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Angle Master Creator's Angle Master
From the creators of Cutter's Mate and Beetle Bits comes a precision jig for lamp working or for creating general multi sided columns. With angle positioners firmly connected to the waffle grid and the glass secure with the super stops, you are free to tack solder angles with ease!

45 Degree Angles will make Squares and Octagons.
60 Degree angles will make Triangles and Hexagons.

Kit Includes:
 4 Precision Acrylic Angle positioners of 40 Degree and 60 Degrees
 2 Super Stops
 1 Black Waffle Grid.

# 1582    $ 39.95
Professional Boxer The New Professional Boxer 

It's back and better than ever! A box of chocolates lasts about 5 minutes.  But a box made of glass will last a lifetime! And you can repeatedly put chocolates in the glass box!

Designed to make square and rectangular projects easy.  The boxer is made of impact resistant polycarbonate plastic (Lexan) and is constructed with open corners to allow for easy soldering of joints.  Holds the glass at perfect 90 degree angles.  Dimensions are 6 3/8" by 6 3/8" and 2 1/2" tall. A must have for your next intricate project!  Brought back to market by the makers of quality Cutter's Mate products. Manufactured with permission by The Emerald Rainbow Company.

# 1576    $ 26.69
Lamp WedgeThe Lamp Wedge

It's like having an extra pair of hands for tack soldering your lamp or box project. May be attached to a wood surface with screws and hardware that are included. Can be used in conjunction with the Handy Wedge. Brought to you by the makers of quality Cutter's Mate products. Dimensions are 12.5" x 5" x 3.5" Wide.  Lamp Wedge with handy wedgeClick here for instructions for mounting the Lamp Wedge.

# 1578    $ 26.69

Buy the Lamp Wedge and Handy Wedge 2-pack together and save $5!

# 1578-2    $ 37.95
handy wedgeThe Handy Wedge

A multi-purpose foam support designed to support your projects while soldering them.  Keeps it from slipping and sliding while you work!  Brought to you by the makers of quality Cutter's Mate products. Dimensions are 4" x 4" x 2" Wide.  Comes in a pack of 2.

# 1575    $ 15.79

hinges on box

Tube Style Hinges - A long, thin tube fits into a shorter, thicker tube and creates a hinge.

12" Hinge (Rod & Tube)
# 50011    $ 2.49
12" U_Brass Channel
# 50012    $ .79


Decorative Brass Stampings

brass foot

# DB-1813    $ 1.59

DB-1813 is actually at
90° Angles, but they are shown flat to illustrate their design