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Cutter's Mate Tools

What makes this cutter different?
Cutter's Mate glides effortlessly across the glass while maintaining a constant 90 degree angle to the surface.  You will experience greater comfort and ease in scoring glass.  The cutting head can be rotated a full 360 degrees, giving you the ability to cut any shape you can draw or trace.  You can even score glass while sitting down!  Great for the beginning and experienced artisan.

Cutter's Mate

  • Practically scores glass by itself!

  • So easy to make intricate impossible cuts!

  • No more bad breaks!

  • Save glass and get accurate cuts every time!


Cutters Mate

Features of the Cutter's Mate Glass Cutter
  • CSG-10 carbide, oil-fed cutting head. (Made in USA)  The oil reservoir extends through the handle for easy filling
  • Modular construction for one-step assembly and storage.
  • Rubber feet for use on a tabletop, bench surface, or light table
  • Used with the Waffle Grid 6 Pack (#3160C), but compatible with Morton Surface
  • Low maintenance
  • All painted surfaces are powder-coated to resist chipping and scratching
  • Can remain on your work area when not in use.  Simply swing the arm out of the way
  • Large, comfortable Grab-on foam grip handle eliminates strain normally experienced while scoring glass

Model Type

Arm Length Slide Bar Included  
Cutter's Mate
- Most portable model; ideal for taking on the road
(40.64 cm)
23" Bar
Longest Cut 42.5" (108 cm)
# 3170    $ 249.95
Sale:  $ 199.95  
Cutter's Mate Plus
- Most practical model; offers more cutting area and stability
(53.34 cm)
35" Bar
Longest Cut 62.5" (158.75 cm)
# 3171    $ 279.95
Sale:  $ 229.95  

Cutter's Mate Mini System

Cutters Mate MiniWho says greats things don't come in small packages?

The wildly popular Cutter's Mate systems is now available in an easily portable version!  Now you can take your Cutter's Mate with you to shows, or to a class, or just have it fit nicely in a "size-challenged" studio.  It is so compact it fits on 1 11"x11" waffle grid! 

The Mini performs as its big brother does and includes many of the same features. 

  • Can be setup for left or right handed.
  • Foam-cushioned, weighted cutter that eliminates strain.  You can cut while sitting down!
  • Cutter can rotate 360°.
  • Keeps cutter head at a constant 90° angle to the glass to help eliminate bad breaks.
  • Stores easily in a 13"x13"x3" box.
  • One year manufacturer warranty.
  • Made in the USA

Cutter's Mate Mini includes: 1 Waffle Grid ▪ 13.5" Slide Bar ▪ 2 Grid Adapters ▪ Cutter Arm Attachment with CSG-10 carbide cutting head.

Expand your work surface with additional Waffle Grid sections #3160 (sold separately).
Bundles are available also - get more for less!

# 3175    Reg. $ 169.95    $ 149.95    Buy

Cutter's Mate Linear Scoring Module

Now you can make easy, straight lines every time with the new Linear Scoring Module for the Cutter's Mate and Cutter's Mate Mini!  Connects right into the waffle grid and gives you a perfect straight edge to run your cutter against.  It will make cutting strips magically simple!  Comes with all that you see here.

  • 1 - 13" Lexan Straight Edge with two (2) thumbscrew tighteners
  • 1 - Cutter Stop (so you can't touch the ruler with the cutting wheel)
  • 1 - Aluminum Ruler with thumb tightener (to rest the glass on)
  • 1 - Stabilizer Cup (can be used to hold cutting oil for dipping)

# 3176    $ 32.95    $ 29.95    Buy

Linear Scoring Module

Cutter's Mate Mini Bundles

# 3175-LSM

Cutter's Mate Mini plus Linear Scoring Module plus extra Waffle Grid

$ 172.95    Buy

# 3175-CP12

Cutter's Mate Mini plus Circle Pro 12 plus Friction Buttons

$ 239.95    Buy

# 3175-MBBB

Cutter's Mate Mini plus Mini Beetle Bits Cutting System

$ 239.95    Buy

# 3175-MBBB3

Cutter's Mate Mini plus Mini Beetle Bits Cutting System plus 3 extra Waffle Grids

$ 259.95    Buy

Ultimate Cutter's Mate Traveling Companion

This bundle is ready to roll!  It is the perfect traveling companion for the Artist on the Go. It takes up very little space so it can be set up to be a complete mobile studio or as an individual work station.  Imagine being able to work in the hotel room while being away at a show just like you would at home in your studio!

Total Work Area size is 22.5"x33.75"


  • # 3175 - Cutter's Mate Mini
  • # 3174 - Circle Pro 12
  • # MBBB - Mini Beetle Bits Cutting System
  • # 3161C - 2 Waffle Grid Sections
  • # 3116 - Oil Well with Cap  (don't spill in the hotel!)
  • # 3137 - Friction Buttons (keep glass from sliding onto hotel floor)

# 3175-UTC    $ 359.95     Buy

Example Layout


 Cutter's Mate Replacement Cutting Head

The CSG-10 Cutting Head is designed to fit all Cutter's Mate Stained Glass products. This head is precision CNC machined and then Nickel plated to increase operating life durability. The head embodies a precision ground, tungsten carbide wheel. A 134 degree angle enables the user to create sharp and accurate score lines with minimal effort. The combination of an extremely hard tungsten carbide wheel, ground to a sharp cutting angle, results in the Cutter's Mate Stained Glass CSG-10 Cutting Head being a superior tool for achieving glass scoring with minimal breakage or scoring defects. All Creator's Stained Glass Cutters come with the CSG-10 cutting head.

# 3162    $ 18.95  $ 12.95

 Cutter's Mate 16" Glass Cutter's Delight Bundle

This bundle has the basics you will need to get started with your 16" Cutter's Mate Glass Cutter.

 16" Cutter's Mate Bundle
   - 16" Cutting Arm with 23" Slide Bar
   - 6-Pack Clear Waffle Grid Work Surface

# 3170-FWG    $ 229.95   

 Cutter's Mate 21" Glass Cutter's Delight Bundle Plus

This bundle has the basics you will need to get started with your 21" Cutter's Mate Glass Cutter.

 21" Cutter's Mate Bundle
   - 21" Cutting Arm with 35" Slide Bar
   - 6-Pack Clear Waffle Grid Work Surface

# 3171-FWG    $ 259.95    Buy

Cutter's Mate Circle Pro 12


Cutting Circles Couldn't Be Easier with the Circle Pro 12!

Score circles from 3/8" to 12" with precision and ease. Use the ruler to adjust cutting head for precise circles. Then, just press down on the knob to score. No heavy pressure is needed!  Includes one waffle grid and CSG-10 carbide wheel for perfect scores along with detailed instructions with step-by-step photos. Convenient for your workshop - it sets up in seconds and folds down for storage. Cleanup is a snap with the included Waffle Grid base that traps glass shards and scraps. Comes with 8 Friction Buttons to hold your glass in place.

# 3174    $ 119.95   $ 92.95   Buy

Cutter's Mate Circle Pro 24

Amazing way to cut circles in glass!
  • Easily attaches to your Cutter's Mate slide bar (sold separately)
  • Scores diameters from 1.5 to 24 inches
  • CSG-10 carbide cutting head
  • Ruler measures in inches and metric
  • Requires the Waffle Grid 6-Pack  and the Cutter's Mate Slide Bar which are sold separately, but it is compatible with Morton Work Surface or get the # 3135-23 Cutter/6 Grids/Slide Bar bundle and you can get everything required for one low price!

# 3135   $169.95  Sale:  $ 119.95   Buy

# 3135-23   $200.85  Bundle:  $ 184.95   Buy

 Cutter's Mate Strip Pro

Cut angles and strips easily!
  • Includes the New Zero Mark 24-inch Ruler
  • Includes one Omni-Directional Glass Stop
  • Includes one Oil Well
  • CSG-10 Carbide Cutting Head.  Oil by dip method if desired
  • Longest straight cut with 23" slide bar is 14", use SP23
  • Longest straight cut with 35" slide bar is 26", use SP35
  • Requires the Waffle Grid 6-Pack (#3160) (sold separately), but compatible with Morton Work Surface
  • Requires Cutter's Mate Slide Bar (sold separately)
  • #3172-23 Strip Pro Bundle contains all required for one low price!

*Slide bar sold separately if you do not have Cutter's Mate.

# 3172    $ 79.95  Sale:  $ 67.95    Buy

# 3172-23    $ 149.95  Bundle:  $ 138.75    Buy

24" Strip Pro Replacement Ruler

# 3182    $ 27.95     Buy

Cutter's Mate Bundles

Cutter's Mate Strip Pro Bundle

Everything you need to start making perfect strips immediately!

Strip Pro Cut angles and strips easily!
  • Includes the Zero Mark 24" Ruler
  • Includes one (1) Omni-Directional Glass Stop
  • Includes one Oil Well
  • Includes one 23" Slide Bar (SP23) - longest cut is 14" or one 35" Slide Bar (SP35)
  • Include 1 foam grip handle
  • Includes one CSG-10 Carbide Cutting Head.  Oil by dip method if desired.
  • Includes six clear Waffle Grids

# 3172-23   Includes 23" Slide Bar
Separately: $ 149.00   Bundle:  $ 138.75  

# 3172-35  Includes 35" Slide Bar
 Separately: $ 164.00   Bundle:  $ 145.22  

Cutter's Mate - Glass Cutter's Delight 12 Bundle

Strip Pro
What's in The Glass Cutter's Delight Bundle?
# 3170  Cutter's Mate 16" Cutting Arm

$ 249.95

# 3174  Circle Pro 12 $ 119.95
# 3172  Strip Pro $  79.95
# 3160  6 piece Waffle Grid Surface (Clear) $  49.95
# 3148  Omni Directional Guide (2 Pack) $  10.95
    Reg. $  510.75        

You can have all of this for only $ 409.95!

# GCDB-12      Clear Grids    $ 409.95

Cutter's Mate - Glass Cutter's Delight Bundle

Strip Pro

What's in The Glass Cutter's Delight Bundle?
# 3171  Cutter's Mate 21" Cutting Arm

$ 279.95

# 3174  Circle Pro 12 $ 119.95
# 3172  Strip Pro $  79.95
# 3160  6 piece Waffle Grid Surface (Clear) $  49.95
# 3148  Omni Directional Guide (2 Pack) $  10.95
    Reg. $  540.75        

You can have all of this for only $ 439.95!

# GCDB-12PLUS    Clear Grids    $ 439.95

Cutter's Mate - Glass Cutter's Delight Bundle

Strip Pro
What's in The Glass Cutter's Delight Bundle?
# 3170  Cutter's Mate 16" Cutting Arm

$ 249.95

# 3135  Circle Pro 24 $ 169.95
# 3172  Strip Pro $  79.95
# 3160  6 piece Waffle Grid Surface (Clear) $  49.95
# 3148  Omni Directional Guide (2 Pack) $  10.95
    Reg. $ 560.75        

You can have all of this for only $ 429.95!

# GCDB       Clear Grids    $ 429.95

Cutter's Mate - Glass Cutter's Delight Bundle Plus

Strip Pro 
What's in The Glass Cutter's Delight Bundle?
# 3171  Cutter's Mate 21" Cutting Arm

$ 279.95

# 3135  Circle Pro 24 $ 169.95
# 3172  Strip Pro $  79.95
# 3160  6 piece Waffle Grid Surface (Clear) $  49.95
# 3148  Omni Directional Guide (2 Pack) $  10.95
    Reg. $ 590.75          

You can have all of this for only $ 459.95!

# GCDB-PLUS    6 Clear Grids    $ 459.95
# GCDB-PLUS9    9 Clear Grids    $ 479.95    Buy

Cutter's Mate Slide Bars

Purchase this precision slide bar separately to use with the Strip Pro or Circle Pro 24 if you do not own the original Cutter's Mate tool which includes this bar.

Model Type  
Slide Bar 23-inch # 3159    $ 49.95   Sale:  $ 37.95    Buy
Slide Bar 35-inch # 3158   $ 64.95   Sale:  $ 44.95    Buy
 Waffle Grid

The most versatile work surface!
The Waffle Grid is an interconnecting grid which allows users to configure the shape of their work table.  Through its unique design, you can configure around a corner, as a connecting backsplash or even randomly turn up individual grids to have a smooth area amid a pocketed area.  The clear grids you can even see through for angle patterns.

Made of high impact Lexan, the surface of the 1/2-inch pockets is rounded smooth to allow your glass to glide.  Want to clean out debris from a section?  Just lift it out... no need to disturb your work surface!

The Waffle Grid comes packaged in a 6-Pack of 11.25" x 11.25" grid sections.  Modular design allows you to have one small surface of 11" x 11" square or a large surface of unlimited size by interconnecting many grids.


  • Dimension does not get lost when adding grids.

  • The tops of each of the squares are rounded smooth so glass glides easy.

  • Allows the configuration to go around a corner such as an L-shaped counter or to design a backsplash.

  • Material is of impact resistant polycarbonate plastic. (Lexan)

  • The clear version is see through to allow the use of a template to be placed underneath such as a angle guide. Also excellent light transmission for a lightbox.

  • Grids interconnect in such a way that you can flip one or more over in set-up so you could have smooth area amid pocketed areas.  This would give you an area to score small pieces.

  • When emptying out the grids, you only have to pick up one section which you can conveniently empty into a small wastebasket without disturbing the rest of your gridded work area.

  • If you wish to store your grids, simply stack them and place in a drawer.


#3160C  6-Pack
# 3160C    $ 49.95  $ 42.95
#3161C  Individually
# 3161C    $ 7.95
Cutters Mate Omni directional Stop

Omni-Directional Stops

Make glass working easier with Omni-Directional Glass Stops. Plug in modules act as stops to keep your glass in place. For precision alignment use with Waffle Grids (item #3161C). Pack of 2.

# 3148    $ 10.95   $ 5.69   Buy

Cutters mate Super StopSuper Stop

The Super Stop make it easy to save critical size settings while working on a project. Attached to the Waffle Grid for easy use.

# 3147    $ 7.95    $ 5.95   Buy

Friction Buttons

Cutters Mate Friction Buttons

Place them in your Waffle Grid to keep glass from slipping.
Pack of 8.

# 3137   $ 2.59   $ 1.79   Buy

 Speed Balls

Cutters Mate Speed Balls

Place them in your Waffle Grid for easier sliding of glass. Also, you can place speed balls in line with your score and use them to break the score! Pack of 4.

# 3178    $ 3.99    $ 2.39   Buy

 Glass Running/Scoring Pad

Cutters Mate Scoring Pad

Holds glass in place while scoring.  Also aids in running scores when turning glass over and pressing on other side of score line.
Size:  11.75" x 11.75"

# 3119    $ 16.95    $ 13.95   Buy

Oil Well

Cutters Mate Oil Well

Used for oiling your glass cutter manually, and also as a rest for your Cutter's Mate.  Plugs into any grid system.

# 3157    $ 3.79    $ 1.99   Buy

Cutting Oil Station

     The Cutting Station that does not spill over and will support your cutter.  Your cutter will not rust or corrode while being stored in the cutting oil station, plus the station has a cap when it is not holding your cutter.  You will save the cost of the oil well in spilled cutting oil!

# 3116    $ 8.95    $ 7.29   Buy

*Note:  Compatible/Can be used with the Morton Work Surface

Glass Racks

Keep your glass orderly with these glass rack organizers. Fits easily into the Waffle Grid to create a glass rack right where you need it the most!
# 3122    6" Rack Sticks pack of 8    $ 13.95    $ 9.95    Buy
# 3120    8" Rack Sticks pack of 8    $ 14.95    $ 12.95   Buy

Expandable Glass Station

Are you tired of all your glass laying in piles getting scratched?  Are you ready to organize your work space?  This useful set includes a waffle grid and one pack of each of the 6" and 8" rack sticks.

# 3123    $ 24.95

Creator's Bottle Cutter

Palm Protector
Palm Protector

Love to make bottle art, but haven't found the right bottle cutter?  The makers of Cutter's Mate have the answer.  Introducing a high-tech, durable bottle cutter that is simple to use and makes exact cuts around the bottle.  Constructed from a polycarbonate plastic, durable stainless steel slide bars, enclosed ball bearing rollers (to keep out glass slivers), and is the only bottle cutter with a carbide cutting wheel.  Simply set the cutting wheel to exact spot on the attached ruler, tighten the wheel to hold the cutter in place, then simply spin the bottle on the rollers while applying pressure.  It's that easy!
As a special bonus, also included is a Palm Protector that allows the bottle to spin easily while keeping your hands safe while cutting (see picture on the right).
12" long, 6" high, and 5" wide.   Instructions

# 3180 Creator's Bottle Cutter     Reg. $120.95
For a limited time only! Free O-Rings
# 3180-O    $ 120.95  $ 99.95

Bottle Leveler

# 3162 Replacement Cutting Head   Reg. $18.95
# 3162    $ 18.95  $ 12.95
# 3180-1 Cutter Plus Replacement Head Bundle
# 3180-1    $ 109.90


# 3183 Bottle Leveler  - Levels out odd shaped bottles
# 3183    $ 27.95
# 3184 Bottle Score O Rings ( 1 pair )
# 3184    $ 6.95

See the Creator's Bottle
Cutter in Action!