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Fusing Index

What is Fusing Glass?

Fusing Glass is the process of joining two or more pieces of glass by applying heat. The glass then
"sticks" or "fuses" together as it softens from the heat. As the glass heats up it becomes more liquid-like
or fluid and as it cools, the joined glass becomes solid again forming a new piece of solid glass.

Other terms used with fusing glass are annealing, combing, kiln casting, glass casting, and slumping.
      - Annealing is the point of the fusing process where the stress in the glass is released.
      - Combing is the art of raking the fluid glass usually with another color to create a "dragging" design.
      - Kiln Casting is the art of using Frit (small crushed pieces of glass) to fill in crevices or in molds.
      - Glass Casting is the art of melting glass into a mold.
      - Slumping is the art of melting glass over various molds.

Click on any of the links below to find all of your fusing needs: 

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  Books    Confetti Chips       • Bullseye (90 coe)
     • Fusing Books       • Bullseye       • Hot Mix 90 (90 coe)
        • Hot Mix 90       • Spectrum OpalArt
   Projects       • Uroboros       • Spectrum Spirit
     • Bead Hangers    Dichroic       • Spectrum System 96
     • Bookmarkers       • DichroMagic       • Spectrum System 96 Clears
     • Cabinet Drawer Pull Knobs       • Dichro Decal Paper       • Uroboros (90 coe)
     • Jewelry Bails       • Hot Mix 90       • Uroboros System 96
     • Key Ring Holders    Frit       • Wissmach 90
     • Key Finders       • Bullseye (90 coe)       • Wissmach 96
     • Letter Openers       • DichroMagic (90 & 96 coe)       • Glass Packs
     • Neck Wire       • Uroboros (96 coe)  
     • Purse Hangers   Kiln Products    Stringers/Noodles
     • Tea Server      • Olympic Glass Kilns       • Bullseye Stringers(90 coe)
     • Wine Stoppers      • Kiln Accessories       • HotMix90 (90 coe)
     • Zipper Pulls      • Kiln Furniture       • Uroboros (90 coe)
          • Uroboros (96 coe)
   Flexi-Glass   Molds  
    • Flexi-Glass      • Ceramic Molds    System96
       • Drop Ring       • Circles
     • Pod       • CutUps
     • Stainless Steel Molds       • Fusible Glass Pebbles
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