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Kilns - Olympic 146 GFE Square

Olympic 146 GFE Square Glass Kiln

Elements in the firing chamber are used to evenly heat the glass piece and the lid element is used when fusing temperature is reached, which provides accurate, even heating throughout the kiln and enhanced control during slumping and fusing-- the electronic controller allows you to get accurate results time after time.

Intended for use with glass, this kiln is suitable for copper enameling, glass fusing & slumping and PMC work. The ChampXL and the 146GFE are the same except the 146GFE also has side elements. However only the lid or the side elements can operate at a time, not together.

Olympic 146 GFE Square Kiln

Olympic Kilns 146 GFE Square Glass Kiln specs:
  • Inside Dimensions: 14.5" x 14.5" x 6" deep, .73 cu. ft.
  • Fires to 1700° F
  • Runs on 120 volts - 16 amps / 20 amp breaker
  • 1 Phase Wiring
  • Lid and Body Heating Elements
  • Top Loading
  • 18" Tall Stand
  • Viewing Peephole (Standard)
  • 12-key controller (Standard)
  • Shipping Weight ~ 85 lbs
  • Plug - NEMA 5-20
  • Instruction Manual
  • 2 Year Warranty

    Optional Upgrades:

    • 2" Round Quartz Viewing Window
    • 2" x 4" Rectangle Quartz Viewing Window
    • Genesis controller
    • 13"x13" square shelf
    • Furniture Kit  (see below for contents)

  • Kiln Furniture Kit includes:
    • 2 - 13"x13" square shelves
    • 4 - ½" kiln posts
    • 4 - 1" kiln posts
    • 4 - 2" kiln posts
    • 1 - 1 lb. bag of kiln wash
    • 2 square feet of ceramic paper

Watch a video on how to program the 12-Key or Genesis Controller

Olympic 146 GFE Square Kiln

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truck This Kiln can be delivered via UPS Ground.  Call us and we can give you a quote for shipping right to your door.  UPS will email you a tracking number once your kiln ships.     Keep in mind that although optional shelves and furniture kits are additional dollars up front, they are much cheaper to ship to you with the kiln rather than as a separate shipment after your kiln arrives.

Choose Your Controller!

RTC-100 Controller
 *12-key Controller
*6 user programs, 8 segments for ramp up/down and hold times
*Thermocouple Type K


Genesis Controller
 *Touch Screen Controller
*12 user programs, 32 segments for ramp up/down and hold times
*Thermocouple Type K

Olympic's RTC-100 Controller is designed specifically for glass. This controller allows the flexibility to program "on the fly" and make changes to the program while firing. Stores up to 6 user programs with up to 8 segments per program. User programs 5 & 6 can be combined to create a 16-segment program if needed. The controller will add time in 5 minute increments, has 3 default speeds - slow, medium, fast - multi-zone control, delay start, alarm, error codes and computer interface is available.

Olympic's Genesis Touch Screen Controller is the latest technology in kiln programming. This controller makes firing easier by using a touch-screen technology for the user interface with easy-to-follow screen descriptions. It has different user-interface levels, which can be set to match the userís firing knowledge. A graphical display of the firing process shows you where you are in the program and what is still left to do. Stores up to 30 custom user programs and can have up to 32 segments per program. Other features include ability to change temperature and skip segments during a firing, built in diagnostics testing for use with a current sensor, alarm, and had a Wi-Fi interface for easy software updating. Compatible with KISS computer interface.

Watch a video on how to program the 12-Key or Genesis Controller