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OGT Waterglass

Oceanside Waterglass Glass

Oceanside's Spectrum Waterglass is a cross between Semi-Antique and Ripple. There are mild veins on the back and very wavy flow on the front. The two together give subtle light variations that are very pleasing for backgrounds and underwater scenes. Waterglass also makes elegant borders around large and small panels.

Oceanside has changed their formula for making waterglass.  If you see 96 in the part number, it is the new version that is now COE 96 compatible.

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10 pc min when ordering 8x12,11x12 & 12x12 Glass  (20 pcs fill a Small Box) - $6
5 pc min when ordering 12x15 & 12x24 Glass  (10 pcs fill a Med Box) - $10
5 pc min when ordering 16x24 & 20x24 Glass  (10 pcs fill a Large Box) - $12
5 piece minimum when ordering 24x24 Glass  (7 pieces fill an Xtra Large Box) - $20

12x12 12x24 24x24
clear waterglass 96-03-100  Clear Waterglass
black waterglass 96-03-1009  Solid Black Opal Waterglass
  11x12 11x24 20x24
amber waterglass 96-03-110.2  Pale Amber Waterglass Temp Out Temp Out Temp Out
medium amber waterglass 96-03-110.8  Medium Amber Waterglass Temp Out Temp Out Temp Out
dark amber waterglass 96-03-111  Dark Amber Waterglass
light green waterglass 96-03-121  Light Green Waterglass
medium green Waterglass 96-03-123  Medium Green Waterglass
dark green Waterglass 96-03-125  Dark Green Waterglass
pale blue waterglass 96-03-130.8  Pale Blue Waterglass Temp Out Temp Out Temp Out
light blue waterglass 96-03-132  Light Blue Waterglass
medium blue waterglass 96-03-134  Medium Blue Waterglass
dark blue waterglass 96-03-136  Dark Blue Waterglass
pale purple waterglass 96-03-140.8  Pale Purple Waterglass
light purple waterglass 96-03-142  Light Purple Waterglass
dark purple waterglass 96-03-146  Dark Purple Waterglass
cherry red waterglass 96-03-151  Cherry Red Waterglass
ruby red waterglass 96-03-152  Ruby Red Waterglass
yellow waterglass 96-03-161  Yellow Waterglass
orange waterglass 96-03-171  Orange Waterglass
gray waterglass 96-03-180.8  Pale Smoke Gray Waterglass
white waterglass 96-03-200.91  Solid White Opal Waterglass
olive/sea green waterglass 96-03-422.1  Olive Green & Sea Green Waterglass
green/blue waterglass 96-03-423.1  Pale Green & Aqua Blue Waterglass
blue/sky blue waterglass 96-03-433.1  Steel Blue & Sky Blue Waterglass
purple/pale purple waterglass 96-03-444.1  Deep Purple & Pale Purple Waterglass
red amber waterglass 96-03-451.2  Ruby Red & Amber Waterglass
bronze waterglass 96-03-518.1  Solar Bronze Waterglass
teal green waterglass 96-03-523.2  Teal Green Waterglass
moss green waterglass 96-03-526.2  Moss Green Waterglass
sea green waterglass 96-03-528.1  Sea Green Waterglass
sky blue waterglass 96-03-533.1  Sky Blue Waterglass
deep aqua waterglass 96-03-533.3  Deep Aqua Waterglass
steel blue waterglass 96-03-538.4  Steel Blue Waterglass
navy blue waterglass 96-03-538.6  Navy Blue Waterglass
grape waterglass 96-03-543.2  Grape Waterglass
Champagne waterglass 96-03-591.1  Champagne Waterglass