footed vase in a kiln that is remarkably similar to vessels made using traditional glass blowing techniques. Start with a 2 layer circle design that Drops-Thru a square hole in the ring mold then the glass drop is automatically aligned to hit and fuse to the center of a pre-cast glass foot disk.

This mold system consists of 3 ceramic components:

The C100 Foot Casting Mold, used to create a 2 7/8" (7.3 cm) diameter x 1/4" (64 mm) thick cast glass foot disk using our ‘Scrap Casting’ technique.

The DT310 CircleSquare Drop-Thru Ring to shape the vase and guide the drop onto the cast foot disk.

The DT300 Tripod Base to support the Drop-Thru Ring while holding and centering the cast foot disk.

The mold is 7 3/4" (19.7 cm) wide by 4 3/4" (12 cm) high and can be used in most medium-sized kilns with a firing chamber that is at least 10" (25.5 cm) in diameter (or square) and 5 1/2" (14 cm) high. Four page instructional book included.
Wardell B310 Drop Thru Mold
Learn more about the B310 Bundle
Wardell B310 Drop Mold

Height Adjustable: Turn the ring 1/3 of a revolution to re-position it at 3 different levels to create 3 distinct Drop-Thru vase heights.

• Highest Position - Creates a vase 5" (13 cm) High
• Middle Position - Creates a vase 4 3/8" (11 cm) High
• Lowest Position - Creates a vase 3 3/4" (9.5 cm) High

Watch the video on how to use this innovative Mold System!

DT310 Circle-Square Drop-Thru Ring Only

If you already have the B300 Fluted Circle Drop-Thru Vase then all you need to get is the Circle-Square Drop-Thru Ring (the topmost part). You can buy it separately and use it with the B300 Base and C100 Foot Casting Mold!
# DT310    $ 59.95  $ 51.95
Wardell DT310 Drop Thru Mold

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