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Special Event

Glass Expo

Our annual Fall Festival has gotten so large, we had to upgrade its name!  Even the Frederick County Executive came out and declared September to be Art Glass Month here in Frederick!  So the show is now called the East Coast Glass Expo!
No registration fee or sign up required - Just come on by!

We will be having many vendors visiting us demonstrating their products and answering all of your questions.
We will have sales on many items throughout the store! There will be door prizes, and raffles throughout both days.
We will have lots of Wissmach, Kokomo, Oceanside Glass and Youghiogheny's 96 Fusible Glass and Art Glass. 
So Welcome back, my friends To the show that never ends
We're so glad you could attend
Come inside! Come inside!
(The first person to come to Dave with that song reference will get a free T-Shirt)

Make It to Make It
with Petra Kaiser!

2 Day Workshop - Sept 16th and Sept 17th 2019
9:00am to 4:00pm

$ 295
Students will need an 8"x9" KL Board for the class.
If you have one, please bring it!  Otherwise they can be purchased in the store.


Petra Kaiser will be back to teach another 2 day workshop with new ideas and topics. Besides mold making, you will learn a lot about how to add interest to your glass art.

You will MAKE IT:
 - Slabs of glass using several colors of Wissmach Glass
 - Vitrigraph Stringers
 - Frit and stringer pre fused elements
 - Mold from KLB
 - On Edge Design
 - Tapestry Design
 - Drop out sculpture/vase
 - To Deep Drop Glass

Petra will also demonstrate her latest technique where you will learn how to make interesting shapes, like her octopus bowl or the flow. Don’t worry; it won’t be chicken wire. And of course your own drop out mold made with Kaiser Lee Board will have an interesting shape. Instead of cutting off the rim of your fused glass vase; Petra will show you how to add the most interest to the rim and “Make It Truly Yours”. KL-Board molds are reusable countless times and can be used for slumping, draping and castings. Nearly anything you can think of can be realized with KL-board. It is the only tool that enables us to make some of the most unusual glass art objects with surprisingly little effort. KL-board is very versatile and will definitely expand your pallet of kiln worked glass.

Instructor Bio:

 Petra Kaiser has taught workshops all over the United States and abroad, you may know her from her popular books, Introduction to Glass Fusing, Fuse It and Glass Forming with the Mold Block System. She specializes in the creating and developing of new forms and products. Petra loves to share her ideas and techniques that she has discovered over the past 18 years of kiln forming glass via slide show, samples of her exquisite art work and demonstrations. And don’t forget to bring your fusing questions and your glass projects or KLB molds that you want to discuss with Petra.

Butterfly Smash/Colors and Lines
Margot Clark

2 Day Workshop - Sept 16th and Sept 17th 2019
9:00am to 4:00pm

$ 295

Butterfly Smash - Choose between a blue or yellow themed background and then create the "wings" with UGC enamels and a balloon, a torch and a straw on the first day. On the second day, the butterfly will be created with Black MUD and enamels. Student to receive full, written instructions, pattern and UGC product to take home. Single layer glass 6"x8".

Colors and Lines - Create a poured background on the first day using UGC enamels, a straw and a torch. On the second day, create the freeform linework using UGC Details and a Margot's Script Liner Brush. Student to receive full, written instructions, pattern and UGC product to take home. Single layer glass 11" round.

Bonus project!  Tree Ring!

Instructor Bio:
Margot Clark is an artist that works in multiple mediums, meaning that she loves to create art in many different forms. She work in glass, acrylics, watercolor and MUD! She is also a co-owner of Unique Glass Colors and uses her products to create her glass art. Margot Clark on Facebook
Unique Glass Colors on Facebook

Amerway Solder
Amerway will be here to talk about their wonderful solder products.  Ask Tim about the secret ingredients which I am sure are 11 herbs and spices. There will be ongoing soldering demonstrations using the Hakko FX-601 soldering iron throughout both days.  Come see how Hakko and Amerway can make YOU a better solderer.
Creative Paradise
Stephanie will be here with her latest mold offerings!  Last year she brought tons of finished pieces to show as well as demonstrating how to do slurry (and that has nothing to do with losing the power of speech!).  Find out how you too can make awesome flowers!


 The makers of Cutter's Mate and Beetle Bits and various bottle cutters will be here demonstrating their products.  Watch the symphony of cutting as Ray makes his cutter sing with accuracy.  At no time do his fingers ever leave his hands!

Gemini Saw Co.
The makers of the Taurus 3 Ring Saw and the Apollo Saw will be here demonstrating their products and answering all questions.  Watch how they cut through glass with ease and even thicker material such as pattern bars!

Handy Hangers
Lori will be here demonstrating her new Handy Hangers for fusible projects.  Come "hang" with the makers of the one product that holds this whole industry together.
New to our vendor list this year!  Hakko will be here assisting with the soldering demonstrations and showing off their amazing FX-601 iron.  Come visit them and you too can experience the Hakko-y goodness.

Kokomo Glass
The makers of Kokomo Opalescent Art glass will be here to answer all of your questions about their products.  Come see their rondels, heads and tails, and amazing art glass.

Oceanside Glass and Tile

 Oceanside will be here to update you on how they are progressing with making machine rolled and hand rolled products as well as the long awaited stringers and noodles!  Pam promises videos to watch as well as tequila as long as she can get around the import laws.
Olympic Kilns
Olympic will be here to demonstrate their Vitrigraph pulling skills.  Watch as they pull hot molten glass from the bottom of a kiln and bend glass with their hands for your amusement!

Barbara Cashman will be here demonstrating her fusing product called SilkeMat. Demos will be throughout both days.  Learn how you can make your own molds!

The makers of Brilliant Bits, MO-RE, Gel Bits, Papyros paper, and Aqua Flow will be here demonstrating their revolutionary new product THE Grinder.  From what I hear they will have another new announcement to unleash on us at the Expo!  Be the first to find out what it is!
Toyo - GAI

The cutting experts from Toyo will be here demonstrating cutting techniques and will show you how you can become a better glass cutter.  They will also be demonstrating their latest cutting blades, cutting oil and showing you how to drill holes in glass for jewelry, hanging wind chimes, or putting lights in bottles!
Unique Glass Colors

The manufacturers of kiln fired glass colors, specialty products and MUD.  Learn how you can add colors onto your kiln fired projects to add depth and vibrant appearance.  Ask about her layering mix!

 Carole and Randy Wardell will be here demonstrating their Tattoo Goo and other products!  One of the most popular tables last year!  Many people took part in the Tattoo Goo Make and Take. Learn how to make a quick fused project using awesome designs in just minutes!
Have you been thinking about trying out Wissmach 96 glass, but were afraid to make the jump?  We will have artist Petra Kaiser on hand to show you her fused art using Wissmach 96 glass.  She has done extensive work with both the Prisma and Luminescent Wissmach 96 glass and will answer your questions on how you too can work with it!  We will have lots of Wissmach 96 sample packs on hand for sale.
Youghiogheny Glass
Youghiogheny Glass will be showing off a sampling of stained art glass and fusible 96 glass.  Come learn about the Fusible Y96 Glass and their new line of True-Dichro Glass.  There will be lots of Yough 6x10 pieces on sale like last year as well as their popular head and tails!

Breda Glass Nippers
A brand new, ergonomic mosaic glass nippers that is unbelievably easy to use.  Fits comfortably in your hand with no hand stress.  Come and try it out at the Breda table!

3nd Annual Tom Giles Cutting Tournament

Come show off your cutting skills and win your name on the coveted Tom Giles Memorial Trophy!  There will be hourly tournaments where judges will award prizes donated from Kokomo.  At the end the final prize will be awarded to the cutter who is most worthy!
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