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Uroboros COE 96 Glass

uroboros 96 glass
System 96 is a family of fusible glass products designed and produced to work together both technically and artistically in every facet of the hot glass arts. They are produced jointly by Uroboros Glass and Spectrum Glass.

System 96 users are passionate about the brand. The glass is soft and forgiving to cut. Surfaces are largely smooth and uniform. Compatibility is assured, "devit" is practically non-existent, and the price is substantially less than competing products.  System 96 is the perfect expansion point glass for artists and schools who demand the most versatile glass available. Since most clear blowing glass in studios and schools worldwide is formulated around 95 or 96 COE, System 96 products are a single source material for work combining fusing, casting, torchworking, blowing and all points between. 

Shipping Saver:  You will be able to fit 10 - 12"x15" in a Medium Glass Box and 10 - 12"x24" or 15"x24" in a Large glass box, so why not fill-up the box?  The shipping won't be that much more! 

Remember:  5 piece minimum when ordering 12"x15" or 12"x24"/15"x24" Glass.  If there is other 16"x24" glass on the site you wish to purchase to meet the 5 piece minimum, you can mix and match them with the 15"x24" Uroboros glass, so mix or match! 

Important:  We can not ship one (1) or two (2) pieces of Medium or Large Glass at a time because of the risk of breakage.  The 5 piece is the minimum!
(10 pieces fill a Small Box) $6.00  (10 pieces fill a Medium Box) $10.00 (10 pieces fill a Large Box) $12.00

Streamer Bits sheets are delightful combination of hand-rolled ?cats paw? sheet glass and playful spritzes of short bits of stringer glass. Together they create a contemporary pattern useful on its own or in conjunction with other coloration effects. Try rubbing mica, or a contrasting color powder, into the seams next to the ?bits? to highlight and add complexity to the patterns.

12x12 12x15 12x24 15x24
96-12-2502 Red Opal Streamer Bits on Clear

Uroboros' System 96
 Streaky Glass is definitely unique! Strong puddles and streaks of colors, unique to our hand formed process, provide fabulous color contrast and long fades across the sheet surface.  Also, the top surface is now smoother than ever, resulting in a glossier and easy to cut sheet.  Using a controlled hand mixing process, Uroboros' craftsmen create unique variations on each color theme. Colors blend, fade, and streak in myriad ways, so no two sheets are alike, but all are related.

What's with the stripe on the pictures?  For most transparent colors, the area left of the diagonal stripe is fused over clear (lighter color), while the area to the right is fused over white opal (darker color).

12x12 12x15 12x24 15x24
96-60-5005  Chocolate/White Streaky
96-60-7555  Fern Opal/White Streaky

Uroboros' System 96 Double Rolled Opal Glass
- Hand Rolled.  Easy to cut and compatible with other COE 96 glass.


12x12 12x15 12x24 15x24
96-60-045  Red Reactive Opal
96-60-078  Payne's Gray Opal