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OGT Textured Clears

Oceanside Textured Clear Stained Glass

Use the aggressive clears like Granite, Crystal Ice, Cord in places where you want light while still maintaining complete privacy. The more soft textures like Waterglass, Baroque, Artique, and Seedy are more designed for backgrounds where you don't want to take away from the design, but still want to add pizzazz and life to the panel.

Oceanside has started to convert their Spectrum line over to being fusible.  If you see a 96 in front of the part number, it is now fusible!

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10 pc min when ordering 8x12 & 12x12 Glass  (20 pcs fill a Small Box) - $6
5 pc min when ordering 12x15 & 12x24 Glass  (10 pcs fill a Med Box) - $10
5 pc min when ordering 16x24 & 20x24 Glass  (10 pcs fill a Large Box) - $12
5 piece minimum when ordering 24x24 Glass  (7 pieces fill an Xtra Large Box) - $20

12x12 12x24 24x24
clear seedy glass 96-19-030  Clear Seedy  (100SEEDY)
clear satin seedy glass 96-19-030X  Clear Satin Seedy  (100SNseedy)
clear hammered glass 96-19-040  Clear Hammered  (100H)
clear crystal glass 96-19-050  Clear Diamond Crystal Ice  (100GG)
clear subtle hammered glass 96-19-060  Clear Subtle Hammered  (100HS)
clear granite glass 96-19-070  Clear Granite  (100G)
clear cord glass 96-19-080  Clear Cord  (100C)
clear krinkle glass 96-19-120  Clear Krinkle  (100K)
clear quarter reeded glass 96-19-130  Clear Quarter Reeded  (100QR)
clear satin glass 96-19-140  Clear Satin  (100SN)
clear corteza glass 96-19-150  Clear Corteza (Interwoven Fissures)  (100CZ)
clear rain water glass 96-19-170  Clear Rain Water  (100RW)
clear crackle glass 96-19-190  Clear Crackle  (100Crackle)
clear corsica glass 96-19-210  Clear Corsica  (100CC)
clear waterglass glass 96-03-100  Clear Waterglass  (100W)
clear artique glass 96-04-100  Clear Artique  (100A)
clear rough rolled glass 96-05-100  Clear Rough Rolled  (100RR)
clear vecchio glass 96-06-100  Clear Vecchio  (100V)
clear baroque glass # 18-401  Clear / Clear Baroque  (BR/CLEAR)