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Bullseye Glass

This premium handmade Bullseye glass is great for Stained Glass Projects, Mosaic Projects, Fusing 90 COE, and has a consistent pattern and texture. The flatter, double-rolled glass minimizes bubble entrapment to allow higher quality kiln work. Standard thickness is 3mm.
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Opalescent Glass

5x10 10x10 17x20
0334-30  Gold Purple Opal Double Rolled (Striker) $ 12.79 $ 24.05 $ 71.40


Bullseye glasses are well known for reliable compatibility. But understanding the conditions of their factory testing is important, especially if you are firing glass under unusual or extreme conditions.  At Bullseye, glasses known to be fairly stable are tested by firing to a top temperature of 1500°F (815°C) and soaking for 15 minutes before annealing. Once cooled, these tests are viewed for stress through polarized light and graded accordingly. Other glasses known to be less stable are fired three times with this cycle to insure good performance under typical multiple fusing and slumping conditions, such as those used in making a simple plate.

Shipping Saver:  You will be able to fit 10 - 17x20 in a Large Glass Box and 20 5x10/10x10 in a Small Glass Box, so why not fill-up the box to be the most cost effective?  The shipping won't be that much more! 

10 piece minimum when ordering 5x10 and/or 10x10 Glass.  You can mix and match with any other 8x12/12x12 on the site to fill the box.
5 piece minimum when ordering 17"x20" Glass.   You can mix and match with any other 16"x24" glass on the site to fill the box.

Important:  We can not ship 1 or 2 pieces of Glass at a time because of the risk of breakage.  The 10 and 5 piece minimum must be met!
 (10 pieces fill a Large Box) - $12    (20 pieces fill a Small Box) - $6