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Wissmach Mystic Glass

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Not quite opal and not quite wispy. Mystic has a semi-translucent appearance with a slight mottled texture. Each two-color mix transmits light like a wispy while giving you total privacy. This texture will make perfect waterscapes and natural wildlife scene.

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10 pc min when ordering 8x12 & 12x12 Glass  (20 pcs fill a Small Box) - $6
5 pc min when ordering 12x15 & 12x24 Glass  (10 pcs fill a Med Box) - $10
5 pc min when ordering 16x21 & 20x24 Glass  (10 pcs fill a Large Box) - $12

8x12 12x12 18x32
cut into
(2) 16x18s
cut into
(4) 16x21s
clear mystic glass # 700-21  Wissmach Clear Mystic
purple mystic glass # 701-21  Wissmach Med Purple w/Dark Purple Streaky
green/blue mystic glass # 702-21  Wissmach Green w/Dark Blue Streaky
blue/purple mystic glass # 703-21  Wissmach Cobalt Blue w/Purple Streaky
green/brown mystic glass # 704-21  Wissmach Dark Green w/Brown Streaky
violet/amber mystic glass # 705-21  Wissmach Violet w/Amber Streaky
amber/brown mystic glass # 706-21  Wissmach Lt Amber w/Brown Streaky Temp Out Temp Out Temp Out
blue/dark blue mystic glass # 707-21  Wissmach Lt Blue w/Dark Blue Streaky
blue/white mystic glass # 707-29  Wissmach Lt Blue w/Dark Blue and White Wispy Temp Out Temp Out Temp Out Temp Out
green/dark green mystic glass # 708-21  Wissmach Lt Green w/Dark Green Streaky
green/white mystic glass # 709-21  Wissmach Green w/Amber Streaky