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OGT Artique Glass

Oceanside Artique Glass

Oceanside calls it scribed antique glass because the texture is literally scribed into the transparent glass surface immediately after sheet forming while the glass is still extremely hot and pliable.  Artique was developed to bring you the look of antique glass without the hefty price tag of hand blown sheets.  This glass makes great backgrounds as well as suncatchers, and provides excellent light transmission with little distortion.

The images used to show this glass are provided by the manufacturer.  What you are seeing is back-lit glass with an object behind it to show the striations in the glass.  It is not mirrorized.  If you are not familiar with Artique glass, please call us before buying it.

Oceanside has changed their formula for making Artique Glass.  If you see 96 in the part number, it is the new version that is now COE 96 compatible.

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10 pc min when ordering 8x12 & 12x12 Glass  (20 pcs fill a Small Box) - $6
5 pc min when ordering 12x24 & 12x15 Glass  (10 pcs fill a Med Box) - $10
5 pc min when ordering 16x24 & 20x24 Glass  (10 pcs fill a Large Box) - $12
5 piece minimum when ordering 24x24 Glass  (7 pieces fill an Xtra Large Box) - $20

12x12 12x24 24x24
96-04-100  Clear Artique  (100A)
96-04-110.1  Palest Amber Artique
96-04-110.2  Pale Amber Artique
96-04-110.8  Medium Amber Artique
96-04-121  Light Green Artique
96-04-130.8  Pale Blue Artique
96-04-132  Light Blue Artique
96-04-136  Dark Blue Artique
# 04-140.8  Pale Purple Artique (non-fusible)
96-04-152  Ruby Red Artique
96-04-161  Yellow Artique
96-04-171  Orange Artique
04-180.8  Pale Gray Artique (non-fusible)
96-04-180.8  Pale Gray Artique
96-04-528.1  Sea Green Artique
96-04-533.1  Sky Blue Artique
96-04-543.2  Grape Artique