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Arts and Crafts Stained Glass
Arts and Crafts Stained Glass Pattern Book
by Carolyn Relei

73 beautiful patterns include florals, sprays of blossoms, single buds, run-on patterns of flowering vines, wildlife, and more. Framed by oval, rectangular, square, round, and half-round borders, these easily adaptable, highly versatile designs will appeal to artists and artisans who admire late 19th and early 20th century arts and crafts motifs

# 36819    $ 8.95

Beautiful Leaves
Beautiful Leaves
by Sandy Allison

25 full-size, realistic-looking patterns of common North American trees. A color sample for each pattern is included. Species include American holly, Carolina ash, flowering dogwood, fanleaf hawthorn, sweet cherry, quaking aspen, white oak, and 18 more.

# 13412    $ 16.95  $ 12.95

Birds, Flowers & Friends Stained Glass
Birds, Flowers & Friends Stained Glass Book
by Jody Wright

Covers a sparkling assortment of shapes and styles, this all-original collection details 60 round, oval, and octagonal designs perfect for hard-to-fit windows or wall spaces. Simple patterns include Apple Blossoms, Man in the Moon, Fish Pond, Agate Abstract, Peacock, Hummingbirds, Butterfly, and many more. Includes enlargement guide and helpful hints.

# 36825    $ 8.95

Glass Decor Indoors
Contemporary Florals
by Diane Roberts

Loaded with fresh, colorful flowers to decorate your home and office. 19 patterns feature everyone′s favorites with a new twist: Bird of Paradise, Anthurium, Poinsetta, Hibiscus, Dahlia, Roses, an more are all shown in a variety of bold and beautiful glass selections.

# 327037    $ 13.95

Cottage Garden
Cottage Garden
by Dione Roberts

21 full size patterns of old fashioned flowers including violets, fuchsias, begonias and others. These floral favorites are featured in stained glass panels, suncatchers, mirrors and even an earring holder. Also includes special tips on glass and embellishment techniques.

# 133690    $ 12.59  $ 7.95

Easy Victorian Florals Stained Glass
Easy Victorian Florals Stained Glass Pattern Book
by Connie Clough Eaton

Charming stained glass designs as easy to execute as they are attractive include approximately 100 royalty-free images in oval, rectangular, square, and round formats. Created to embellish traditional windows, the motifs will work equally well as patterns for fabric painting, appliqué, and other craft projects.

# 36839    $ 8.95

Floral Stained Glass Lampshades
Floral Stained Glass Pattern Book
by Ed Sibbert, Jr.

Sure to be popular with stained glass workers, these 96 lovely floral patterns include graceful irises, poppies, lilies, and tulips in a variety of styles, abstract and geometric patterns, and other exquisite designs adaptable to innumerable projects. Color illustrations on covers.

# 36845    $ 9.95

Garden Flowers
Garden Flowers
by Sandy Allison

25 full-size, realistic patterns for common North American garden flowers. A color sample for each pattern is included. Flowers include roses, lilies, geraniums, lilacs, zinnias, cosmos, daisies, and 18 more.

# 13443    $ 16.95  $ 12.95

Garden in Bloom
Garden In Bloom
by Lisa Vogt

Included are 10 16" x 20" designs in this full-size pattern book. Design are the whimsical "Free Spirit" fairy on the cover, "Pure and Simple" fairy and flowers, a "Welcome" sign on a garden arch-way leading to a beautiful floral scene, "Passion for Pansies", "Spring Bulbs", "A Perfect Pool" of water lilies and "Delicate Drops" of fuchsias. "Desert Bloom" is a colorful collection of cactus and other desert flowers in bright containers.

# 3708    $ 9.95

Georgia On My Mind
Georgia On My Mind
by Nancy Willimon

Eight full size floral patterns featuring Baroque Glass. Patterns include: Roses, iris, lilies, poppies, and more. Great for beginner to experienced crafters.

# 7561    $ 11.75

In Full Bloom
In Full Bloom
by Sabine Selvais

19 floral designs each including a color photo of the finished project plus an additional rendering to help you visualize alternate color themes. Includes instructions for pattern enlargement, glass selection, and framing.

# 985416    $ 11.95

Lovely Flowers
Lovely Flowers
by Jean Beaulieu

15 elegantly created floral designs of nature's treasures that are so lifelike, you'll try to sniff their aroma! All patterns are useful in panels or freeform projects. Flower designs include a sunflower, Bird of Paradise, a rose, a Echinacea, Chinese orchid, a vahine, a calla trio, a calla lys, Bleeding Hearts, daisies, and some with hummingbirds sipping their nectar.

# 1098    $ 13.29

Official State Flowers I
Official State Flowers I

by Cally and Dave Beers

Aanraku presents detailed renderings of state flowers from states beginning with A through M.  Color photographs of the completed panels. The rectangle backgrounds of the patterns lend themselves nicely to table lanterns or any other project you like.

# 4096    $ 8.95

Official State Flowers II
Official State Flowers II
by Cally and Dave Beers
Aanraku presents detailed renderings of state flowers from states beginning with N through W plus DC.  Color photographs of the completed panels. The rectangle backgrounds of the patterns lend themselves nicely to table lanterns or any other project you like.

# 4097    $ 8.95

Orchids In Glass
Orchids In Glass
by Chantel Pare

17 full-size patterns for 11 windows, 4 lamps and 2 jewelry boxes. There are 48 pages, 32 in color. Each pattern creates lifelike replicas of the orchid flower in glass with detailed glass suggestions and descriptive botanical information for each variety.

# 985394    $ 13.95

Ornamental Flower Stained Glass
Ornamental Flower Stained Glass Pattern Book
by Ed Sibbett, Jr.

Create lightcatchers, window panels, candle shelters, and other attractive projects with this collection of charming floral patterns. Includes roses, lilies, irises, and other flowers in a variety of style, from simple to complex.

# 36860    $ 8.95

State Flowers in Stained Glass
State Flowers in Stained Glass
by Carolyn Kyle

Contains 51 full size patterns based on the official flower of each state including the District of Columbia.  Patterns include columbine, forget-me-not, mountain laurel, hibiscus, violet, peony, sunflower, black-eyed susan, magnolia, lilac, dogwood and many more.

# 133632    $ 14.95

Hyde Park Windows
Summer Garden
by Mari Stein

32 pages with 15 full-size patterns. Your indoor garden can have sunflowers, orchids, cone flowers, pansies, a pitcher filled with your favorite garden blooms, and more. A color photo is provided for each full sized pattern.

# 3697    $ 12.95  $ 9.95

Farmers Market
Farmers Market
by Marick Studios

A collection of patterns that will tempt your appetite for inventive projects centering around fruits and vegetables There are apples, oranges, pears, peaches, grapefruit, bananas, cherries, grapes, and more. 24 full size patterns.

# 3826    $ 12.95  $ 9.95