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Fairies, Elves & Angels
Fairies, Elves & Angels
by Dione Roberts

Classically designed angels, faerie, elves, pixies, and cupids, all with an authentic look of yesterday. Variety of poses and settings, including a four panel version of the four-seasons. 36 pages, 4 in color.

# 133542    $ 12.95

Fairies I
Fairies I
by Meriko Robert & Tamra Boncore

Aanraku's collection of Little Sweeties to brighten your day. 26 sweet little fairies in different poses and settings: under a leaf with a raindrop, in a flower center, with a crayon, in a cup of coffee and more. Color photos of completed patterns included.

# 4090    $ 8.95

Fantasy Designs Stained Glass
Fantasy Designs Stained Glass Pattern Book
by Carolyn Relei

A treasury of imaginative stained glass designs that contains a host of fantasy figures. Attractively displayed in circular, oval, and rectangular configurations are 69 striking, black and white images of delicate fairies, fire-breathing dragons, half-human figures, a unicorn, phoenix, and other fanciful creatures.

# 36843    $ 8.95

Favorite Myths & Legends
Favorite Myths & Legends
by Leslie Gibbs, Laura Tayne

Make your fantasies come true, using this 36 page pattern book filled with mythical creatures like, Pegasus, Garden Gnomes, Centaurs, Singing Harp and more. Each design comes with special instructions and full color illustrations.

# 327118    $ 14.95

Aanraku Light and Dark Fantasy
Light and Dark Fantasy I
by Meriko Roberts & Tamara Boncore

26 patterns of mystical and magical creatures of the light and the dark! Patterns include fairies, a dwarf, a minotaur, a dryad, a leprechaun, a gryphon, Pan the God of Nature, dragons, a gargoyle, Pegasus, a witch, a mermaid, a phoenix, a wizard, a vampire, a centaur, an elemental, a skull with candle, a harpy, a unicorn, a grim reaper, and a greff.

# 3892    $ 8.95

Maidens, Myths and Mermaids
Maidens, Myths and Mermaids
by Judy & Delina Sheppard

This collection of 40 stained glass panels illustrate the legends of love, adventure, exploration and conquest. Every project includes the pattern line drawing. 24 projects shown in color, 16 rendered as a textured line drawing with color ideas. 2 designs are provided as full-size patterns.

# 985408    $ 13.95