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Glass Packs

Glass packs are an excellent way to get a sample of different styles and colors of glass for an affordable price!
Pictures are only a sample of the glass color.  Your pack may contain different, yet just as pretty, colors!  Also, due to the nature of how glass is made and the different variations in computer monitors, the actual color may vary when viewed in person!

No Box Charge & Free Patterns with each Pack

Baby It's Cold Outside Pack

Free Patterns
6pc. 12"x12"

6 12"x12" colors of Spectrum glass that might chill your fingers just holding it!   This pack contains many colors and textures that make you think of winter scenes.  From snowflakes to snowmen, or clear blue winter skies to frosty, sun-kissed clouds on a beautiful winter morning, this pack will give you happy chills.
No Box charge for this glass pack.

# BICO-6    $ 36.95   $ 32.95   Buy 

Beachin' Glass Pack
Free Patterns
6pc. 12"x12"

6 12"x12" colors of Spectrum glass with free Beach patterns.  Surf's up, dude!  Like we got some gnarly glass here that would, you know, make some tasty waves and bitchin surf boards and stuff.  Woah!  How bout some flip flops beach balls?  Righteous, dude...
No Box charge for this glass pack.

# BEAC-6    $ 36.95   $ 32.95   Buy 

"You Had Me at Merlot" Glass Pack

Free Patterns
6pc. 12"x12"

6 12"x12" colors of Spectrum glass with free vineyard related patterns.
Because no great conversation was ever held sharing a bottle of water.
No Box charge for this glass pack.

# VINE-6    $ 36.95   $ 32.95   Buy 

Kokomo Glass Pack - 10 sheets per pack

Those who live nearby to our store have been able to run their fingers through our Kokomo crates. Now it's available in a glass pack online also. Now everyone can enjoy this wonderful Kokomo glass. You get 10 pieces Kokomo Glass of our picking.  No two packs will be the same since we have so many different pieces to choose from. We even waive the box charge!!
10 pieces of 8"x12"
Kokomo Animal Pack
Various shades of Beige and Browns perfect for animal fur!

# KO-PACK-8    $39.95  

10 pieces of 12"x12"
(5 Cathedral & 5 Opal sheets)

# KO-PACK-12    $49.95  

10 pieces of 16"x18"
(5 Cathedral & 5 Opal sheets)

# KO-PACK    $89.95

(5 Opals - 5 Cath)

Glass shown is a representation of the glass we pick for your pack.  Colors and textures will vary from pack to pack.


Getting in Tune to the Straight and Narrow!

After cutting up 100s of crates of glass for shipping, you tend to end up with some extra strips!
We sorted and packed up hundreds of these straight strips into these great glass packs that are perfect for boxes, or in beveled panels, or making any type Frank Lloyd Wright or Prairie design.
Each pack contains an assortment of straight strips approximately 2"x12" in size.

Stock up on Strip Packs!  We are discounting our already great prices!

Straight Lines for EZ Designs
30 pieces - ~2"x12" Strips

An assortment of cathedral and waterglass strips in a rainbow of colors including red and yellow.  Perfect for making boxes, chimes, crosses, borders, or accent any stained glass panel.

# SL30-1     $ 42.95   $ 36.95    Buy

Straight Lines (now with a hint of Blue!)
30 pieces - ~2"x12" Strips
24 clear accent pieces & 6 blue transparent accent pieces

An array of clear textured strips which make excellent accent or border pieces along with some blue transparent (mostly waterglass).   Perfect for making boxes, chimes, crosses, borders, or accent any Frank Lloyd Wright based stained glass panel.

# SCB-30    $ 36.95   $ 32.95   Buy


Uroboros Uncat Art Glass Pack 10"x12"

8 10"x12" colors of wondrous, unique Uroboros Uncat glass that are so bright and vibrant they could be used in almost any project. These colors will put you in a Spring state of mind and some of these colors one you won't find in Uroboros' standard line!
  Free Patterns and No Box charge for this glass pack!

# UB-01    $ 69.95   Buy 

Fusible Glass Packs

Fusers' Reserve Glass Pack

8pc. 12"x12"

8 12"x12" colors of fusible Spectrum Fusers' Reserve glass perfect for creating bowls, plates,  or even candle holders.  It is a perfect way to get one of each of the Fusers' Reserve glass we have on stock.  It's so unique and beautiful, just slump it as is and bask in the beauty!
No Box charge for this glass pack.

# FR1-8    $104.80    $ 89.95   Buy 


T-rrrific Glass Variety 20 Pack
20 pc. 6"x6"

If you are a beginner Fuser - this pack is an excellent way to get your feet wet.  Fusing is a lot of trial and error.
Why not try your first efforts on glass that is not expensive?

20 6"x6" of fusible Spectrum System96 T-Glass.   This pack is a great way to get more variety of colors in a smaller size popular with fusers. T-Glass is created when the color does not match 100% to Spectrum's criteria.  Basically it tripped the computer's sensor, but is difficult for the human eye to notice.  It is 100% COE 96 compatible and since we get it at a discount price, so do you!  No Box charge for this glass pack.  Includes a free "How To" booklet about fusing.

# TRP-20    $49.95    $ 39.95   Buy