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Taurus 3 Ring Saw

Taurus 3 Ring Saw logo

Gemini has done it, a saw that does it all. The Taurus 3 Ring Saw (T3) was designed to make cutting glass easier. It has a built in light, flip up face shield, 25% larger work surface. The entire working part of the saw snaps out of the water bath and contains its own water so now it's a portable hand saw allowing you to work with larger pieces. That's not all!  It also cuts through dichroic glass, rippled glass, fused glass, stone, tile and plastic. Using it as a hand saw allows you to cut all different angles.

Manufacturer's list price: $ 695.00
Now includes and instructional DVD plus a Stabilizer Foot to make those precision cuts!
Note:  Gemini no longer includes the tube of lubricant as depicted in their DVD.  Also the metal clip that used to be included is now attached to the saw.

# 7430    $ 639.00

This saw is a 110v machine.  It is not guaranteed to work in countries with 220v even with a converter.
Due to previous customers having issues, we will not ship the Taurus overseas.  If it is sent to a
shipping forwarder and then sent overseas, we are not responsible for the operation of the machine.

Taurus 3 Ring Saw

  • Drive Motor: 1/5 HP
  • 110V; 50-60 HZ
  • Blade: 5¾" diamond-coated stainless steel
  • 17¾" x 16" Work Surface
  • 5 5/8" Throat Depth  1 1/2" Throat Height
  • Weight: 14 lbs.
  • 3-Year Warranty

Taurus 3 Ring Saw

  • 1 Standard Ring Blade (installed)
  • 1 Stabilizer Foot
  • 1 Instructional DVD and a written instruction manual
  • Quieter and Longer Lasting
  • Built in, Flip up, Removable Face shield
  • Built in Spot Light


taurus 3 saw

taurus 3 stabilizertaurus 3 dvd
Handheld Unit:
  • Bottom door ( soak bottom door in water before using to lubricate blade).
  • Sponges keep blade moist
  • Thumb Screw to remove door
  • Retainer Clip
Taurus 3 Replacement Blade Kits

All Taurus 3 blade kits come with one blade and two orange groove grommets
Taurus 3 Saw Blade

Standard Blade Kit
For general use, Omni-directional. The Standard blade gives you strength as well as versatility in all materials. Because the blade is round you have the ability to cut in any direction. The 360 degree diamond coating allows the blade to cut quickly while grinding the edge, leaving it smooth.

# 7432    $ 106.69

Slim Blade Kit
For the most intricate designs, omni-directional. The Slim blade offers the most intricate cutting ability of all our "Ring Blades". Because of the Slim blade's diminutive size, it has greater ability to create intricate designs and is ideal when cutting non-ferrous metals, but at the same time takes away strength so it is recommended only when its size is beneficial.

# 7434    $ 106.69

Separating Blade Kit
For internal cuts, omni-directional. The same size and has the same cutting action as the Standard blade, but it gives you the ability to open the blade, slide it through, reattach and make internal cuts with no entry point. It is made from a stainless steel wire and a coupling all of which are coated with the same high quality process as the other blades.

# 7435    $ 106.69

Dichroic Blade Kit
Just for cutting thin Dichroic Glass. This blade has the popular slim blade design with a fine diamond grit that will not chip the delicate dichroic finish! Also works well with iridescent coated glass allowing you to form intricate shapes with perfect edges. Clean edges mean lower temperatures and faster firing times for kiln fired jewelry creating a clean professional look.

# 7415    $ 115.95

Mega Blade Kit
For dense materials, because of the "tear drop" shape, the Mega Blade is the strongest T3 blade ever and is literally unbreakable. Unlike the Omni-directional blades, it cuts mainly on the front and back, so to create a curve you guide the material around the blade. It is so rigid that it has the ability to damage the saw itself if used improperly. So let the saw do the cutting and don't push the material too hard.

# 7433    $ 116.15

Slicer Blade Kit
The thinnest and fastest of the blades. Its action is just like that of a band saw in that you rotate the material into the blade as you are cutting, but you can do so in the middle of the cut and head off in any direction. This blade can turn on a dime and do very intricate designs once you get used to it. Glass fusers love it. Highly recommended for use with the Super Slicer. The Slicer blade is flat, giving it strength when cutting forward and backward.

# 7439    $ 115.95
Taurus 3 Parts
taurus 3 blade stabilizer
Taurus 3 Blade Stabilizer

The Taurus 3 Ring Saw Blade Stabilizer reduces grommet wear dramatically. It also gives you more control and stability when cutting thicker material. The Stabilizer adjusts easily to accommodate different thickness material. Perfect when using any of the Taurus 3 blades.

# 7443    $ 26.69
Taurus 3 Tension Arm
Taurus 3 Tension Arm

Keep the Taurus 3 belt at the right level of tension. 

# 7444    $ 12.49
 Taurus 3 Flocked Drive Belt
taurus 3 drive belt
Reinforced replacement drive belt for both the II.2 and 3.0 Taurus ring saw. 
 It has a Kevlar flocking or criss-crossed webbing that holds the rubber together so that it can't easily split.

# 7408    $ 49.59

taurus 3 r-4 pulleyTaurus 3 Accessories -
Blue Pulley

Sold individually.  Large rail blue pulley grommet prevents belt from sliding off.
Gemini part #1067.

# 7406    $ 26.69

taurus 3 r-4 pulley Taurus 3 Accessories -
Large Rail Blue Pulley with R-4 Bearing

Sold individually.  Large rail blue pulley grommet prevents belt from sliding off.
Gemini part #1036.

# 7407    $ 26.69

Taurus 3 Drive WheelTaurus 3 Drive Pulley

Drives the belt that turns the blade.
Gemini part #0035.

# 7445    $ 14.29

taurus 3 red grommets

Red Gear Grooved Grommet

Sold in Packs of 2, since the Taurus 2 uses two of these.  Also used in the Taurus 3 stabilizer.

# 7412    $ 6.49

taurus 3 bearing

R-2 Bearing

Sold in packs of 2.  The Taurus 3 uses 2 in the red grommets in the Blade Stabilzer.

# 7413    $ 6.49

taurus 3 hole reducer

T3 Hole Reducers

Useful on the top of the gray platform around where the blade enters to keep debris from entering the saw which can affect the moving parts.  Sold in sheets of 24.

# 7416-24    $ 11.45
taurus 3 grommet with bearing
T3 Orange Grommet
Assembly with Bearing

# 7437    $ 30.49
taurus 3 grommets
T3 Orange Grommet 2 Pack

# 7438    $ 10.29

Taurus 3 Accessories Kit
taurus 3 accessory kit
This kit is equipped with helpful tools for completing any project, from cutting straight lines to perfect circles and precise angles.

The Taurus 3 Accessory Kit includes the following:

  • Straight Edge

  • 30/60 Degree Cutoff Triangle

  • 45 Degree Cutoff Triangle

  • Bevel Edge Maker

  • Circle Maker

  • Lamp Wedge

# 7436    $ 44.75

taurus 3 complete parts kit
Taurus 3 Complete Blade & Parts Kit

Now is the time to give your saw a make-over. Gemini has put together a rebuild kit to get your saw back to like new condition. Includes: Standard Blade, 2 Orange Grommets, 5 Blue Pulley Assemblies, 2 Orange Groove Grommet Assemblies and 1 Drive Belt.

# 7440    $ 209.95

Super Slicertaurus super slicer

The incredible Super Slicer is a device that holds pattern bars and other small items needed for slicing in such a way as to allow repeated, perfectly parallel, thin cuts to be made. The slices are repeatable without readjustment or individually with precise adjustment. Although designed for the Taurus Ring Saws, the devise will fit almost all saws including band saws, trim saws, jig saws, etc. Once you own this simple, easy to use device, you will be amazed at how you ever got by without it.

# 7429    $ 49.59