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Books Suncatchers


Beginner's Luck
Beginner's Luck
by Mari Stein

29 patterns for creating fabulous and easy suncatchers. 32 pages of patterns, all project shown in color. Themes include florals, birds, hearts, fish, palm tree, dragonflies and more.

# 3691    $ 11.95  $ 9.95

Equiglas Equine Suncatcher Patterns
Equiglas Equine Suncatcher Patterns
by Diane Bird

23 full size equine stained glass suncatcher and ornament pattern book including helpful hints and instructions. Patterns include horse heads in a heart and horseshoe, pony patterns, horses with riders: jumper, sidesaddle, bareback, hunter on the flat, grazing, a draft horse and donkey. Four English Christmas ornaments are also included.

# 11234    $ 15.95

For The Love Of Hearts
For The Love Of Hearts
by Deverie Wood

Colored pattern folder featuring 17 full-size heart heart and flower, heart and butterflies, and heart and bird designs from a lovely Victorian panel to whimsical suncatchers, some using bevels or jewels.

# 7644    $ 10.95

Homegrown Glass From The Garden
Homegrown Glass From The Garden
by Clara Burris

Vegetables, fruit and garden critters are featured in this new book. Make suncatchers for the kitchen, stepping stones for the yard, or plant identification markers for your garden. Includes full-size patterns and full color pictures of each project.

# 3655    $ 11.95

by Jean Beaulieu

14 patterns from various aspects of life. Designs include a rose, butterfly flower, Helvetica eagle, Butterfly Woman, Lion, Birds of Paradise, elegant grapes, closeup of tiger eyes, Budda, Woman and grapes, Peacock, Iris versicolor, Rabbit, and a couple pints in an Irish Pub! Each pattern is shown in full color and color suggestions are included. Designs can also be used in panels and free-form projects.

# 1079    $ 13.29  $ 11.95

Suncatchers and Stones
Suncatchers and Stones
by Marick Studios

Contains 32 patterns for use as suncatchers, or for 8 round or square mosaic stones. Patterns include geometric abstracts, flowers, sailboat, hot air balloon, chili peppers, bald eagle, hearts, fish, and much more.

# 7538    $ 11.95  $ 9.95

Suncatchers Stained Glass
Suncatchers Stained Glass Pattern Book
by Connie Eaton

This fun-filled guide offers step-by-step details on how to create 120 lovely lightcatchers: butterflies, birds, fish, wreaths, musical instruments, sailboats, teddy bear, many more.

# 36864    $ 9.95

Starburst Patterns for Stained Glass
by Sue Hubbard

Take a few shapes of stained glass, add some jewels and nuggets and you've got sunseekers. Tips are given for choosing glass, cutting diamonds, and foiling glass nuggets. Full color photos are provided with each design.

# 4048    $ 11.95

Victorian Suncatchers Stained Glass
Victorian Suncatchers Stained Glass Pattern Book
by Connie Clough Eaton

113 charming designs are patterned after Victorian-era suncatchers, ranging from a single splendid tulip to magnificent butterflies and a dazzling damsel greeting the dawn. The boldly outlined patterns also portray bright masses of flowers, plump cherries ready to be picked, and sparkling portraits of birds.

# 36871    $ 11.95

Farmers Market
Farmers Market
by Marick Studios

A collection of patterns that will tempt your appetite for inventive projects centering around fruits and vegetables There are apples, oranges, pears, peaches, grapefruit, bananas, cherries, grapes, and more. 24 full size patterns.

# 3826    $ 12.95  $ 9.95