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Books Letters and Sayings

by Aanraku

Customize your panels with these four complete stylized sets of the alphabet. Includes upper case, lower case, script and block letters plus numbers. Designed for easy incorporation into stained glass projects.

# 3863    $ 8.95

Classic Alphabets
Classic Alphabets
by Tammie Martin

This book contains three complete alphabet styles and two numeral styles. There are 20 line drawings for use in traditional stained glass or sand-etching. The special instructional section covers designing with letters and numbers, dividing the background and use of color. 8 full-size patterns.

# 985130    $ 13.95

Decorative Alphabets Stained Glass
Decorative Alphabets Stained Glass Pattern Book
by Ed Sibbett, Jr.

61 pages of letters in seven different styles from romantic Gothic to bold-block modern, and even Art Nouveau, Art Deco and abstract geometric. Numerals 0-9 in six styles.

# 36833    $ 11.95

Japanese Kanji I
Japanese Kanji I
(Calligraphy In Glass)

The emotional and expressive feelings of the Japanese pictorial portion of their language is now available to create a simple and expressive piece of stained glass art. Choose the Japanese Kanji character that fits your mood, philosophy or feelings and display a real part of life in glass. 26 full color patterns with piece count and enlarging recommendations.

# 4816    $ 8.95

Japanese Kanji II
Japanese Kanji II
(Calligraphy In Glass)

More wisdom from the Orient in calligraphy. Proverbs and sayings in Kanji to help express your innermost thoughts and feelings. "To each their own", "It takes all kinds to make a world", "Love is the deepest bond of all", "Time flies", "You shall reap what you sow", "Bless our family", and more.

# 4817    $ 8.95

Sayings 1
Sayings 1
by Kobayashi & Castaline

Contains 31 patterns for popular sayings, signs, thoughts and truisms. Included are: "Open", "Nobody’s Perfect", "God Bless America", "Home Sweet Home" and many more done in a needlepoint style for stained glass.

# 3862    $ 8.95

The Illustrated Word
The Illustrated Word
by Karen Stephenson

43 full color projects ideas, all showcasing different glass selections. Designs include Welcome Signs, The Family Tree, Tea Time, Laugh, Live, Love, Dream, and Home Sweet Home. Complete step-by-step instructions to walk you through each stage of these wonderful projects. All projects will make wonderful gifts for special people, occasions, and celebrations in life or great additions to home décor.

# 29722    $ 15.95