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Gryphon Wet Belt Sander

Gryphon Wet Belt Sander
New and Improved!   Gryphon Wet Belt Sander/Grinder

This Gryphon product provides an entirely new category of tool for the glass artist.

With a large grinding belt, offering a huge 90 square inches of grinding surface, you can now accurately grind straight lines or true up large curved surfaces quickly and easily. A small platform helps steady your work and tilts for easy beveling. A variety of belts are available from coarse for fast grinding to ultra smooth for polishing.


  • High Speed DC Motor For Fast Grinding
  • Simple construction with few moving parts
  • Direct Drive - No Belts or Pulleys
  • Convenient water reservoir under the lower wheel
  • Uses a standard kitchen sponge to keep the belt wet
  • Ruggedly constructed of high-impact plastic, aluminum & steel
  • Comes with 3 belts (80, 120, & 400 Grit)
  • 120V only
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Specifications: 3500 rpm - 3"x 30" Belt - Adjustable for angles - 9.5"x7.5" Coolant reservoir -
Single Knob Tension Adjustment - Weight 16 lbs -
1 Year Warranty

Gryphon Wet Sanding Belts

60 Grit Belt  (2-Pack)
120 Grit Belt  (2-Pack)
80 Grit Belt  (2-Pack)
400 Grit Belt (2-Pack)

Gryphon Cork Belt

Cork Polishing Belt (1)
(Great for polishing edges of cabochons)
80/120/400 Grit Belt (3-Pack)
Get 1 of each belt
# 08499    $ 18.95