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Grinder Techniglass - Grinder 2


Techniglass The Grinder 2 

The revolutionary grinder from Techniglass, THE Grinder, had an offspring!
Introducing THE Grinder 2!
Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the studio.

The best part about THE Grinder 2 is that you get the same great DC motor,
the same sleek chassis, the same great bit and Aqua Flow system, the same great
water tray and accessories drawer, but in a smaller machine.  THE Grinder 2 is
designed for the person who wants quality, for a lower price, and the option to add the
bells and whistles that they want.
Techniglass The Grinder 2
Techniglass The Grinder 2
Techniglass The Grinder 2 accessories


Work Surface Dimension: 11.5" x 9.5" (29x24cm)
Brushless DC Motor, 110-220v; Dual voltage for international use
RPM: 4500 RPM - Torque: 57 oz/in (0.4 N/m)
Max Horsepower: 1/6 HP - 50-60 HZ

Because of the DC Motor, most foot switches are not compatible with it.  However the motor is so quiet and cool, you don't really need one. It uses 24x less electricity than other grinders!

 3/4" Everwear Bit Guard
 3/4" Quick-Fit Bit System
 Aqua Flow System
 Mini Splash Guard
 Optional Add-ons:
 Mini G Elevated Work Surface
 Mini G 1/4" & 1/8" Bits
 Splash Guard Curtain
 Lumishield LED Light & Eye Shield

THE Grinder 2 is here and ready to ship!

# 7810    $ 248.95  $ 199.95

 Grinder 2 Optional Add-ons

Lumishield Kit

Lumishield KitShine some light on the subject!  Add this LED light and Face shield to your Grinder 2 and activate the light button.  Plugs right in! Only works with Grinder 2.

# 7811    $ 34.95

Splash Guard Kit

Splash GuardThis splash curtain will keep water from splattering every where while allowing the glass to slide safely underneath it while you turn it. Only works with Grinder 2.

# 7812    $ 18.79

Mini G Elevated Basin

Mini G PlatformElevate your grinding to the next level!  With this addon, your Grinder 2 will be able to user the Mini G 1/4" and 1/8" bits with a platform to rest the glass upon.  You can fill the tray with water and use the Aqua Flow System.  This kit comes with its own orange Aqua Flow Brush, but you need to use the Grinder's brush holder.  If you would like to get a 2nd Aqua Flow System, see below.

# 7813    $ 15.59

Mini G Grinder Heads

Techiglass THE Grinder Mini G

The MiniG is a set of 1/4" and 1/8" grinder heads for THE Grinder and Grinder2. Twists into the top of the shaft for easy installation.

# 7789    $ 30.95  $ 26.49

THE SET for Grinder 2

Techiglass THE Grinder 2 SET  Techiglass THE Grinder 2 SET

Sophisticated Design with Unsurpassed Accuracy
The SET (Straight Edge Tool) perfectly aligns atop THE GRINDER work surface, enabling glass to easily slide between the grinding bit and the straight edge guide bar.  Precisely grind rectangle and square shaped glass to your desired dimensions. Finish your pieces with confidence and accuracy!

# 7786    $ 31.95

Replacement Aqua Flow Brush

Techniglass aqua flow brush

Replacement white aqua flow brush for the main water reservoir of the grinder (not the Mini G Basin). (3 pack)
# 7797    $ 11.95

Replacement Aqua Flow Brush for Mini G Basin

Mini G Aqua Flow brush

Replacement orange aqua flow brush for the second story Mini Basin.
This brush is only used in the Mini G Elevated Platform Aqua Flow.

# 7792    $ 1.95

Replacement Aqua Flow System
for THE Grinder 1 & 2

Techniglass THE Grinder aqua flow

Replacement Aqua Flow clip and 2 white brushes. The orange brush for the Mini G Elevated Platform fits in this clip too.  If you don't like moving the clip from the grinder to the platform and swapping out brushes, getting a second clip is the way to go.
# 7790    $ 13.75

Everwear Bit Guards

Techiglass 3/4 Everwear bit guard           Techiglass 1 Everwear bit guard

Replacement Stainless Steel Bit guards to put under the bit while grinding.
 THE Grinder comes with a 1" bit guard. THE Grinder2 comes with a 3/4" bit guard.

3/4" Bit Guard
# 7787    $ 18.59
1" Bit Guard
# 7788    $ 19.95


Replacement Power Cord

Works for THE Grinder and Grinder 2
US, UK, AUS and EU versions available

# 7801    $ 13.95

Techiniglass' THE Grinder comes with their patented Quick-Fit Bit System,
 but will also accept standard grinding bits such as their Brilliant Bits.
Click here to see their Brilliant Bits.
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