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OGT Iridescent Glass

Oceanside Iridescent Glass

Iridizing gives the glass surface a Mother of Pearl sheen. It reflects a rainbow of colors, giving life to what would otherwise be a dull boring glass without back lighting. When back lit, the glass retains its normal color transmission. Applications for Iridescent glass include: picture frames, wall hung panels that are not going to receive much light, and lamp shades. Iridescent glass also makes beautiful flowers and suncatchers.

This irdizing is High Fire Iridescent since these are all COE 96 glass.  It is a rainbow stripe/spectrum pattern that will not burn off when fused.
If you are used to pink/green splotchy iridization that Spectrum made prior to 2016, this is not the same.

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10 pc min when ordering 8x12 & 12x12 Glass  (20 pcs fill a Small Box) - $6
5 pc min when ordering 12x15 & 12x24 Glass  (10 pcs fill a Med Box) - $10
5 pc min when ordering 16x24 & 20x24 Glass  (10 pcs fill a Large Box) - $12
5 piece minimum when ordering 24x24 Glass  (7 pieces fill an Xtra Large Box) - $20

12x12 12x24 24x24
Oceanside Irid Clear Glass 96-703-100  Iridescent Clear Waterglass
Irid Clear Hammered Glass 96-719-040  Iridescent Clear Hammered (I/100H)
Irid Clear Granite Glass 96-719-070  Iridescent Clear Granite (I/100G)
Clear Iridescent Glass 96-7100-32  Iridescent Icicle Clear (I/100ICE)
Black/Gold Iridescent Glass 96-756-140  Black Satin Metallic Opal
Black Iridescent Glass 96-71009  Iridescent Black Opal
White Iridescent Glass 96-7200  Iridescent White Opal Temp Out Temp Out Temp Out
Green Iridescent Glass 96-7125  Iridescent Dark Green Transparent
Blue Iridescent Glass 96-7136  Iridescent Dark Blue Transparent
Red Iridescent Glass 96-7151  Iridescent Cherry Red Transparent

The glass below is from Oceanside, but it is not fusible.
 They did a throwback to the old style of Iridizing that is the splotchy Mother-of-Pearl style of Iridization
OGT glass
Iridescent Clear Waterglass
OGT glass
Iridescent Clear Hammered
OGT glass
Iridescent Clear Granite
OGT glass
Iridescent White Wispy