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Flyer 5 - Save Big


Savings for the Holidays!



Stock up on supplies with these Great Bundles!


Novacan Chemicals
Get all 5 8oz bottles of Novacan chemicals for one low price!
Can only be shipped via UPS.

# NOV-B    $ 27.89  $ 22.50

Flux Cleaner Chemicals
Get all 3 of these 8oz bottles chemicals for one low price!
Use flux to create your project, CJs Flux Remover to clean it up, and Liva Polish to protect it!
Can only be shipped via UPS.

# FCP-B    $ 23.95  $ 19.75

Sale Items!

Get 50% off System 96 2mm glass!
This might be the last time this is available in 2mm!
System 96 2mm Glass



Tool Bundles!

Hakko FX 601 Soldering Iron Bundles
Hakko Soldering Iron
Get the best iron on the market, the Hakko FX 601, along with your choice of accessories!

Hakko Soldering Iron Stand
FX-601 & Brass coil in Stand
# 601-02-A    $ 116.90  $ 92.95
Hakko Soldering Iron Stand
FX-601 & Sponge in Stand
# 601-02-C    $ 110.90  $ 89.95
Hakko Soldering Mat

FX-601 & Soldering Mat
# 601-02-E    $ 93.90  $ 88.90
Hakko Soldering Iron StandHakko Soldering Mat

FX-601, Stand, & Soldering Mat
# 601-02-F    $ 119.85  $ 114.85
One Time Deals - Limited Stock
Trim Saw


6″ trim saw is the perfect saw for trimming out cabochon pre-forms or to cleanly trim facet material and rock slabs of all types.
 Great for cutting thin slices off pattern bars too!  Come with a thin sintered diamond saw blade.
pattern bar4 at this price.

# GR22319    $ 474.95  $ 428.95

All-U-Need lap machine
The All-U-Need 8" lap machine is a vertical, flat lap machine that is one of the best available on the market.
 Grind flats, rework quartz crystals or make millimeter and free-form cabochons out of stones with this easy-to-use machine.
It's also well-suited for cutting, shaping and polishing glass. The All-U-Need also makes the perfect workbench tool for cold glass workers and glass fusers, as it gives your glass projects smooth edges with a professional, finished look.
4 at this price.

Glass/crystal accessory kit includes
  • 360# electroplated diamond disc
  • 600# electroplated diamond disc
  • 1,200# electroplated diamond disc
  • 3,000# electroplated diamond disc
  • Tech-11 polishing pad
  • 2-gram 14,000# diamond paste syringe
  • Two acrylic backing plates (one for diamond discs, one for Tech-11 pad)


# GR21017    $ 589.95  $ 538.95