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Grinder Accessories

Aqua Flow System

Aqua Flow Water Delivery System
Say Goodbye to Your Grinder Sponge!!

The Aqua Flow System has micro-tubular brush bristles that transfer water from the reservoir to the grinder bit continuously. Prevents dry out and prolongs the life of the bit.  Anti-clog technology keeps the tubes from clogging as it keep sludge away from the bit. A self-locking snap-in holder keeps it locked in place

# 7790  Fits Techniglass THE Grinder (2 Brushes)
# 7790    $ 13.75
# 7791  Fits Glastar All-Star (2 Brushes)
# 7791    $ 11.39
# 7793  Fits Glastar Diamond Star & Super Star II (2 brushes)
# 7793    $ 11.39
# 7795  Fits All Inland EXCEPT Impulse (2 Brushes)
# 7795    $ 11.39
# 7797  Replacement Brush for All Systems (3 Pack)
# 7797    $ 11.95

Aqua Flow

Aqua Flow System

Nick's Grinder's Mate

Nick's Grinder's Mate   Nick's Grinder's Mate  
Finally a grinding aid that does what it's supposed to. 
Grind faster, easily and more accurately than ever before.

Saves Fingernails, Protects Fingertips, Say goodbye to sore and painful fingers FOREVER!

Features Include: Sturdy Hinge: works with a variety of glass thickness.
The rubber jaws grip the glass automatically.
Frees fingers and wrist to do faster and more accurate projects.
The wide base keeps the glass at right angles to the grinder head.

Reg. $ 26.95
# GM-1    $ 14.95
Replacement Jaws
# 3600    $ 2.39


Creator's Thumbonie

Creators Thumbonie   Creators Thumbonie

 Protect the Thumbs!
The Thumbonie offers superior finger protection as well as ease in pushing your glass to your grinder.

# 1573    $ 12.95

Foot Switch For Glass Grinders

Foot Switch

Instead of fumbling with knobs and switches, a simple tap of the toe will turn on or off any electrical device. A wonderful convenience for grinders, band saws and other tools.
(Does not work with THE Grinder)

# 5922    $ 38.59

Grinder Cookie

Grinder Cookie

The Grinder Cookie saves wear and tear on your fingers while you grind. Specially designed shape relieves hand fatigue while allowing extra pressure to be applied to your glass for faster grinding.

# 1627    $ 11.29