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Tools Morton System

morton logo The Morton System Makes Stained Glass Safe and Simple

The Morton System is an integrated set of tools used to simplify difficult glass cuts, which allows a beginning hobbyist or professional studio to easily make cuts in glass that are difficult or impossible to accomplish with other tools. The special cutting surface cells trap the glass chips, which will prevent your glass from getting scratched and will provide you the ability to work safely with glass anywhere without the mess. The special breaking system consists of a pressure block with a concave undersurface used with a running button that has a convex upper surface on top of an open grid surface.  This breaking system is safe to work with since glass is not broken by holding the glass in your hands.

The Morton Company has been sold to new owners and will be ramping up production in Spring 2024.  Stay Tuned!


Morton Portable Glass Shop

The Portable Glass Shop allows you to make cuts fast and accurate. It cuts triangles, rectangles, diamonds and any other geometric shape easily. Just measure one time, then cut two or a hundred pieces - all identical! A grid work surface is required, but not included. The markings on your current Morton surface are easily modified to work with the Portable Glass Shop. Video and Manuals are available online to make the learning easy and fun again. New features include a reversible Squaring Fence for regular and thin art glass and fast angles in both metric and inch scales. Includes the new "Cutter Slide" Bar which improves your cutting technique.
The Mini Surface is sold separately.

  • 15" Cutting Bar
  • Cutter Slide
  • Shuttle Strip
  • Bar Spacer
  • 60/90/120 Fast Angles
  • 2 Squaring Blocks
  • 12 Inch/Metric Ruler
  • Small Squaring Fence
  • Fence Extension
  • Cutter Gauge
  • 3 Glass Stops
  • 2 Bar Locks
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Replacement 31" Studio Cutting Bar

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Replacement 15" Studio Cutting Bar (PG15)
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Morton System Mini Surface Plus (SS02P)

morton grids

The SS02P, Mini Surface Plus, is two 11.25 x 15.75 inch interlocking panels that are 100% compatible with all Morton cutting surface accessories.  Packaged with 2 panels in the box.
Use 2 of the SS02P to make a Maxi Surface (22.5" x 31.5" - 4 panels total)

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Morton Layout Block System

The Layout Block System (LB01), is a replacement for wood board, wood strips and horseshoe nails of traditional project layout board. The ten 6" aluminum blocks and 40 push pins utilize inexpensive soft boards for layout (ie. homosote, or drop ceiling tiles). This system is widely used and recommended by teachers for the home hobbyist.


If you don't see the layout system you are looking for, click here to see Creator's Handy Edge.


(LB01) Layout Block System
Ten 6" aluminum blocks and 40 push pins
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(LB02) 12-inch & 3-inch Add-Ons
Four 12" and four 3" aluminum blocks and 40 push pins give you the flexibility to make both large and small projects.
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(LB17) 17-inch Layout Add-Ons
Two 17" aluminum blocks and 16 push pins greatly expand the entire Layout Block System for those larger project layouts.
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(LB23) 23-inch Layout Add-Ons
Two 23" aluminum blocks and 16 push pins greatly expand the entire Layout Block System for those larger project layouts.
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  Push Pins
Box of 100 5/8" steel point, Aluminum heads.
# 4124    $ 8.50
Safety Break System (SB01) morton safety break

A patented two-part breaking method. Allows staring the break anywhere along the score. Includes Breaking Button, powerful and easy-to-use Pressure Block and Morton Runner. The Morton Runner improves the power and control of hand breaking.

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Extra Glass Stops (PG06B)
morton glass stops
Designed to go with the New Portable Glass Shop. Glass artists have been asking for them so Morton Answered. Set a size, add masking tape and record the column and size.  The more Glass Stops you have, the more sizes you can keep track of.
Pack of 5.

# 2664    $ 21.95
morton strong line

Strong Line (SL25)

Strong Line
is a thin (.020) coppered steel strip used to greatly increase the strength of copper foil or lead channels. The strip height, about the same as most glass is thick (.114), fits the lead channel perfectly and can be used on both sides for extra reinforcement.

Strong Line is easy and fast to use. The wire is easily pulled from the cardboard dispenser in much the same way as scotch tape. Package contains 25 feet.

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Mr. Splash (GA02)

morton Mr. splash
Mr. Splash installed on a Mini Surface



Sit Mr. Splash, (GA02), around your grinder and protect your work area.
If you have a Mini Surface, (SS02), place it under your grinder to trap the mess and keep your grinder dry.

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