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Glass Patterns Quarterly Magazine


Glass Patterns Quarterly magazine offers over a dozen projects in every issue, with full-size patterns right in the center of each magazine.  Step-by-step instructions will help take the mystery out of stained glass.  You can learn to create your own stained glass windows, Tiffany-style lamps, suncatchers and  gift ideas!    Every successful studio should have in their library every issue of Glass Patterns Quarterly that is available. 


Glass Patterns Quarterly Spring 2021

# GPQ37-1    $ 5.95


Vol. 37-1  Spring 2021

The Spring 2021 issue of Glass Patterns Quarterly presents designs for DIY home decor, lighting, and wall art. Included are stained glass heart suncatchers by Leslie Gibbs, a window by Chantal Paré featuring red heart accents in textured clear glass, Alecia Richardson’s sunflower fan lamp, and an outdoor scene with three box turtle buddies by Cindy Dow Savary based on a pattern by Michal Adams. You’ll also find a stained glass version by Savary of the famous Starry Night Van Gogh painting based on a pattern by Chantal Paré, a gleaming panel of dancing butterflies by Carrie Deutsch from a pattern by Kat Patrick, a still life iris panel from Aanraku Glass Studios, a cat and flowers design by Terra Parma, and a still life daylily panel from Paned Expressions Studios. For warm glass enthusiasts, there is a pair of fused and slumped pendant lights from Lisa Vogt, geometric fused and slumped plates by Petra Kaiser, an attractive wall plaque decorated with cast frogs and leaves plus words spelled out in fused glass dots by Robin Anderson, and a tray with stand by Dennis Brady created using woven strips of glass. Techniques for avoiding bubble trouble when firing glass projects from Paul Tarlow and tips for proper kiln maintenance from Arnold Howard round out this exciting issue.
Glass Patterns Quarterly Fall 2020

# GPQ36-4    $ 5.95


Vol. 36-4  Winter 2020

Winter 2020 issue of Glass Patterns Quarterly presents designs to help you create beautiful winter, wildlife, and landscape themed projects. Included are a vintage-inspired gold filigree ornament by Lidia K. Anderson, a painted Jaipur elephant design by Leslie Gibbs, a snowflake created with beveled glass and jewels by Deverie Wood, and a round gothic window by Chantal Paré. You can also find a Victorian flame panel from Paned Expressions Studios, a desert aura design from Alecia Richardson, a Blue Jay portrait from Marianne Crivellaro, a deer panel from Jean Beaulieu and a design featuring a bald eagle in flight by Terra Parma. For warm glass enthusiasts, there is a winter tree landscape by Alysa Phiel, a buzzing bee plate by Lisa Vogt, a nautilus design from Aanraku Glass Studios, a look at multilevel firings for glass art from Dennis Brady, ways to use found objects to make latex rubber molds for Freeze and Fuse projects, and tips from Bob Leatherbarrow for expanding your color palette. A striking three-dimensional ice fishing shack wind chime by Robin Anderson and steps for repairing a kiln door from Arnold Howard round out this great issue.
Glass Patterns Quarterly Fall 2020

# GPQ36-3    $ 5.95


Vol. 36-3  Fall 2020

Believe - An Introduction to Stained Glass - An 8" x 12" free-form stained glass angel panel.
Whooo’s There? - A 10" round stained glass panel featuring a wise owl perched on a smiling jack-o’-lantern.
Rainbow Mandala Dream Catcher - A 12" circular dream catcher featuring a central rainbow mandala with a center jewel.
Pumpkins and Gourds - A 24" x 13.5" stained glass panel featuring a bumper crop of pumpkins and gourds.
Quail in Flowering Desert -A 27" x 18.5" stained glass panel featuring a pair of quails surrounded by a Southwestern design.
Scallop and Pearl - An 11.5" x 30.25" stained glass window with large, colorful shells and trailing vines that surround a clear glass center bordered with clear textured glass.
Holiday Sprite - A 12.75" x 20" stained glass free-form panel of a dancing holiday sprite.
Candy Cane Wreath - A 10.75" x 14" Christmas-themed free-form circular design with open center.
16-Page Full-Size Pattern Section

ETA Halloween - A 9" x 10" stained glass panel featuring a witch flying her way to a Halloween celebration.
Halloween House - An 8" x 10" fused and slumped lantern cover featuring a spooky nighttime house.
What's New
Fused Menorah - An 11" x 5.5" fused menorah created using strips of amber, dark amber, and bronze translucent glass on a clear base.
Getting Control of Your Slump - A look at the different factors that influence the rate at which glass slumps into a mold.
Winter Is Coming - A 10" x 14"" fused panel featuring a golden-leaved tree against a background of fields and mountains.
The Holy Family Nativity - A 22"x20"x8" three-dimensional stained glass nativity scene featuring Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus with a separate panel of church windows.
Holiday Gift Coasters - A set of 4" x 4" fused holiday gift coasters.
Kiln Corner - Taking the Mystery Out of Your Kiln - the steps required for successfully diagnosing problems with kilns.

Glass Patterns Quarterly Summer 2020

# GPQ36-2    $ 5.95


Vol. 36-2  Summer 2020

Beveled Window Planter - A 7.5" x 12" air plant holder. With only five glass pieces and four diamond bevels, the simple design is a quick and easy beginner project.
Hidden Treasures - A 9" stained glass panel featuring found sea life treasures including a nautilus shell slice center piece plus assorted stained glass scraps, glass gems, and nuggets.
When Pigs Fly! - A 5" x 4" free-form, three-dimensional stained glass pig.
Bath Time - A 16" x 20" stained glass panel featuring a bird taking his daily bath surrounded by iris and crocus blooms.
Hook Lighthouse - A 12" circular stained glass panel that features the Hook Lighthouse in County Wexford, Ireland.
Flower, Snail, and Watering Can Garden Stake Trio - A 7" x 77" flower, 8.5" x 5" snail, and a 5" x 5" watering can free-form garden stakes mounted on copper tubing
Island Hut - A 20" x 14" stained glass panel featuring a tropical scene of a mountaintop hut, a peaceful sea, and distant mountains.
Suppertime in the Garden - A delightful 8" x 10.5" featuring a hummingbird hovering over a smorgasbord of his favorite flowers
16-Page Full-Size Pattern Section

Sun and Stars - A striking 16" stained glass circular panel depicting the sun’s face amid a field of floating stars and clouds.
Beach Scapes - An 11" x 11" panel featuring layers of beach-inspired colors of scrap glass plus transparent and opal frits, found shells, and glass bits.
What's New
Whimsical Desert - Three free-form fused cactus designs created by combining layers of glass for the bases.
Succulent Flower Bowl - An 8" x 8" fused and slumped bowl featuring a blue and yellow succulent floral design.
Summer Berry Bowl with Saucer Plate - A 10" x 10" x 1" saucer with a 10" x 10" x 2" bowl made from luminescent glass strips.
Cavity Casting - A 6" x 6" x 1" cavity casting made using a mold to create the central design.
Time Capsule Pendant - A set of 1.25" x 1.25" glass pendants with an opening to allow the addition of a keepsake.
Kiln Corner - How to Replace the Lid of a Top-Loading Glass Kiln - the steps required for successfully replacing the lid of a top-loading glass kiln.
Glass Patterns Quarterly Winter 2019

# GPQ35-4    $ 5.95


Vol. 35-4  Winter 2019

3-D Winter Icicles - Three-dimensional hanging icicles created with clear and textured scrap glass.
Scenic Overlook - A 48" x 25" rectangular stained glass landscape featuring a mule deer.
Sweet Heart - A free-form stained glass panel featuring Light Aquamarine Blue heart surrounded by fluttering hummingbirds.
Flying Duck - A 24" x 17.5" stained glass wildlife design featuring a mallard duck in flight.
Glendalough - A circular stained glass landscape panel featuring the monastic ruins at Glendalough in Ireland.
Funky Frannie - A free-form stained glass angel panel featuring a flying angel and her bluebird friend.
Swallowtail - A 17.5" circular stained glass panel featuring a stunning swallowtail butterfly resting on a floral spray.
Prairie Style Snowflake - A 15.75" x 18.125" hexagonal snowflake design created with geometric-shaped cuts of English Muffle, Dew Drop Iridescent, Figure C Textured, and Aerolite glasses.
Orchids - A 6" x 9.25" free-form stained glass panel featuring large orchid blossoms.
16-Page Full-Size Pattern Section

Buzzy Beehive - An 18" circular stained glass design featuring bees buzzing around their hive.
Cardinal in a Pine Tree - An 8" x 10" free-form fused glass panel featuring a bright red cardinal perched on a pine bough.
What's New
Kiln Corner - Simple Thermocouple Repairs - Understanding how a thermocouple works, the part of a digital kiln that serves as the temperature sensor, is an important part of being a fused glass artist.
Sparkling Snowflake - Geometric-shaped fused glass snowflakes created with Clear and Transparent Blue 96 COE glass.
Sizzle Stix Puzzle Pendant - A quick and easy project for adding small lengths of Rainbow Sizzle Stix in various arrangements to add interest and striking colors to 1 1/2" square glass pendants.
Amaryllis - A 10 5/8" x 24-5/6" fused glass panel featuring several large amaryllis blooms with their stem, leaves, and bulb.
Starfish Reactive Tray - An 8" x 8" fused and slumped tray created from float glass sheet and frits plus a precut float glass starfish shape.
Embossed Glass - A 12" x 12" embossed glass deer head design made from clear and amber 96 COE glass.
Getting It All Together - Tips for Making an Adjustable Tool Organizer - Instructions for making a slotted 14" x 10.754" x 4" organizer from a wooden box and white corrugated plastic sheet.


Glass Patterns Quarterly Spring 2019

# GPQ35-1    $ 5.95


Vol. 35-1  Spring 2019

Remembrance Poppies - A Symbol of Memorial Day - A round stained glass panel featuring a fused poppy design.
Apple Blossom Lamp - A pyramid-shaped lamp shade featuring large apple blossoms.
Teal Baroque Butterfly - An Introduction to Using Adhesive Paper - An ornate, stylized stained glass design created with teal ripple, black ripple, and white wispy glasses.
Mount Fuji from Lake Kawaguchi - A stained glass panel featuring a view of Japan’s Mt. Fuji in the spring.
Spring - A 24" x 42" stained glass panel featuring a landscape with glowing mountains in the background and a running stream surrounded by trees and greenery.
Garden Spider - A 20" round stained glass panel featuring a tribute to the garden spider, a champion for controlling outdoor insects.
Spring Bliss - A graceful stained glass spring panel featuring tulips in purples and pinks.
Audrey Hepburn - A 12" x 17" stained glass panel created in honor of silver screen actress Audrey Hepburn.
How Does Your Garden Grow? - A 6.5" x 8" fused glass panel that explores four different techniques—screen printing with two colors, bending stringers in a flame, die-cutting fiber paper for shallow molds, and hand lettering with a fine tip.
Embellished Garden Lantern - A fused glass project featuring four garden and butterfly panels installed in a purchased metal lantern.
16-Page Full-Size Pattern Section
Bluebird Tile - A fused glass panel featuring a bluebird surrounded by colorful blooms created from 96 COE glass for the base plus frit, stringers, and noodles to add design features.
What's New
Let the Glass Grow - A footed fused glass serving bowl that incorporates translucency, fragility, and subtle design effects.
Frit Frond Garden - An 8" x 8" fused glass garden scene featuring a variety of purple blooms resting on a grassy base.
Glass Patterns Quarterly Fall 2018

# GPQ34-3    $ 5.95


Vol. 34-3  Fall 2018

Just a Little Flurry - A mobile featuring four snowflakes created with clear diamond-shaped glass, colored cabochons, and filigree-shaped wire pieces.
Geometric Bird Feeder - A stained glass diamond-shaped bird feeder created with clear float glass plus a desired glass accent color.
Double the Holiday Cheer - A 12" x 19" window featuring two panels of glass, with the front in sharp focus and the back panel seen through semitransparent glass, creating the illusion of depth.
Christmas Moose - A 7.5" x 10" free-form stained glass panel featuring an adorable moose wearing Santa’s red hat.
Greenman Mosaic Suncatcher - A 7" square Greenman texture tile used to create a unique fused glass mosaic.
Ghoul Cat - A stained glass free-form panel featuring a black cat with raised wings seated next to an eerie skull.
Fall Splendor Multitechnique Accent Piece - A set of leaf-shaped dishes created with hair spray, mica powder, glass paint, frit, and dichroic extract.
Fused Dove Ornament - A quick and easy 3" x 3" ornament project that can be made with or without a kiln.
Not Quite Ripe - An 18" x 27.5" stained glass panel featuring a cluster of grapes just before they are fully ripe.
Turkey Candle Shelter or Flower Vase - A 6" x 8.5" colorful fused glass turkey, the perfect finishing touch for a fall candle shelter or vase.
16-Page Full-Size Pattern Section
Poinsettia - A 12" circular fused and slumped poinsettia flower design.
What's New
Fused Glass Holiday Trees - A set of fused multicolor trees that can be hung in a window or placed on a stand for beautiful holiday decor.
Spider - A three-dimensional freestanding spider.
Happy Fall Y’All - Mixed Media Pumpkin - A brightly colored pumpkin made from broken scrap glass and a wine bottle.
Glass Tattoo Hors d’Oeuvre Plates - A set of 6"-diameter serving plates decorated with Wardell’s Glass Tattoo Gue.
Kiln Corner - The Mystery of the Overfired Kiln - Answers to questions from readers on various aspects of the electrical requirements for installing a kiln.
Glass Patterns Quarterly Summer 2018

# GPQ34-2    $ 5.95  $ 4.95


Vol. 34-2  Summer 2018

Watermelon Picnic - A 13" x 16.75" rectangular stained glass panel featuring a picnic scene.
Marble Kaleidoscopes - Instructions for making marble display kaleidoscopes in a fused or stained glass version.
Sunflower Introductions - A 47" x 32" stained glass panel featuring two sunflower blooms.
Moonbeam Mermaid - A circular freeform stained glass panel featuring a mermaid seated on a crescent moon.
Flower Basket Panel - An Introduction to Freeze ’n Fuse - A rectangular stained glass design decorated with blooms created by adding glass powder to rubber molds, adding water, and freezing.
Beach Crowd - An 18" x 24" stained glass design featuring a day at the beach filled with a multitude of colorful umbrellas.
Bubble the Fish - A round freeform stained glass panel featuring a colorful fish, one of the drawings by children who once stayed at the Montreal Ronald McDonald House of Sainte-Justine Hospital.
Maltese Cross - A freestanding Maltese cross fused garden flower created with 3.5" x 10.5" pieces of red streaky glass.
Beach Landscape in Poured Glass Enamels - A round beach-themed design created by pouring powdered enamels mixed with water onto a circle of clear glass.
Breezy Kite - An 8" x 10" fused kite decorated with a dichroic sun and accents, powdered glass frit, and colorful palm leaves.
16-Page Full-Size Pattern Section
Unique Pattern Bars - A 6" x 12" surfboard design created with a fused pattern bar formed from layers of different colors and widths, then fused together and sliced.
What's New
Fused Sun Lamp - A fused lamp shade made from smooth slumped white opal glass and pale amber glass slumped onto a textured sun face mold.
An Invitation to the Wissmach/Kaiser-Lee Kiln Forming Challenge - Wissmach Glass Company and Kaiser-Lee present a challenge to encourage kiln forming skills.
Kiln Corner - A Kiln Maintenance Checklist - Answers to questions from readers on various aspects of the electrical requirements for installing a kiln.

Glass Patterns Quarterly Summer 2015

# GPQ31-2    $ 5.95  $ 4.95

Vol. 31-2  Summer 2015

16-Page Full-Size Pattern Section
What's New