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Chemicals - Cleaners - Polish and More

Important Note:
Due to US Postal regulations, chemicals cannot be shipped via Air or through the US Postal Services.  Therefore they can only travel to the 48 states via UPS Ground. Shipping advice: One bottle of a chemical shipped via UPS will cost more than the bottle.


Kwik Clean

Non-toxic, non-corrosive, biodegradable cleaner that will quickly and effectively remove all flux and patina from stained glass projects. Kwik-Clean is a liquid, not a gel so it wipes off easy with a paper towel - no water needed. It goes under the foil (in the air pockets where patina can be hiding) and under lead in putty pockets to neutralize the patina. This is the area where White Mold starts to form.

16oz. bottle
# KC-1    $ 9.95

CJs Flux Remover
CJ's Flux Remover

Thoroughly removes the greasy mess and residues from all types of flux. Helps prevent the oxidation crust on lead and solder from improper cleaning. Allows copper patina to work properly to give a bright shiny finish. Helps remove the stain on glass from patina. Makes clean-up quick and easy. Environmentally safe and Biodegradable.

8oz. bottle
# 14150    $ 5.99

16 oz. bottle
# 14150-16    $ 9.25


Clarity Finishing Compund
Clarity Finishing Compound

Insures a bright, even, durable finish on solder seams treated with copper patina or electroplating. Polishes and protects against tarnish for a professional finish. Polishes glass to a brilliant shine. Restores shine to already tarnished finishes. Adds luster and protects lead, brass, chrome, copper, raw solder and most patina finishes.
12oz. bottle
# 1123    $ 21.95
Liva Finishing Polish
Liva Finishing Polish

Make Your Stained Glass Projects Shine! Simply apply polish to glass, lead, zinc, brass, copper or solder, and create a lustrous shine! Polish also prevents oxidation of metals and protects projects against harmful UV rays. (12 oz.)

12oz. bottle
# 0910    $ 17.95
Novacan Grinder Coolant
Novacan Grinder Coolant

Adding grinder coolant to the water reservoir will help your grinder head grind quicker & extend the life of the bit.

8oz. bottle
# 1089    $ 6.25
1 case - 36 8oz. bottles
# 1089-C    $ 200.29
Neverland Mark Stay II
Mark Stay II

Designed to preserve your mark on glass during cutting, sawing and grinding. Washes off with soap & warm water or glass & flux cleaners.
Your mark will stay on the glass until you wash it off.

# C-1025    $ 6.75

D-Lead Soap
D-Lead Abrasive Hand Soap

Abrasive Hand Soap is extra strength to effectively remove heavy metals, tough, embedded greases, oils, adhesives, hydraulic fluids, cutting oils, and dirt. The smooth, fine scrubbers provides a gentle cleaning assist and fast acting cleaning power to remove the toughest dirt and contaminants. The fine scrubbers have been carefully selected to be smooth and round to avoid micro cuts and skin abrasion. Contains Glycerin to moisturize the skin. (8 oz. bottle)

# 4229-8    $ 8.29
D-Lead Soap
D-Lead Hand Soap

D-Lead Hand Soap quickly and efficiently removes heavy metal dusts, lead and contaminants from the skin and hands. The mild formula with skin conditioning coconut oil is designed for frequent clean up throughout the day. Fast acting and economical D-Lead Hand Soap is the hand and skin care choice for cleanup anywhere rinse water is available. Non-abrasive. (8 oz. bottle)

# 4222-8    $ 6.79
GAI Cutting Oil
GAI Toyo Cutting Oil

A synthetic lubricant specially formulated for Toyo Super Cutters. Water Soluble & Non-Corrosive. The squeeze bottle top conveniently fills your cutter straight from the bottle. 4 oz bottle.

# 1910    $ 6.29
Novacan Cutter Oil
Novacan Cutter Oil

Non-toxic hydrocarbon based oil will keep your glass cutter head lubricated. Water soluble.

8oz. bottle
# 1087    $ 9.95
1 case - 36 8oz. bottles
# 1087-C    $ 324.65
Hakko Cleaning Paste
Hakko Soldering Tip Cleaning Paste

The Hakko FS-100 paste re-tins and helps restore heavily oxidized soldering iron tips back to useful life. 100% lead-free.

# 100-01    $ 13.75

Allen Sal Ammoniac Block
Allen Sal Ammoniac Block

A solid block of Ammonium Chloride for cleaning oxidation and crud off of your iron tip. (1/2 lb.)  Not needed for use with the Hakko FX-601.

# SAL-B    $ 11.49