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Uroboros COE 90 Stringers/Noodles

Uroboros Stringers and Noodles

STRINGERS: Stringers are round in cross-section, about 1.0mm thick and 17" long. Stringers are tested compatible with the COE 90 expansion standards.

Stringers are thin enough to bend in a candle flame, and can be used in myriad ways - from bead work to picking up on blown forms.  They may also be mixed with Noodles for exciting optical effects.  They are packaged in 5 ounce tubes (Approx. 90-110 pieces).

NOODLES:  Noodles are named after fettuccini noodles, which they resemble, and for the forming process that rolls and stretches them. They are about 1.0mm thick, 5mm wide and 43 cm (17") in length. Noodles are made entirely from glass tested compatible to the COE 90 expansion standards.

Noodles may be used either singly on sheets or blown forms, or in mass, depending on your design goals. They may be fused together for cutting into Murrini for fusing or blowing components, overlapped, woven and tack fused to create baskets, and are convenient for bead making.  They provide thin, uniform bands of color unmatched by any other manufacturer! 18" tubes contain 5 ounces of noodles (Approx. 20-30 pieces).

S-00-90  Clear Stringers (100)
Temp Out
N-00-90  Clear Noodles (100)
# N-00-90    $ 12.95
S-05-90  White Stringers
# S-05-90    $ 12.95
N-05-90  White Noodles
# N-05-90    $ 12.95
Uroboros Stringers S-330-90  Antique White Stringers
# S-330-90    $ 12.95
N-330-90  Antique White Noodles
# N-330-90    $ 12.95
S-35-90  Yellow Opal Stringers Temp Out
N-35-90  Yellow Opal Noodles Temp Out
S-56-90  Black Stringers (1009)
# S-56-90    $ 12.95
N-56-90  Black Noodles (1009) Temp Out
S-400-90  Cobalt Blue Opal Stringers
# S-400-90    $ 12.95
N-400-90  Cobalt Blue Opal Noodles
# N-400-90    $ 12.95
S-403-90  Cobalt Blue Transparent Stringers
# S-403-90    $ 12.95
N-403-90  Cobalt Blue Transparent Noodles
# N-403-90    $ 12.95
S-408-90  Cornflower Blue Opal Stringers
# S-408-90    $ 12.95
N-408-90  Cornflower Blue Opal Noodles
# N-408-90    $ 12.95
S-417-90  Peacock Blue Transparent Stringers Temp Out
N-417-90  Peacock Blue Transparent Noodles
# N-417-90    $ 12.95
Uroboros Plum Stringers S-501-90  Plum Transparent Stringers
# S-501-90    $ 12.95
N-501-90  Plum Transparent Noodles
# N-501-90    $ 12.95
S-521-90  Plum Opal Stringers (136)
# S-521-90    $ 12.95
N-521-90  Plum Opal Noodles (136)
# N-521-90    $ 12.95
S-604-90  Red Opal Stringers Temp Out
N-604-90  Red Opal Noodles Temp Out
S-605-90  Orange Opal Stringers Temp Out
N-605-90  Orange Opal Noodles Temp Out
Grenadine Red Stringers S-606-90  Grenadine Red Stringers
# S-606-90    $ 12.95
N-606-90  Grenadine Red Noodles Temp Out
S-700-90  Emerald Green Stringers
# S-700-90    $ 12.95
N-700-90  Emerald Green Noodles Temp Out
S-726-90  Apple Jade Opal Stringers
# S-726-90    $ 12.95
N-726-90  Apple Jade Opal Noodles
# N-726-90    $ 12.95
S-753-90  Fern Green Opal Stringers
# S-753-90    $ 15.95
N-753-90  Fern Green Opal Noodles Temp Out
Uroboros Seacrest Stringers S-791-90  Seacrest Green Opal Stringers Temp Out
N-791-90  Seacrest Green Opal Noodles Temp Out
Uroboros Golden Amber S-901-90  Golden Amber Transparent Stringers
# S-901-90    $ 12.95
N-901-90  Golden Amber Transparent Noodles
# N-901-90    $ 12.95
S-905-90  Rootbeer Stringers
# S-905-90    $ 12.95
N-905-90  Rootbeer Noodles
# N-905-90    $ 12.95
S-M-90   Mardi Gras Pack Stringers
# S-M-90    $ 12.95
N-M-90   Mardi Gras Pack Noodles Temp Out
Uroboros Noodle Stringer Mix NSM-90   Mardi Gras Noodle/Stringers Mix - 5 oz.
Delightful, colorful mix of both Noodles and Stringers in one tube!
# NSM-90    $ 12.95