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Fusing Low Fire Enamel Paint

Low Fire Enamel Paint
Background of this banner is an actual fused piece by artist Jan Labbate using Lo Fire!

Fuse Master Low Fire Enamel Paint

How low can you go?  Pretty low in temperature to cure these powdered enamel paint! They are a line of intermixable opaque enamels that can be used on just about any COE glass. Ideal for work on float / window glass as well as 90 and 96 fusing glass. They mature at bending temperature (1175F - 1400F) so they can even be applied and matured during a slump firing!
The best thing is - they are lead free. For decorative glass only! Not for food bearing surfaces.

In addition, these glass paints will cover approximately 3.7 square feet of glass with a single ounce making them extremely efficient as well as affordable. With this collection of vibrant colored low fire enamels, thereís no reason why your glass art canít be exactly the way you want it.

Low Fire Enamel Paint
Brown - 1 oz
# 56-02-1    $ 19.79
Low Fire Enamel Paint
Green - 1 oz

# 56-03-1    $ 18.95
Low Fire Enamel Paint
Black - 1 oz

# 56-05-1    $ 13.89
Low Fire Enamel Paint
Lauquer Red - 1 oz

# 56-08-1    $ 15.19
Low Fire Enamel Paint
Grey - 1 oz
# 56-12-1    $ 13.39
Low Fire Enamel Paint
White - 1 oz
# 56-15-1    $ 15.49
Low Fire Enamel Paint
Blue - 1 oz
# 56-17-1    $ 17.19
Low Fire Enamel Paint
Canary - 1 oz
# 56-20-1    $ 14.39
Low Fire Enamel Paint
Orange - 1 oz
# 56-22-1    $ 14.99

Water Friendly Mediumwater friendly medium

Mix to any consistency for painting needs. Ideal binder for sifting and brushing techniques. Add water and a couple of drops of this concentrate to powders and give enamels a smooth, creamy consistency. When fired, medium burns away cleanly without blistering or crazing colors. Cleans easily. 4 oz. bottle.

# 97802    $ 7.95
Liquid Stringer MediumLiquid Stringer

Liquid Stringer Medium is a gel that can be mixed with powdered frits or enamels so they can be applied with a squeeze bottle (sold separately). Anything you can draw or write can now be done on fused glass: words, faces, shapes, and patterns to name a few. Liquid Stringer burns clean when fired and your tools can be cleaned with water. 8 oz. bottle.

# 97803    $ 9.95

Easy Sifter


This fine mesh sifter is perfect for applying Easy Fire Enamels or glass powders. Made out of high quality stainless steel.

# 97810    $ 6.95