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Books Windows - Doors - Cabinets

300 Stained Glass Cabinet Doors
300 Stained Glass Cabinet Doors
by Dennis Berkery

The author's 20 years of creating stained glass cabinet doors has culminated into this collection. Excellent resource for patterns and design ideas. Floral, Victorian, bevel, wildlife, Southwest and more. These designs can be used for more than just cabinets.

# 3730    $ 13.95

390 Traditional Stained Glass Designs
390 Traditional Stained Glass Designs
by Hywel G. Harris

78 pages of authentic Victorian and Edwardian era designs presented in various sizes and shapes. Included are lovely floral and floral motifs, geometric and transitional designs showing the influence of art nouveau and more. Transom and sidelight patterns included.

# 36812    $ 9.95

Art Deco and Geometric Stained Glass
Art Deco and Geometric Stained Glass Pattern Book
by Ed Sibbett, Jr.

An opulent array of Art Deco designs allows artisans to choose among elegant patterns of ovals, ellipses, rectangles, triangles, circles, and many more. Ideal for windows, sidelights, transoms and other stained glass projects. 136 black-and-white line illustrations.

# 36816    $ 19.95

Art Gallery
Art Gallery
by Marick Studios

Contains 16 full size designs of flowing abstracts and geometric designs each handcrafted and photographed in full color. Some of the designs were inspired by Kandinsky, Mondrian, and the art deco movement.

# 3648    $ 11.95  $ 9.95

Artisans Windows
Artisans Windows
by Marick Studios

12 patterns that can be used as full size or enlarged. The geometric, floral, art nouveau, and Victorian designs in this book have been created for actual home installations in sidelights, front doors, landings, and bathrooms. 32 pages 4 in full color.

# 7626    $ 11.95  $ 9.95

Art Nouveau Windows Stained Glass
Art Nouveau Windows Stained Glass Pattern Book
by Carolyn Relei

Over 100 patterns from one of the most flamboyant of artistic periods, including outlines of a lovely winged damsel, florals and vines, a vase, a butterfly, and much more. All displayed in rectangular, oval, circular, and semi-circular frames for use by craftspeople and stained glass workers at all levels of expertise.

# 36818    $ 8.95

Stained Glass Horse Patterns
Basically Bevels
by Melissa Vogt

Everyone loves the sparkling rainbows that beveled glass brings to a room. This book presents patterns for 16 square and rectangular panels made almost entirely with inexpensive, straight line bevels. Stained glass accents add a touch of color to many of the projects. With very little glass cutting required (and all of those cuts being straight), these panels are quick to complete.

# 3720    $ 11.95

Bevel Window Designs
Bevel Window Designs
by Randy Wardell

32 color photographs and over 100 detailed line drawings of beveled glass windows offering a broad range of design styles including traditional, floral, geometric, birds, landscapes, representational, and contemporary abstract. How-to methods for pattern enlarging, custom designing, framing and more. 70 pages.

# 985076    $ 11.95

Beveled Glass For Your Home
Beveled Glass For Your Home
by Anna Verbsky Sagami

Decorate your home with wonderful patterns for kitchen cabinets, transoms and corner windows. Traditional and conventional patterns are designed with bevel clusters and accenting bevels. Handy designing tips are included to turn your home into a beautiful showcase. Features over 100 patterns for cabinet doors PLUS nearly 200 additional patterns for transoms, valances and corner windows, all using bevel clusters! 57 pages. Great book to have for custom work!

# 3657    $ 12.95

Contemporary Stained Glass Sidelights
Contemporary Stained Glass Sidelights
by Jody Wright

60 enchanting stained glass patterns all especially chosen to form an attractive fit within the narrow parameters of sidelight spaces. Motifs include: daffodils, poppies, calla lilies, and 17 other stylized flower patterns. Images from nature: animals, from dainty seahorses to dashing coyotes. Geometric shapes: abstracts, Art Deco patterns, stars, circles, and more.

# 36831    $ 8.95

Cozy Corners
Cozy Corners
by Dione Roberts

Contains 16 corner designs to decorate windows and doors. Designs will fit in just about any 90 degree corner in the house. Great for adding that special little touch to any room. Full color photos and instructions included.

# 133607    $ 11.95  $ 7.95

Decorative Doorways Stained Glass
Decorative Doorways Stained Glass Pattern Book
by Carolyn Relei

151 designs for sidelights, fanlights, and transoms. Patterns include trellised roses, soaring birds, tulips, geometric and abstract designs. Framed in elongated rectangles which are ideal for transoms and sidelights. 60 pages.

# 36835    $ 8.95

Decorative Stained Glass Designs
Decorative Stained Glass Designs
by Louise Mehaffey

38 patterns for beautiful Windows and Doors. Full color photos show each finished project and the author provides a write-up to give a bit of background information on each piece and tips on creating a successful design. Designs include 24 botanical patterns, 4 traditional designs, a jacuzzi window, quilt & prairie designs, carousel horse and more! 960 pgs.

# 11449    $ 13.95

Doorways, Windows & Transoms
Doorways, Windows & Transoms Stained Glass Pattern Book
by Anna Croyle

Open gateways to beauty with 60 pages of wonderful patterns. This assortment of gorgeous stained glass designs will have crafters of every skill level brightening windows and entryways with graceful foliates and flowing ornamental motifs. Each pattern has been specially formatted for transoms, window panes, and door panels, and can be easily reduced or enlarged to conform to even the most hard-to-fit spaces.

# 36836    $ 9.95

Easy Stained Glass Patterns
Easy Stained Glass Patterns for Traditional Doorways
by Connie Clough Eaton

Specially chosen for their eloquent simplicity, these elegant floral and geometrical designs - ranging from circular and oval to square and rectangular forms - are intended to enhance traditional transoms, sidelights, and door inserts, but can also be incorporated into various other craft projects. 100 black-and-white designs.

# 36838    $ 8.95

English Lead Lites I
English Lead Lites I
by Vincent Dimas

A great book for those looking for designs well suited for lead came work. The author has taken inspiration from the English cottage tradition of where even the humblest home had a simple but elegant leaded glass window. The designs work well with bold primary colors but there's plenty of room for your own interpretation.

# 3881    $ 8.95

Hanging Around
Hanging Around
by Mari Stein

Contains 15 full size designs. All the projects are beautiful and colorful round windows. We used bevels, antique glass plates, jewels and glass globs as added design elements. Each window can be made with these easily available items or cut out and created using your preferred art glass. All designs are shown in full color with instructions.

# 3650    $ 11.95  $ 9.95

Living with Art Glass
Living with Art Glass
by Yvonne Barlog

48 pages of designs of beautiful, full-color, nature scene patterns by exceptional artists including a herons, crane, cattails, rising moon, River of Life, Kokopelli, and many others. Black and white patterns included for enlargement.

# 133666    $ 14.95

Masterworks of Art Nouveau
Masterworks of Art Nouveau Pattern Book
by Arnold Lyongrun, M. J. Gradl

More than 90 magnificent motifs include lovely floral and foliate designs, graceful female figures in flowing robes, pastoral landscapes, seascapes dominated by billowing sails, humorous depictions of animals, and more

# 36875    $ 22.95

Prairie Designs for Stained Glass Windows
Prairie Designs for Stained Glass Windows 10th Annv
by Alex Spatz

Contains 56 original designs in the Prairie School of design, which was started by Frank Lloyd Wright. It has designs in circles, rectangles and free-form shapes, in varying complexities for hobbyists of different levels.

# 3970    $ 10.95

Prairie Designs II for Stained Glass
Prairie Designs II for Stained Glass Windows
by Alex Spatz

Features 48 designs created by the Prairie School of Design. Prairie-style patterns convey simplicity, unity and nature, making these straight-cut projects ideal for all skill levels. Create designs with the elegance and simplicity of Frank Lloyd Wright.

# 7658    $ 10.95

Sidelights, Fanlights and Transoms
Sidelights, Fanlights and Transoms Stained Glass Pattern Book
by Ed Sibbett, Jr.

180 simple designs in traditional formats for projects suitable for sidelights and transoms. Designs include birds, fish, florals, abstracts, geometrics, more. 64 pages 2 in color.

# 36861    $ 8.95

Tiffany Windows Stained Glass
Tiffany Windows Stained Glass Pattern Book
by Connie Clough Eaton

60 pages with 60 designs adapted from authentic Tiffany creations. Designs for landscape windows, panels, transoms, skylights, glass screens, and other projects. Patterns for "Pumpkins and Beets", "The Deep Sea", "Sir Galahad", "Sunset", "Peace", many others.

# 36866    $ 8.95

Victorian Designs I
Victorian Designs I
by Dan Gimaldi

From simple to lavishly complex these 35 patterns will fit anyone's décor. Whether your looking for a quick weekend project to brighten a room or a summer long endeavor you will find your design here.

# 3894    $ 8.95