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Tools Bottle Cutters


Creator's Cyclone Cutter

Creator's Cyclone Cutter


It's the Monday after the Super Bowl and you have a recycle bin full of empty beer bottles.  If only there was a way to repurpose them into something useful!  Creator's has created a quick and simple way to cut beer bottles with ease - the Cyclone!  The Cyclone will score bottles from 2.25" diameter up to 2.75" diameter.  Simply place the bottle into the cutter cylinder, adjust the cutting height, press the button to hold the blade against the bottle, then use the grip to turn the bottle inside the Cyclone and you have successfully scored!  Apply heat, then cold and you have successfully cut the bottle!

# 3189    $ 41.95  $ 37.99

Creator's Bottle Cutter

Creator's Bottle Cutter

Palm Protector
Palm Protector

Love to make bottle art, but haven't found the right bottle cutter?  The makers of Cutter's Mate have the answer.  Put the fun back into recycling all those glass bottles and jars that seem to accumulate around the house while transforming them into useful items such as hanging planters, terrariums, bowls, and candle holders. Introducing a high-tech, durable  bottle cutter that is simple to use and makes exact cuts around the bottle.  Constructed from a polycarbonate plastic, aluminum slide bar, ball bearing rollers, and is the only bottle cutter with a carbide cutting wheel.  Simply set the cutting wheel to exact spot on the attached ruler, tighten the wheel to hold the cutter in place, then simply spin the bottle on the rollers while applying pressure.  It's that easy!

As a special bonus, also included is a Palm Protector that allows the bottle to spin easily while keeping your hands safe while cutting (see picture on the right).  Made in the USA!

12" long, 6" high, and 5" wide.   Instructions

# 3180 Creator's Bottle Cutter     Reg. $120.95
# 3180    $ 99.95  $ 89.00

Bottle Leveler

# 3162 Replacement Cutting Head
   Reg. $18.95
# 3162    $ 18.95  $ 12.95


# 3183 Bottle Leveler  - Levels out odd shaped bottles
# 3183    $ 27.95
# 3184 Bottle Score O Rings ( 1 pair ) - Useful for keeping hot or cold water in a channel right on the score.
# 3184    $ 6.95

See the Creator's Bottle Cutter in Action!

Creator's Bottle Neck Cutter
NEW amazing way to cut the neck of bottles from the makers of Cutter's Mate!


Makes awesome guitar neck slides!

Introducing a high-tech, durable bottle neck cutter that is simple to use and can smoothly cut around the neck of round bottles from Creator's Stained Glass.  Constructed from a polycarbonate plastic with a carbide cutting wheel.  Simply set the holding plug in the bottle opening, adjust the height of the cutting wheel by turning the wheel, hold the sides of the cutter firmly and then simply spin the bottle while applying pressure.  It's that easy! 6.5" high, 3" wide at base, and 1.5" deep.  Adjustable from .5" to 4.5"" in height.  Comes with a carbide cutting head.

For a limited time includes a small grinding stone to smooth out the cut bottle edges!

# 3177    $ 49.95
Watch the video to see how easy it is to use!
Creator's Glastopper
Upcycle your cut bottle necks into Shot Glasses!


Introducing a smart way to up-cycle your cut bottle necks from Creator's Stained Glass.  Constructed from a durable lexan polycarbonate, this little stopper fits perfectly in beer and wine bottle openings.  After cutting and smoothing the edges of your cut bottle neck, simply insert the Glastopper into the bottle opening and that is all there is to it!  Base is 2" diameter and it is dishwasher safe.  Contact material is FDA compliant and best of all it is made in the USA!  Comes in Black and Clear.

Set of 4
# 3179-C    $ 14.95


Set of 4
# 3179-B    $ 14.95

Set of 4
# 3179-G    $ 14.95

Set of 4
# 3179-R    $ 14.95



Bottle Cutter

Bottle & Jar Cutter
Temp Out

Replacement Blades for
Bottle & Jar Cutter

Two (2) cutters per package.
# 77-0001    $ 6.95

Cuts round and square bottles. Features an exclusive floating head design that enables you to cut bottles and jars of various shapes and sizes.