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Wissmach 90 Fusing Glass

Wissmach 90 Glass
Wissmach Glass has come out with a line of COE 90 glass that is fully compatible with other COE 90 glass.  So now glass fusing artists have another manufacturer to choose from at a very reasonable price AND it is made in the USA!  Check out these prices and compare with what you pay for other COE 90 glass and see the difference!

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10 piece minimum when ordering 8x12 and 12x12 Glass.   (20 pieces fill a Small Box) - $6
5 piece minimum when ordering 16x18, 16x21, 16x24 and 20x24 Glass.   (10 pieces fill a Large Box) - $12

Wissmach 90 Fusible Transparent Glass 3mm

In the pictures, the first picture is before firing, then a single fired layer, then fired on clear, then 2 layers of the same color.

  Part # Description 6x8 8x12 12x12 18x32
(Cut in 2)
Full Sheet (Cut in 4)
Wissmach 90 Clear 90-01  3mm Clear Temp Out Temp Out Temp Out
Wissmach 90 Blue 90-04  3mm Light Blue Transparent
Wissmach 90 Green 90-05  3mm Light Green Transparent
Wissmach 90 Coral 90-06  3mm Coral (Striker) Transparent
Wissmach 90 Gray 90-07  3mm Light Gray Transparent
Wissmach 90 Amber 90-08  3mm Light Amber Transparent
Wissmach 90 Violet 90-09  3mm Violet Transparent
Wissmach 90 Orange Red 90-10  3mm Orange/Red Transparent
Wissmach 90 Green 90-11  3mm Bright Green Transparent
Wissmach 90 Blue 90-12  3mm Bright Blue Transparent Temp Out Temp Out
Wissmach 90 Red 90-13  3mm Dark Red Transparent Temp Out Temp Out Temp Out
Wissmach 90 Champagne 90-16  3mm Champagne Transparent (Striker)
Wissmach 90 Yellow 90-17  3mm Yellow Transparent

Wissmach 90 Fusible Prisma Glass 3mm

Click picture for
larger view
Part # Description 6x8 8x12 12x12 18x32
(Cut in 2)
Full Sheet (Cut in 4)
Wissmach Crystal Black Prisma 90-18  3mm Black/Crystal Prisma
Wissmach Red Crystal Prisma 90-19  3mm Red/Crystal Prisma
Wissmach White Crystal Prisma 90-23  3mm White/Crystal Prisma
Wissmach Blue Crystal Prisma 90-24  3mm Blue/Crystal Prisma
Wissmach Green Crystal Prisma 90-25  3mm Green/Crystal Prisma
Wissmach Green Blue Prisma 90-27  3mm Green/Blue Prisma
Wissmach Blue White Prisma 90-29  3mm Blue/White Prisma
Wissmach Green White Prisma 90-30  3mm Green/White Prisma

Wissmach 90 Fusible Opal Glass 3mm

In the pictures, the left side is before firing and the right is after firing.

  Part # Description 6x8 8x12 12x12 18x32
(Cut in 2)
Full Sheet (Cut in 4)
90-02  3mm Black Opal
90-03  3mm White Opal
90-14  3mm Orange Red Opal
90-15  3mm Bright Yellow Opal

Wissmach 90 Fusible Luminescent Glass 3mm

Wissmach 90 clear, black and white are available with Luminescent coating. You can achieve different effects when firing with the coated side up or down. It is ideal for reversed fusing projects and sculptures which you want to look their best from both sides. Like with any glass, you have to see it in person. Photos can not show you how beautiful the light reflects the luminescent colors.

Luminescent is similar to iridescent coatings, but not quite the same. It creates different effects depending on the way it is fired.
You can fire Luminescent Glass with the coated side down to intensify the effect and intensity. Fire it with the coated side up and the luminescent coating will stay on darker colors if you fire no higher than 1410° F, but will fade away on lighter colors giving the glass a beautiful sheen.  Cover the coated side with a piece of clear and the coating will fade away completely.

  Part #


6x8 8x12 12x12 18x32
(Cut in 2)
Full Sheet (Cut in 4)
90-7-01  Clear Luminescent
90-7-02  Black Opaque Luminescent
90-7-03  White Opaque Luminescent
Wissmach 90 Blue 90-7-04  Light Blue Trans Luminescent
Wissmach 90 Green 90-7-05  Light Green Trans Luminescent

Wissmach 90 Fusible Glass 2mm

  Part # Description 16x20 20x32
Full Sheet
(Cut in 2)
Wissmach 90 2mm Clear 90-01-2  2mm Clear Temp Out Temp Out
Wissmach 90 2mm Black 90-02-2  2mm Black
Wissmach 90 2mm White 90-03-2  2mm White

Wissmach 90 Fusible Glass 6mm

  Part # Description 6x8 8x12 12x12 18x24  
Wissmach 90 Clear 90-01-6  6mm Clear  
Wissmach 90 Black 90-02-6  6mm Black Opal