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Adorable Nighlights
by Jean Beaulieu

24 patterns of...well..adorable nightlights. Designs include dove, patriotic eagle, kitties, swan, butterflies, flowers, moth, pigeon, fish, mouse, pelican, blue jay, albatross, hummingbirds, rooster, and a rose coat of arms. Each pattern is shown in full color and color suggestions are included. Designs can also be used in panels and free-form projects.

# 1078    $ 13.29

Candle Rings and Complementary Box Lanterns
by Jill Williams

Bring a cozy glow to your home with Candle Rings and Complementary Box Lanterns. This new collection of full-size patterns features 9 ring-shaped candle shelters with leaf and petal motifs. The design themes are repeated in the 9 box lanterns, also intended to be lighted with candles. The designs include: lily, oak, holly, rosebud, dogwood, sunflower, calla lily, tulip and bay leaf. Includes complete assembly instructions and each project is shown in a full color photograph on the cover.

# 3932    $ 11.95  $ 11.95

Candle Sconces
A Step by Step Guide
by Dale Keating

With these patterns you can create beautiful and functional candle sconces that will enhance any space! All the secrets of 3-D assembly are explained in detail in a simple step by step format so even a novice stained glass crafter can make a sconce. There are 16 designs to choose from which include nature inspired motifs, Celtic and more contemporary abstract designs. Some even incorporate beads and etched details. Adding your own personal touch is encouraged! These sconces were designed with safety in mind. They sit securely on the wall with a strong integrated hanging wire and a space to conceal the wall hook. They cost very little to make and there is no fancy hardware to buy.

# 8608    $ 19.95  $ 18.95

Creating Stained Glass Lampshades
by James Hepburn

Illustrated, hands-on guide shows novices and experienced crafters how to create stunning lampshades. Projects include a candle chimney, stained glass lantern, panel shade for a reading lamp, hanging cylinder lamp, lampshade dome using the lead-came method, and a 1,000-piece lampshade using the copper-foil method. 180 black-and-white figures.

# 36832    $ 10.95

Designs for Lamps I
by Charles Knapp

An exciting collection of full-size patterns for 18 lampshades ranging from 6" to 15" in diameter. Full instructions and materials list for each. There is a wide range of styles and skill levels in this book. Lamps are illustrated in full color. 48 pages, 4 in color.

# 985068    $ 9.95

Easy Stained Glass Panel Lampshades Book
by Anna Croyle

From delicate dogwood blossoms to hardy oak and maple leaves, this collection of stained glass lampshade patterns offers beautiful but not overly detailed designs.  The four-sided panel-construction shades feature motifs that flow in a continuous fashion to form an overall pattern. Simple yet elegant patterns include foil overlays that add a special flair to the designs, which use standard-size vase caps that can be resized for a variety of bases.

# 36837    $ 8.95

Elegant Lamps 1
by Walrus Publications

Contains 16 new full-size patterns for lampshades, many of which feature straight line bevels. Projects vary in difficulty to satisfy both the beginning and professional craftsperson. Basic lamp construction techniques are outlined in the GLASS CLASS section and many tricks of the trade are offered throughout this book. Each pattern is supplied with all the information you need to construct the project.

# 4164    $ 13.95  $ 11.95

Elegant Lamps 2
by Walrus Publications

16 new full-size patterns for lampshades, many of which feature straight line bevels. The projects vary in difficulty to satisfy both the beginning and professional craftsperson. Basic lamp construction techniques are outlined in the GLASS CLASS section and many tricks of the trade are offered throughout this book. Projects include a pool table lamp and a planter.Each pattern is supplied with complete instructions plus project hints for the intermediate to advanced skill level.

# 3830    $ 13.95  $ 11.95

Elegant Lamps 3
by Walrus Publications

16 new full-size patterns for lampshades, many of which feature straight line bevels. The projects vary in difficulty to satisfy both the beginning and professional craftsperson. Basic lamp construction techniques are outlined in the GLASS CLASS section and many tricks of the trade are offered throughout this book. Each pattern is supplied with all the information you need to construct the project.

# 3884    $ 13.95

Floral Stained Glass Lampshades Book
by Connie Clough Eaton

The distinctive glow of light and color given off by stained glass lampshades adds warmth and beauty to any decor. Now you can make your own exquisite shades with this versatile collection of 46 full-size patterns that range from traditional and Art Nouveau to contemporary styles.

# 36844    $ 11.95

Fused Glass Fan Lamps for All Seasons
by Mary Loutsenhizer

Looking for new projects to make in your kiln? This book contains patterns for a dozen colorful projects that can be used as "fan lamps" or hung in the window as suncatchers. With 12 holiday and seasonal designs, you can display your creations for a month at a time and change them with the seasons. Tips and hints are included for creating these fused glass projects, but basic fusing techniques are expected.

# 3722    $ 11.95  $ 11.95

by Beth Kauffman

Contains 36 pages of patterns for window treatments, fanscapes and night lights. 3 sections of patterns: From the Sea (sea horses, shell, jellyfish), From the Garden (violets, daffodils, tulips, morning glories), and From the Sky (herons, hummingbirds, butterflies, birds).

# 133887    $ 13.49  $ 7.95

Lamp Light Delight
by Honi

Contains 12 different lamp types and 6 suncatchers that reflect the style, grace, color and warmth of life in tropical southwest Florida. Choose from a selection of versatile table lamps, fan lamps, hanging lamps, night lights and a lamp planter. Themes include a floral scene, a yellow Lab, a Toucan, a pineapple, a Kitty Cat, some angels. All patterns are full size color and are great for beginners or experts.

# 4295    $ 13.95  $ 10.95

Lava & Cube Lanterns
by Jill Williams

These shapes are eclectic yet tasteful and will add a great note of character and interest to any decor. The designs are inspired by a blend of arts and crafts motifs with modern, mid-century lava lamp stylings. The result is decorative lighting that is geometric and sculptural, yet tempered with sensitive line and detail. Includes full-size patterns and instructions for 12 lanterns. Adding the electric to the lantern is made easy with instructions and clear illustrations.

# 3794    $ 11.95

Making Stained Glass Lamps Book
by Michael Johnston

Includes full-size, fold-out patterns to make 12 beautiful shades. A desktop or hanging lamp is a popular project for the beginning or experienced stained-glass crafter. This handsomely illustrated guide offers techniques to make any number of lamps, from simple, contemporary shades to elaborate Tiffany styles. Contains how to create and work with patterns, assemble panels, use a lamp jig, solder and patina, tin and attach caps, select a base-all the steps necessary to create beautiful heirloom pieces. 176 pages, 577 color photos

# 36138    $ 17.95

Making Tiffany Lamps
by Hugh Archer

An authentic reproduction Tiffany lamp can be a handmade heirloom handed down through generations. This unique how-to book describes in step-by-step detail how to create an authentic reproduction, one of the most exciting and challenging projects the stained-glass artist can tackle. Features never-before-published secrets for creating authentic patina and includes large-scale images of 30 finished lamps as well as close-ups of shade details. Color photos illustrate the entire lamp-making process from cutting the pattern and selecting glass to assembling tiles and soldering a shade.

# 35957    $ 19.95  $ 17.95

Northern Shades
by Wardell Publications

25 full-size lampshade designs that range from small night-stand styles, elaborate dining room swags, wall sconces with matching swag lamps to 3 of the most popular inverted ceiling style shades. The majority are medium size shades, many of which are suitable for either swag or lampbase applications. The 25 lampshade patterns are for 8" to 21" diameter shades. Styles include minis, inverted ceilings, wall sconces, and tables swags.

# 985173    $ 11.95

Prairie Lamps
by Alex Spatz

18 full size Prairie style patterns for 12" square Prairie lamp shades. Designs match certain windows in "Prairie Designs" book. Instructions included for enlarging to 14" and 16" shades.

# 4075    $ 10.95

Prairie Lampshades & Lanterns
by Scott Haebich

If you are attracted to the clean lines and elegant simplicity that were the hallmark of the Prairie School of designers of the early 1900's, you'll enjoy these lamp projects. Full-size patterns for five lampshades and four hanging lanterns are included. Three of the designs allow you to make matching lamp and lantern sets. Because the geometric designs consist of only straight lines, even the inexperienced crafter can successfully complete these projects.

# 3790    $ 11.95

Table Lanterns
by Kobayashi & Castaline

Contains 22 patterns to create 3 or 4-sided Oriental table lamps. Detailed instructions and diagrams included to use one or 2 panels to make a candle holder. Designs include bamboo, Art Deco fish, Japanese doll, tropical bird and more.  Wiring and assembly instructions included. Full color photos.

# 3965    $ 8.95

Table Lanterns II
by Kobayashi & Castaline

Contains 24 patterns ranging from patriotic to nature and cute everyday items including the American eagle and flag, orca whales, cats, sushi, flowers, and art deco themes. 8 full color pages with detailed assembly instructions.

# 4807    $ 8.95

Table Lanterns III
by Kobayashi & Castaline

Contains 24 patterns ranging from fish to flowers, holiday icons, and lighthouses to name a few. 8 pages of full color show off these beautiful lanterns. Detailed assembly instructions included.

# 4808    $ 8.95

Table Lanterns IV
by Kobayashi & Castaline

Features 25 designs from the results of the 2004 Table Lantern Design Contest. Themes include are florals, bamboo, geometric, pets, Celtic, landscapes, and more. Wiring kit available and sold separating. Color photographs and assembly instructions included.

# 3643    $ 8.95

The Art of Fusing Contemporary Mood Lamps
by Martin Gill

Contains 14 designs for fused glass table lamps. All shown in color pictures and include detailed fusing and assembly instructions and material lists. These lamps can also be used as wall sconces with the purchase of a wall sconce mounting kit. The lamp designs in this book use a 9" x 8" x 3-3/4" wall sconce mold. Included are detailed instructions on how to modify the designs for molds of other dimensions.

# 327274    $ 14.95  $ 13.95

The Book Of Fans
by Leslie Sharp

50 full size patterns, 22 color photographs and craft suggestions to enhance the beauty of your fan lamps. The stained glass fans in this book were specially designed to fit into the oak fan lamp bases.

# 3973    $ 12.95  $ 10.95

Twelve Fans Of Tiffany
by Dan Alfuth

Create beautiful stained glass fan lamps based on original Tiffany lamp designs. Choose from autumn leaves, clematis, dogwood, pansy, acorn, Roman shade, standard globe, poppy, daffodil, dragonfly, peony, or the 3-D golden lotus leaf. All lamps are shown in color pictures and include detailed, illustrated instructions.

# 327281    $ 14.95