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Uroboros Art Glass

uroboros art glass

Uroboros Art glass is some of the most beautiful glass that is created in the stained glass industry.  Because of the way art glass is created, very rarely does one sheet resemble the next.  Each is truly a unique piece of art.  The pictures here are Uroboros' representation of the glass, but since no two sheets are alike, the piece you receive will resemble the picture, but will not be exactly the same.  Also when we get sheets in from Uroboros, they may be dividable by 12" and sometimes by 15", so not all sizes may be available.

Shipping Saver:  You will be able to fit 10 - 12"x15" in a Medium Glass Box and 10 - 12"x24" or 15"x24" in a Large glass box, so why not fill-up the box?  The shipping won't be that much more! 

Remember:  5 piece minimum when ordering 12"x15" or 12"x24"/15"x24" Glass.  If there is other non Uroboros 16"x24" glass on the site you wish to purchase to meet the 5 piece minimum, you can mix and match them with the 15"x24" Uroboros glass, so mix or match!

Important:  We can not ship one (1) or two (2) pieces of Medium or Large Glass at a time because of the risk of breakage.  The 5 piece minimum must be met! 
(10 pieces fill a Medium Box) $10.00  (10 pieces fill a Large Box) $12.00

Ring Mottle Sheet Glass is a glass maker's technique thought to be lost to the industry for more than 40 years after the closure of the Tiffany Studios. Use them for realistic-looking shadows, sunspots on leaves or ground, or to create small background repeats of larger foreground pieces.


12x12 12x15 12x24 15x24
Uroboros Art Glass 00-545  Cobalt Blue & Plum/Green Ring Mottle (OS)

Streaky Sheet Glass is unique! In order to retain the traditional look of antique stained glass, Uroboros' Hand Rolled, Hand Mixed Streakies are created with an 'orange peel' texture on both surfaces. This ?Old World? surface creates the complex, non-mechanical look and feel that would have made Tiffany himself proud!

  12x12 12x15 12x24 15x24
Uroboros Art Glass 60-05  White Streaky
Uroboros Art Glass 60-20  Ruby & Red on White Streaky
Uroboros Art Glass 60-287  Cream Gold-Pink Forest Green Streaky

Granite Sheet Glass popular texture is naturalistic and rough. It is created by a randomized double etched pattern on the glass rollers. The result adds depth, complexity and visual interest to any use, from backgrounds areas to foreground detail. Since Granite is of consistent thickness, it is an easy to use texture for all skill levels

  12x12 12x15 12x24 15x24
Uroboros Art Glass 65-05  White Granite
Uroboros Art Glass 65-19  Lt. & Dk. Brown/Sky Blue Granite