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Glass Patterns Quarterly Magazine


Glass Patterns Quarterly magazine offers over a dozen projects in every issue, with full-size patterns right in the center of each magazine.  Step-by-step instructions will help take the mystery out of stained glass.  You can learn to create your own stained glass windows, Tiffany-style lamps, suncatchers and  gift ideas!    Every successful studio should have in their library every issue of Glass Patterns Quarterly that is available. 


Glass Patterns Quarterly Winter 2016

# GPQ32-4    $ 5.95
Vol. 32-4  Winter 2016

Sweet Manatee - Mythical Mermaid of the Sea - A 13" x 15" stained glass panel featuring an underwater manatee.
Double-Wheel Kaleidoscope - An 8"-long, double-wheel glass kaleidoscope made with the aid of a Clarity kaleidoscope kit.
Owl in the Moonlight - A large stained glass panel featuring an owl standing against a moonlit nighttime sky.
Lynx - A 24" x 24" stained glass design of a lynx head.
Wild Horse Panel with Fused Elements - A 14" x 22" multimedia stained glass panel depicting a wild horse in a Southwestern landscape.
It’s Cold Out! - Mosaic Bluebird Wall Hanging - A 10" round glass mosaic design featuring a bluebird and his flowing red scarf.
Frit Slurry Snowy Scene - A 14.5" x 6" fused and slumped snowy landscape design.
Winter Crocus - A 15" x 7.5" design featuring crocus blooms peeking through the snow.
Fused Valentine Favorites - Combed Glass and Scrap Melt Hearts - A set of 8" to 10" Valentine hearts created from scrap glass.
16-Page Full-Size Pattern Section
What’s New
Holiday Painted Fused Glass Candle Shield - An 8.5" x 4.5" candle shield on an 8" x 5" base.
Polar Bear Motherhood - A 24" x 36" stained glass panel featuring a mother polar bear cuddling her cub.
Representing Your Stained Glass Art in Its Best Light - An introduction to using raster-based graphics programs to enhance the look of photos of glass art.
Celtic Cross - A 36" x 36" classic stained glass design.

Glass Patterns Quarterly Fall 2016

# GPQ32-3    $ 5.95
Vol. 32-3  Fall 2016

Halloween Night - A free-form stained glass Halloween panel featuring a spooky, gnarled tree with flying bat, jack-o’-lantern, ghost, owl, and dangling spider standing against a full moon background.
Fruit and Wine - A 47" x 24" stained glass panel depicting the celebration of a bountiful harvest.
September Showers - A leaded botanical Victorian revival panel that evokes the feeling of autumn.
Puss in Boots, the Dapper Cat - A stained glass design based on an image of the rakish Puss in Boots found in a Victorian scrapbook.
Gilded Partridge in a Pear Tree - A holiday partridge and pear design outlined on clear glass, then painted in layers.
It’s 5 O’clock Somewhere! - Instructions for etching and slumping a wine bottle using the Five O’Clock Somewhere Bottle Slump Mold by Creative Paradise.
Traditional Elegance - A 12" x 24" stained glass cabinet door panel done in a traditional geometric design.
Noel - A 6.5" x 7.25" free-form stained glass design featuring a stunning, beautifully wrapped holiday package topped with a large bow.
Jingle Bears - A 24" x 17" stained glass panel featuring two bears racing down a snow covered hill on their favorite sled.
16-Page Full-Size Pattern Section
What’s New
Contemporary Crystal Woven Glass Bowl - A fused and slumped square bowl with the look of crystal created with layers of glass strips cut from Clear Tekta plus Silver, Gold, and Rainbow Irid.
Holiday Fused Spoons - A set of holiday spoons created from Mardi Gras and Red Reactive transparent glasses.
Fused Fall Leaves . . . With a Twist - A free-form fused glass wall hanging created with large-gauge copper wire shaped into spirals.
Combing Glass - A discussion on the proper way to comb glass.
Festive Lights Bowl with Cast Foot - An 11‑1/4" fused round decorative bowl featuring a string of festive holiday lights and center sprig of holly using the Wardell Binasphere.

Glass Patterns Quarterly Summer 2016

# GPQ32-2    $ 5.95
Vol. 32-2  Summer 2016

Jeweled Dragon Suncatcher - A 7" x 7" open diamond-shaped dragonfly suncatcher with clear pencil bevel border.
Snail and Coneflower - A 7‑3/4" x 13‑3/4" glass panel painted in the style of a whimsical children’s illustration.
Peaches - An 18" x 24" stained glass panel featuring ripe, juicy peaches hanging from the branches of the tree.
Tiny Tiffany - A stained glass panel designed in the style of Louis Comfort Tiffany featuring a mountain landscape scene.
Sunset Coral Bowl - A 12" free-form fused bowl created with a glass rectangle plus glass strips arranged to form a coral-like design.
Glistening Garden Pals - A pair of free-form fused glass turtles made from clear and black glass layers covered with patterned dichroic glass scraps great for use as garden or interior home decor.
Scottish Thistle - A 12" x 12" square stained glass panel featuring the Scottish thistle.
Mariners’ Guardian - An 18" x 24" oval stained glass panel featuring a beckoning lighthouse.
A Day at the Beach . . . in Glass! - A set of fused coasters and wine glass charms featuring shells, sand buckets and shovels, boats, palm trees, and flip-flops.
16-Page Full-Size Pattern Section
What’s New
Mad Etching Skills - An etched glass panel featuring two tiki faces and floral accents set into the recessed area of a 21" x 15" wooden tray top.
Golden Koi - An 8" x 10" fused glass koi mosaic design created by sandwiching two layers of clear glass between the background and foreground layers.
Wisteria Bowl - A fused glass pinwheel created in the shape of a flower using a pinwheel mold.
Splendor in the Utopian World - A 30‑1/2" x 30‑1/2" glass panel featuring a 28‑1/2" x 28‑1/2" center bevel cluster.

Glass Patterns Quarterly Spring 2016

# GPQ32-1    $ 5.95
Vol. 32-1  Spring 2016

Roughing It with Alcohol Ink - An Introduction to Glass Etching - A hummingbird and flower design on a piece of head glass etched with etching cream and colored with alcohol inks.
Three Strawberries - A 15.25" x 8" leaded stained glass panel featuring strawberry blossoms, leaves, and berries.
Bunny Artist - An 18" x 18" stained glass panel featuring a cartoon-style rabbit painter, model, and portrait.
Woodland Serenity Lamp Shade - A 16"-diameter stained glass lamp shade inspired by the Appellation Mountains of Quebec, Canada.
The Flower of India - A 9" x 11" stained glass round panel with freeform border featuring an East Indian woman holding a lotus blossom, the national flower of India.
Art Glass Poppies - A fused glass poppy created by layering different colors of frit in a large poppy mold.
Iris Heart - A 10" x 10.5" stained glass iris bloom and leaves bordered by an aqua heart.
Cutting Corners - A kiln formed project created with triangular corners left over after cutting a circle from a 12" square of glass.
Ginkgo Simplicity - A 14" x 10" stained glass panel featuring a spray of shining ginkgo leaves cut from Spectrum Waterglass.
16-Page Full-Size Pattern Section
What’s New
Painted Cockatoo with Multiple Techniques - An 8-1/4" x 10-1/4" painted glass panel featuring a cockatoo and floral design.
Glass Mobile - A set of fused glass abstract designs used to create a mobile.
Cherry Blossom Pinwheel and Dishes - A fused glass pinwheel created in the shape of a flower using a pinwheel mold.
Vitrigraph Geometric Hoops - A set of three geometric pendants created by filling large and small size pendant molds with frit.
Stargazer Lily - A 25‑1/2" x 35" stained glass panel featuring a stargazer lily created in a multitude of glass varieties.
Mariner’s Compass - A 12" x 12" stained glass panel featuring one of the geometric designs from the American Quilts II book from Aanraku Glass Studios.

Glass Patterns Quarterly Winter 2015

# GPQ31-4    $ 5.95

Vol. 31-4  Winter 2015

Snowflake Magic - A three-dimensional snowflake created using textured glass bevels and rectangles.
Stained Glass Birdhouse - A 3-D rectangular stained glass birdhouse with glass roof.
Abstract Peacock - A 12" x 21" stained glass panel featuring an abstract peacock design in brilliant shades of blue and teal Baroque glass and Waterglass.
Dolphin Sunrise - A 28" x 15-1/2" stained glass panel featuring two dolphins breaching the water.
Spirit of the Fox - A 16" x 19-3/4" stained glass panel featuring a red fox.
Screen Printed Glass Pendants - An assortment of glass shapes used as a base for screen printed pendants.
Birds of a Glass Feather - A dream catcher wall hanging made with assorted sizes of fused glass feathers.
Cardinals - An 18"-diameter circular stained glass panel featuring a brilliant male cardinal and his mate.
Giraffe - A 24" x 54" stained glass panel celebrating the giraffe.
16-Page Full-Size Pattern Section
Glass Gecko - A 3-D fused glass gecko created in various sizes.
What’s New
Desert Fritscape - A 10" x 10" fused freeform desert scene created by layering various sizes of glass frit.
Out of the Box - Fused Painted Pony - A 12" x 12" fused glass panel created with Wissmach 90 glass featuring a spotted pony.
Frosty the Snowman Fused Plate - A 10" x 10" fused serving plate featuring a snowman’s face and black-and-white checkerboard outer edge.
Tortoise Shell Tray - A 6‑3/4" x 12-3/4" fused serving tray created by adding various shades of frit in a turtle shell mold.
Love Is in the Air - Instructions for creating various styles, sizes, and colors of fused hearts, which are created by fusing two layers of glass together.
Big Wave - A 20" x 16" stained glass panel featuring huge waves heading for shore.
Call of the Wild - A 24" x 30" stained glass panel featuring three wolves howling at the moon.
Golden Gate - A 35" x 23" stained glass panel celebrating California’s Golden Gate Bridge.

Glass Patterns Quarterly Fall 2015

# GPQ31-3    $ 5.95

Vol. 31-3  Fall 2015

Angel of Peace - An Intro to Stained Glass - A free-form angel pendant with a 2" x 2" square bevel on point for the diamond-shaped body.
O Christmas Tree - A 16" x 20" stained glass holiday panel featuring a Christmas tree in front of a window that allows the snowy landscape outside to show through.
Holiday Bevel Votive - A three-dimensional votive stand created with five 1.75" x 3" diamond bevels joined in a star-shaped background for the votive.
Hocus Pocus Etched ans Stacked Dichroic Panel - An etched Halloween panel using Photoshop to cut and paste the initial artwork into separate layers.
Cattails - A 20" x 20" stained glass panel featuring cattails outlined against a river, rolling hills, and a full moon.
Spook-tacular Fun! - A 12" circular fused and slumped plate showing a cheery ghost and his Halloween message.
Festive Fun - A sparkling holiday wreath made from fused float glass enriched with gold and green mica powders.
16-Page Full-Size Pattern Section
Candy Cane - An 11.5" x 19.5" stained glass holiday panel featuring a trio of Christmas candy canes tied up with a big green bow.
Autumn Pumkpin - A 3-D fused glass pumpkin with copper wire stem.
Celebration Fused Freestanding Sculpture - A freestanding sculpture created from fused luminescent-coated glass shapes decorated with glass cullet.
Fused Poinsettia Bowl - A fused and slumped poinsettia bowl made by filling a mold with various shades and sizes of frits and powders.
Metal-Morphosis - Demystifying Metal Clay - Information on making unique silver decorations for use with glass cabochons and other jewelry applications.
Opalesenece - A 36" x 36" square stained glass panel.
Vitrigraph Melts - Instructions for building and using a vitrigraph kiln from a regular kiln, which can still be used for normal firing after the conversion
Rosy-Cheeked Santa - A 13" x 16.5" free-form stained glass holiday panel featuring a portrait of Santa.
Grotto Holiday - A 12" x 15" stained glass holiday panel featuring a mermaid and her underwater friends decorating her coral tree.
What's New

Glass Patterns Quarterly Summer 2015

# GPQ31-2    $ 5.95

Vol. 31-2  Summer 2015

Stained Glass Bumblebee Pendant - An Intro to Stained Glass - A 2" x 2" pendant created by cutting a hexagon from amber scrap glass.
Beach Babe - A 7" x 9" freeform figure of a lady dressed for the beach using a crescent and other shapes for the arms, legs, and body.
Cinco de Mayo - A round geometric stained glass design featuring pattern repeats in groups of five.
Bride and Groom Wedding Plates - A set of 7"-square fused plates. The bride motif features a pearl necklace and 5" heart, and the groom design includes the heart plus a bow tie and shirt studs.
Friendly Cruise - A 24" x 20" stained glass panel featuring a pair of colorful sailboats.
Fancy Fused Goldfish - A set of goldfish created by fusing colored glass bodies and fins onto a base of white glass.
Garden Buddies Dragonfly Stakes - A set of garden stakes featuring dragonflies made either with purchased nuggets or by forming the nuggets by fusing chunks of scrap glass.
Midnight Rose - An 8.5" x 9.5" circular stained glass panel featuring a lady and rose against a full moon.
16-Page Full-Size Pattern Section
Fused Glass Crab - A set of fused glass crabs created with 3 mm fusible glass using either realistic or fanciful colors.
Garden Party - A freestyle mosaic-topped concrete garden bench or stepping-stone.
Morning Glory Fused Dish - A 12" x 12" fused and slumped dish with a clear base.
Fractal Candle Surround - A 4-sided candle surround made by joining fused kaleidoscope-style square tiles.
Love - A 12" x 5.75" stained glass panel with the message "Love" in script lettering.
Marrakesh - A 36" x 36" square stained glass panel.
Fused "Ice" Vase - A fused and draped vase created from a circle of colored glass fused to a clear base.
Gumballs - An 8" x 12" stained glass panel featuring an old-fashioned gumball dispenser.
Mountain Serenity - A 28" x 20" stained glass landscape panel.
What's New


Glass Patterns Quarterly Fall 2014

# GPQ30-3    $ 5.95  $ 4.95

Vol. 30-3  Fall 2014

Colorful Feathered Peacock Panel - A 12" x 12" free form stained glass peacock panel.
Classic Acorn Window - A combination Victorian and Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass panel.
Touchdown Bound - A 24" x 24" stained glass panel of a football player making a catch.
Cat Burglar - A stained glass panel using jewels and trinkets of a kitty in a treasure chest.
Fall is Here - A 24" x 24" stained glass panel of Fall tree and leaves.
Leaves and Spiders and Webs - Oh My! - A 11" fun Halloween Fused plate using MUD and frit
16-Page Full-Size Pattern Section
The Manger - An 18" circular Christmas manger scene.
Festive Fall Centerpiece
O Christmas Tree - Fused free-standing Christmas Tree centerpieces.
Fused Glass Frame Melt Mirror - Use a pot melt to make a fused frame for a mirror
Tapas Party Cocktail Time - Create fused sushi dishes.
Candy Corn Platter - An 8" x 8" fused plate featuring a beloved Halloween treat.
Snowman Surprize - An 18" x 18.5" circular stained glass panel of a cute snowman.
What's New

Glass Patterns Quarterly Summer 2014

# GPQ30-2    $ 5.95  $ 4.95

Vol. 30-2  Summer 2014

Double Star Quilt - A 7" x 7" stained glass quilt square panel featuring a traditional American double star quilt design.
Marilyn Monroe Panel - A 7.5" x 11" stained glass panel.
Three Techniques for Creating Glass Pendants with UV Resin
Fleur-de-Lis - A 11" x 19" stained glass panel
Treasures in the Attic - Ways to make stained glass art from treasures you might already own!
Eagle and Flag 2 - A 39" x 29" patriotic panel of an eagle head in front of the US Flag
16-Page Full-Size Pattern Section
Carousel Horse - A 24" x 21.75" whimsical stained glass panel of a carousel horse from Mary Harris.
Play Ball! Etched Glass Panel
Frank Lloyd Wright Style Door Panel - A 12" x 35" Water Lillies stained glass panel.
Les Paul Electric Guitars - A Fused and Stained Glass redition of this classic style guitar
Skyline Silhouette in Glass - A 10" x 14" fused panel featuring the Seattle, Washington, skyline.
Patriotic Two-Tired Server - A two-tiered fused server with patriotic fractal pattern border and center.
Hitching Post Country Store - An 18" x 14" quaint rendition of a county store made entirely from fused glass.
Marqueza - A 23" x 8" geometric stained glass panel.
What's New

Glass Patterns Quarterly Winter 2013

# GPQ29-4    $ 5.95  $ 4.95

Vol. 29-4  Winter 2013

Big Horn Ram-The Key to Glass Selection - A 16‑1/2" x 16‑1/2" stained glass panel.
Bird of Happiness-An Introduction to Glass Painting - A beginner project of a bluebird in flight painted in layers using traditional glass stained colors and fused on a glass tile.
Northern Lights-Creating the Illusion - Techniques for using frit and clear Tekta to re-create the appearance of the aurora borealis
Swamp Cat-The Florida Panther - A 14" x 11" stained glass panel featuring the Florida panther resting deep within a blue-green landscape of swamp forest
Mama Panda and Cub Hot Mosaic - A 12" x 11" contemporary hot mosaic panel that combines fused glass with traditional mosaic techniques.
Falcon - A 24" x 24" stained glass panel featuring a falcon in flight.
16-Page Full-Size Pattern Section
Lock and Key Reactive Glass Keepsake Box - A 6‑1/4" x 6‑1/4" fused tile insert for a wooden box top.
Moose - An 18" x 24" stained glass panel featuring a bull moose.
Desert Coyote Fused Panel - A 10" x 14" multimedia fused panel with free-form border depicting a coyote in his Arizona desert habitat.
Wood Ducks - A 24" x 24" stained glass panel.
What's New
Rooster - A 24" x 24" stained glass panel with a vibrantly colored rooster crowing to the morning.
Dragonfly Fireplace Screen - A 61" x 32" three-panel fireplace screen.

Glass Patterns Quarterly Fall 2013

# GPQ29-3    $ 5.95  $ 4.95

Vol. 29-3  Fall 2013

Golden Holiday Wreath - A 16"x5" round stained glass wreath made from traditional painted glass.
Mad Etching Skills - A 5" tall etched Halloween Haunted Birdhouse (On the cover).
The Moon by Night - An 18" round full moon panel with tree branch silhouette.
Southwest Boot and Cactus Ornaments - An Intro to Stained Glass. Two easy to make suncatchers/ornaments with a Southwest flair.
Fall Maple - A 24"x20" stained glass panel depicting fall maple leaves ready to leave the branch.
Nutcracker - A 4.5"x14" traditional Nutcracker design ready to fill your home with holiday cheer.
16-Page Full-Size Pattern Section
Penguins Bearing Gifts - Cute little fused penguins sporting wool hats and tiny presents. Great for ornaments!
Fused Glass Nativity Ornament - Fused glass ornament using simple, basic shapes.
Cornucopia Plate - A 12" festive fused plate to spruce up your Thanksgiving table.
Teacher's Corner - Teaching tips on how to present a successful stained glass class.
My Thick Skull - A Glow-in-the-Dark fused Halloween plate with a spooky skull design.
Fractal Ornament and Gift Box - Create kaleidoscope style fused pieces for ornaments or jewelry box tops.
Modern Victorian - A 15.5"x45.75" classic Victorian stained glass panel.
Santa - A 24"x16" oval stained glass panel of the jolliest elf himself in his sleigh.
Christmas Tree - An 11"x12" oval stained glass panel of a holiday symbol that will bring joy all year round.
What's New