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Glass Patterns Quarterly Magazine


Glass Patterns Quarterly magazine offers over a dozen projects in every issue, with full-size patterns right in the center of each magazine.  Step-by-step instructions will help take the mystery out of stained glass.  You can learn to create your own stained glass windows, Tiffany-style lamps, suncatchers and  gift ideas!    Every successful studio should have in their library every issue of Glass Patterns Quarterly that is available. 


Glass Patterns Quarterly Fall 2019

# GPQ35-3    $ 5.95


Vol. 35-3  Fall 2019

Christmas Poinsettia Tea Light Candleholder and Tabletop Decor - A beautiful Christmas poinsettia tabletop design to enhance fall and holiday decor.
Country Church - An 11.5" x 9" stained glass panel featuring a country church on a snow covered hill with a brilliant star lighting up the night sky.
Ginkgo Biloba - An 11" x 21" panel featuring a sweeping arrangement of leaves from the Ginkgo biloba tree.
Pick of the Patch - A stained glass free-form panel featuring a jack-‘o-lantern and black cat.
Koi Fish with Maple Leaves - A 16.75"-diameter circular stained glass design inspired by the Japanese legend that koi swimming upstream in the fall to a certain place in the Yellow River would be transformed into dragons.
Gothic Night - A Halloween-themed stained glass panel featuring glowing candles, moths, and a bat against a Deep Purple/Cobalt Blue/Green Streaky Granite glass background.
Sunny Window - An 18" x 22" stained glass panel featuring a bright sunny day visible through a stunning arched window.
Light and Shadow Fused Glass Sculpture - A circular fused glass design created by cutting various sizes and colors of pointed oval leaves and positioning them to overlap in the layout.
Pumpkins and Leaves - A free-form stained glass design featuring a large orange and smaller yellow pumpkin to serve as a reminder that harvest and the Thanksgiving holiday are near.
Home for the Holidays - A 13.5" x 24.5" stained glass panel that depicts a couple taking an exhilarating ride in a horse-drawn sleigh along a snowy country road that leads to home.
16-Page Full-Size Pattern Section
Grape Tulip - At every stage of artistic growth, whether a beginner or an advanced glass fuser, it’s beneficial to review the basics from time to time to enjoy continued success.
What's New
Mirror Image - A 36" x 37" stained glass panel featuring fall colored leaves created from streaky, mystic wispy, and cathedral glasses.
Santa - A Santa Claus panel reminiscent of the 19th century Munich pictorial approach to Santa that results in a motif that is more like a liturgical depiction of a saint.
Tie-Dye Christmas Ornament - A fused Christmas tree ornament made from a clear glass triangle base that is decorated with a variety of opaque or transparent fine frits.
Delightful Christmas Ornaments - A set of fused holiday ornaments created by decorating precut clear glass shapes with White MUD and enamels from Unique Glass Colors.
Inlaid Wire Pendant - A 1" x 1.25" fused pendant created with French Vanilla and Clear glass squares.
Frit Lace in the Fall - A fused autumn scene featuring a tall tree with lacy frit leaves that are beginning to fall.
Squared Away - Two 12" x 12" trays and a rainbow colored sconce made by arranging and fusing together various sizes of smaller squares.


Glass Patterns Quarterly Spring 2019

# GPQ35-2    $ 5.95


Vol. 35-2  Summer 2019

Cattail and Dragonfly Suncatcher - A free-form stained glass panel featuring a dragonfly resting among cattails.
Exploding Star - A 6" x 6" stained glass quilt square design from Aanraku Studios.
Design, Fabrication, and Text - A free-form, three-dimensional stained glass water lily cut from variegated colored glass.
Vintage Swimsuit - A stained glass design featuring the flapper-style swimsuits that were popular during the 1920s.
Presque Isle Lighthouse - An Intro to 3-D Fabrication - An 18" tall by 12" wide stained glass replica of the Michigan Presque Isle lighthouse.
Classic Corvette - A 31" x 20" stained glass panel of a 1956 Chevrolet Corvette, the iconic symbol for road trips on Route 66.
Nostalgic Candy Collage - A colorful stained glass design featuring a collage of candy store goodies.
Yorkshire Rose - A 14" x 24" stained glass panel featuring a large stylized rose and heart.
Gone Fishin’ - A delightful 9" x 12" stained glass scene featuring a pelican preparing to enjoy a tasty afternoon snack.
Beach Vibes - A 9" x 9-1/2" stained glass panel that celebrates the beach ball and flip-flop days of summer.
16-Page Full-Size Pattern Section
Pigs - A 32" x 20 1/2" stained glass panel featuring two cute little piggies peeking over the barnyard fence.
What's New
Flaming Flamingo Panel - A 10" x 10" fused glass panel created using Modeling Glass, which allows glass artists to mold and cut shapes the same as with modeling clay.
Bumblebee on Glass - An 8" x 10" panel featuring a large bumblebee design.
Yellowstone Serving Tray - A 14-1/2" x 8 3/4" used glass serving tray inspired by a trip to Yellowstone National Park.
Indian War Horse - A 13" x 15" fused free-form panel featuring an Indian pony head with two layers of fused glass plus a third layer for embellishments.
Tropical Fish Tray with Dots and Dashes Bowl - A 14 1/2" x 7 1/2" shimmering tropical fused and slumped fish tray.
Sumptuous Succulents - Instructions for making three different styles of fused, molded succulents.

Glass Patterns Quarterly Spring 2019

# GPQ35-1    $ 5.95


Vol. 35-1  Spring 2019

Remembrance Poppies - A Symbol of Memorial Day - A round stained glass panel featuring a fused poppy design.
Apple Blossom Lamp - A pyramid-shaped lamp shade featuring large apple blossoms.
Teal Baroque Butterfly - An Introduction to Using Adhesive Paper - An ornate, stylized stained glass design created with teal ripple, black ripple, and white wispy glasses.
Mount Fuji from Lake Kawaguchi - A stained glass panel featuring a view of Japan’s Mt. Fuji in the spring.
Spring - A 24" x 42" stained glass panel featuring a landscape with glowing mountains in the background and a running stream surrounded by trees and greenery.
Garden Spider - A 20" round stained glass panel featuring a tribute to the garden spider, a champion for controlling outdoor insects.
Spring Bliss - A graceful stained glass spring panel featuring tulips in purples and pinks.
Audrey Hepburn - A 12" x 17" stained glass panel created in honor of silver screen actress Audrey Hepburn.
How Does Your Garden Grow? - A 6.5" x 8" fused glass panel that explores four different techniques—screen printing with two colors, bending stringers in a flame, die-cutting fiber paper for shallow molds, and hand lettering with a fine tip.
Embellished Garden Lantern - A fused glass project featuring four garden and butterfly panels installed in a purchased metal lantern.
16-Page Full-Size Pattern Section
Bluebird Tile - A fused glass panel featuring a bluebird surrounded by colorful blooms created from 96 COE glass for the base plus frit, stringers, and noodles to add design features.
What's New
Let the Glass Grow - A footed fused glass serving bowl that incorporates translucency, fragility, and subtle design effects.
Frit Frond Garden - An 8" x 8" fused glass garden scene featuring a variety of purple blooms resting on a grassy base.
Glass Patterns Quarterly Winter 2018

# GPQ34-4    $ 5.95


Vol. 34-4  Winter 2018

Ocean Voyager - An 18" round stained glass panel featuring a sea turtle created using a turtle bevel cluster.
Tea Bridge Winter Fantasy - An 11" x 13.25" painted stained glass panel featuring the iconic Tea Bridge at the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco, California.
Llamas on Trend - An oval stained glass panel featuring a llama design, a decorating theme that has become a very popular motif for home decor items and clothing.
Mama’s Love - A 16.5" x 48" stained glass panel depicting the love of a mother giraffe for her baby.
Coral Bowl - An 8" freeform bowl made with strips of black opaque fusible sheet glass arranged in the shape of coral branches and full fused together.
Winter Blanket - A 9" x 9" decorative wall hanging with various shades of blue and white.
Pacific Coast Cove - A 30" x 22" stained glass panel featuring a scene from California’s Pacific Coast Highway.
Happy Holiday Snow People - A freeform stained glass panel featuring two snow people dressed in their finest.
Lion - A 12" x 12" stained glass design featuring the majesty and power of the lion.
Inspiring Fused Tray - A 15.5" x 5.25" three-section serving tray created from 96 COE glass.
16-Page Full-Size Pattern Section
High-Fire Vitreous Enamel Fused Glass Pendant - A 1.75" x 1.5" pendant featuring Kayleigh and her cuddly cat Oscar.
What's New
Crow on a Branch - An 11.5" circular design colored with alcohol inks featuring a crow perched amid branches and holly berries.
An Introduction to Screen Print Techniques and Fused Glass - A 9" circular design created by using a photograph taken of a heron at Whidbey Island to make a screen print for adding the heron and rocky background to the glass.
Stand-Up Elephant - A three-dimensional, freestanding elephant created with 96 COE glass.
Mini Button Bicycle - A freeform mini bicycle made with molded glass buttons and simple wire wrapping.
Kiln Corner - Seven Ways to Fuse Glass on a Budget - Suggestions for ways to make frit from colored glass bottles, reusing cracked or bubbled fused pieces, saving even the tiniest scraps of dichroic glass, and exploring the use of float glass.
Glass Patterns Quarterly Fall 2018

# GPQ34-3    $ 5.95


Vol. 34-3  Fall 2018

Just a Little Flurry - A mobile featuring four snowflakes created with clear diamond-shaped glass, colored cabochons, and filigree-shaped wire pieces.
Geometric Bird Feeder - A stained glass diamond-shaped bird feeder created with clear float glass plus a desired glass accent color.
Double the Holiday Cheer - A 12" x 19" window featuring two panels of glass, with the front in sharp focus and the back panel seen through semitransparent glass, creating the illusion of depth.
Christmas Moose - A 7.5" x 10" free-form stained glass panel featuring an adorable moose wearing Santa’s red hat.
Greenman Mosaic Suncatcher - A 7" square Greenman texture tile used to create a unique fused glass mosaic.
Ghoul Cat - A stained glass free-form panel featuring a black cat with raised wings seated next to an eerie skull.
Fall Splendor Multitechnique Accent Piece - A set of leaf-shaped dishes created with hair spray, mica powder, glass paint, frit, and dichroic extract.
Fused Dove Ornament - A quick and easy 3" x 3" ornament project that can be made with or without a kiln.
Not Quite Ripe - An 18" x 27.5" stained glass panel featuring a cluster of grapes just before they are fully ripe.
Turkey Candle Shelter or Flower Vase - A 6" x 8.5" colorful fused glass turkey, the perfect finishing touch for a fall candle shelter or vase.
16-Page Full-Size Pattern Section
Poinsettia - A 12" circular fused and slumped poinsettia flower design.
What's New
Fused Glass Holiday Trees - A set of fused multicolor trees that can be hung in a window or placed on a stand for beautiful holiday decor.
Spider - A three-dimensional freestanding spider.
Happy Fall Y’All - Mixed Media Pumpkin - A brightly colored pumpkin made from broken scrap glass and a wine bottle.
Glass Tattoo Hors d’Oeuvre Plates - A set of 6"-diameter serving plates decorated with Wardell’s Glass Tattoo Gue.
Kiln Corner - The Mystery of the Overfired Kiln - Answers to questions from readers on various aspects of the electrical requirements for installing a kiln.
Glass Patterns Quarterly Summer 2018

# GPQ34-2    $ 5.95


Vol. 34-2  Summer 2018

Watermelon Picnic - A 13" x 16.75" rectangular stained glass panel featuring a picnic scene.
Marble Kaleidoscopes - Instructions for making marble display kaleidoscopes in a fused or stained glass version.
Sunflower Introductions - A 47" x 32" stained glass panel featuring two sunflower blooms.
Moonbeam Mermaid - A circular freeform stained glass panel featuring a mermaid seated on a crescent moon.
Flower Basket Panel - An Introduction to Freeze ’n Fuse - A rectangular stained glass design decorated with blooms created by adding glass powder to rubber molds, adding water, and freezing.
Beach Crowd - An 18" x 24" stained glass design featuring a day at the beach filled with a multitude of colorful umbrellas.
Bubble the Fish - A round freeform stained glass panel featuring a colorful fish, one of the drawings by children who once stayed at the Montreal Ronald McDonald House of Sainte-Justine Hospital.
Maltese Cross - A freestanding Maltese cross fused garden flower created with 3.5" x 10.5" pieces of red streaky glass.
Beach Landscape in Poured Glass Enamels - A round beach-themed design created by pouring powdered enamels mixed with water onto a circle of clear glass.
Breezy Kite - An 8" x 10" fused kite decorated with a dichroic sun and accents, powdered glass frit, and colorful palm leaves.
16-Page Full-Size Pattern Section
Unique Pattern Bars - A 6" x 12" surfboard design created with a fused pattern bar formed from layers of different colors and widths, then fused together and sliced.
What's New
Fused Sun Lamp - A fused lamp shade made from smooth slumped white opal glass and pale amber glass slumped onto a textured sun face mold.
An Invitation to the Wissmach/Kaiser-Lee Kiln Forming Challenge - Wissmach Glass Company and Kaiser-Lee present a challenge to encourage kiln forming skills.
Kiln Corner - A Kiln Maintenance Checklist - Answers to questions from readers on various aspects of the electrical requirements for installing a kiln.
Glass Patterns Quarterly Fall 2017

# GPQ33-3    $ 5.95


Vol. 33-3  Fall 2017

Agate Lantern - Stained glass panels decorated with agate slices, then used as replacement panels in purchased lanterns.
Falling Leaves - An 8" x 16" stained glass panel featuring the reds, oranges, and yellows of fall leaves.
Heirloom Lace Bethlehem Star - Free-form star ornaments created by pressing lace between two pieces of clear glass and assembling them in a three-dimensional star shape.
Oktoberfest - A traditional 16.75" x 13.5" painted stained glass project celebrating a popular fall festival, Octoberfest.
Sir Sooty Kat - A 7" round fused glass portrait of a black cat wearing his jaunty bow tie and black hat.
Cobweb Eddy - A 16‑3/4"-diameter stained glass panel featuring a skeleton’s head, his dapper black top hat, and cobwebs decorated with glass globs.
Mosaic Star and Snowflake Ornaments - A set of mosaic Christmas ornaments created with purchased wooden shapes.
Clearly Christmas - An 18" x 18" stained glass panel featuring a geometric design that’s reminiscent of Christmas ornaments on a string.
16-Page Full-Size Pattern Section
What’s New
Frit Slurry Bell Mushroom - Fused, molded mushroom caps made with frit slurry that is spooned onto a clear sheet glass base.
Snowman Candle Cover - A 6" x 12" painted, fused and slumped candle cover.
Square Panel Bevel Magic - A 36" x 36" stained glass design featuring carefully matched glass grain reminiscent of the custom woodwork found in older homes.
Santa Frog - An 8" x 6.5" free-form suncatcher featuring a happy frog ready for Christmas in his colorful Santa hat.
Regal Aspen Tower and Stand - A fused and slumped curved glass tower and stand decorated with leaves and branches.
Happy Halloween - An 11" round design featuring a skeleton head and hands, spider and spider web, and the message "Happy Halloween."
Victorian Angel - An 18"-tall free-form stained glass Victorian style angel design.

Glass Patterns Quarterly Fall 2016

# GPQ32-3    $ 5.95  $ 4.95
Vol. 32-3  Fall 2016

Halloween Night - A free-form stained glass Halloween panel featuring a spooky, gnarled tree with flying bat, jack-o’-lantern, ghost, owl, and dangling spider standing against a full moon background.
Fruit and Wine - A 47" x 24" stained glass panel depicting the celebration of a bountiful harvest.
September Showers - A leaded botanical Victorian revival panel that evokes the feeling of autumn.
Puss in Boots, the Dapper Cat - A stained glass design based on an image of the rakish Puss in Boots found in a Victorian scrapbook.
Gilded Partridge in a Pear Tree - A holiday partridge and pear design outlined on clear glass, then painted in layers.
It’s 5 O’clock Somewhere! - Instructions for etching and slumping a wine bottle using the Five O’Clock Somewhere Bottle Slump Mold by Creative Paradise.
Traditional Elegance - A 12" x 24" stained glass cabinet door panel done in a traditional geometric design.
Noel - A 6.5" x 7.25" free-form stained glass design featuring a stunning, beautifully wrapped holiday package topped with a large bow.
Jingle Bears - A 24" x 17" stained glass panel featuring two bears racing down a snow covered hill on their favorite sled.
16-Page Full-Size Pattern Section
What’s New
Contemporary Crystal Woven Glass Bowl - A fused and slumped square bowl with the look of crystal created with layers of glass strips cut from Clear Tekta plus Silver, Gold, and Rainbow Irid.
Holiday Fused Spoons - A set of holiday spoons created from Mardi Gras and Red Reactive transparent glasses.
Fused Fall Leaves . . . With a Twist - A free-form fused glass wall hanging created with large-gauge copper wire shaped into spirals.
Combing Glass - A discussion on the proper way to comb glass.
Festive Lights Bowl with Cast Foot - An 11‑1/4" fused round decorative bowl featuring a string of festive holiday lights and center sprig of holly using the Wardell Binasphere.

Glass Patterns Quarterly Fall 2015

# GPQ31-3    $ 5.95  $ 4.95

Vol. 31-3  Fall 2015

Angel of Peace - An Intro to Stained Glass - A free-form angel pendant with a 2" x 2" square bevel on point for the diamond-shaped body.
O Christmas Tree - A 16" x 20" stained glass holiday panel featuring a Christmas tree in front of a window that allows the snowy landscape outside to show through.
Holiday Bevel Votive - A three-dimensional votive stand created with five 1.75" x 3" diamond bevels joined in a star-shaped background for the votive.
Hocus Pocus Etched ans Stacked Dichroic Panel - An etched Halloween panel using Photoshop to cut and paste the initial artwork into separate layers.
Cattails - A 20" x 20" stained glass panel featuring cattails outlined against a river, rolling hills, and a full moon.
Spook-tacular Fun! - A 12" circular fused and slumped plate showing a cheery ghost and his Halloween message.
Festive Fun - A sparkling holiday wreath made from fused float glass enriched with gold and green mica powders.
16-Page Full-Size Pattern Section
Candy Cane - An 11.5" x 19.5" stained glass holiday panel featuring a trio of Christmas candy canes tied up with a big green bow.
Autumn Pumkpin - A 3-D fused glass pumpkin with copper wire stem.
Celebration Fused Freestanding Sculpture - A freestanding sculpture created from fused luminescent-coated glass shapes decorated with glass cullet.
Fused Poinsettia Bowl - A fused and slumped poinsettia bowl made by filling a mold with various shades and sizes of frits and powders.
Metal-Morphosis - Demystifying Metal Clay - Information on making unique silver decorations for use with glass cabochons and other jewelry applications.
Opalesenece - A 36" x 36" square stained glass panel.
Vitrigraph Melts - Instructions for building and using a vitrigraph kiln from a regular kiln, which can still be used for normal firing after the conversion
Rosy-Cheeked Santa - A 13" x 16.5" free-form stained glass holiday panel featuring a portrait of Santa.
Grotto Holiday - A 12" x 15" stained glass holiday panel featuring a mermaid and her underwater friends decorating her coral tree.
What's New

Glass Patterns Quarterly Fall 2013

# GPQ29-3    $ 5.95  $ 3.95

Vol. 29-3  Fall 2013

16-Page Full-Size Pattern Section
What's New